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  1. True, but some had hydraulic transmission meaning they were driven differently, sometimes causing 'issues' with the mechanical unit on the back.
  2. Quite a common occurrence, luckily I never did it when driving a 158 with a 153 on the back, nope never!
  3. How so? The top speed is not really relevant as long as the train is driven correctly and the maximum speed is that of the slowest vehicle.
  4. Am I? So why did I put 'original franchise' as the third and fourth words in the post you quoted? The current franchise is still trying to recover from that ORIGINAL no growth franchise and with the late delivery of basically every unit they were promised it isnt going to improve any time soon no matter whose name is above the door.
  5. Yeah I reckon I could bust my annualised hours (roughly 1825) in about 9 months and then have 3 months off, where do I sign up?
  6. They can appreciate that, its just with short 5 or 7 year franchises it isnt worth the aggro of sitting down and sorting out the Sundays, of course Saturday has long been a normal day for us as has starting and working any of the 24 hours in a day unlike certain sectors who are still Monday to Friday day time only. With just over 8 weeks to go isnt it time for the annual bitchfest to start about us having 2 days off at Christmas while most people get a week or more off?
  7. Ah the good old War of the Roses still lives, different conditions on the East and West of the franchise.
  8. Eh, did I miss something? Edit- Just done a quick google search and note the East Coast franchise failed again in 2018, I really cant keep up with all these failures.
  9. Is that the franchise which is 90% Stagecoach and 10% Virgin but people still refer to it as Virgin?
  10. A lot of rail staff are not contracted to work sundays so they rely on volunteers, I am rostered 2 Sundays in 4 but if I dont want to work them I can make myself unavailable and if it cant be covered the trains dont run its a s simple as that. If the TOC or DaFT want to bring Sundays into the working week then they either have to negotiate or impose that change, if they negotiate it will cost, abd if they try to impose then all goodwill will be lost so it would 'cost' a lot more. As Sundays are currently classed as overtime bringing them into the working week would either lead to a longer working week (no chance) or having a different day off during the week, this would mean an increase in staff numbers (between 25 and 33%) so that is a massive increase in costs including wages, pension (overtime , as Sundays currently are is not pensionable, bring them into the normal working week and they are), training, uniform, equipment, Management (more staff=more Managers) etc, so no TOC will is willing to take on that financial hit. For information I work all my booked Sundays plus plenty of additional ones, I am working an additional one this Sunday, a bloomin night turn at that into a rest day Monday.
  11. A lot of the problems were the DaFT agreeing upgrades in the franchising process with the franchisee BEFORE talking to Network Rail about whether they were viable, hardly network Rails fault if the DaFT are making promises Network Rail are unaware of and have no chance of providing!
  12. I have bought several things off Gumtree, including a car, and have never had a problem, all have been face to face meetings with nice people.
  13. I dont think the McRat is needed because by 1981 they were all allocated to England, either Kingmoor or Springs Branch.
  14. Not much as it is the later body style but fitted with boiler water tanks which only a small batch (25083-25087 I think) had so you are limited to those.
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