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  1. royaloak

    Hornby APT 2020

    I have just gone onto the Hornby site and it is now showing £89.99, how odd. Its not excluding VAT because that would be £74,99.
  2. 29/05/01 57601, 9493, 6202, 5740, 5679, 6722, 3255 25/09/01 47709, 3232, 6721, 5631, 6203, 5700, 5710, 9492 57601, 3255, 6720, 6212, 5679, 6221, 6200, 9494 01/02/03 47811, 3255, 6721, 5737, 5740, 5631, 5669, 5632, 9490, 47815
  3. Simple things like a wiper defect to complete engine, generator, alternator failure and everything in between.
  4. royaloak

    Hornby APT 2020

    I am sure Hornby will clarify the situation before the release date which is 11 months away.
  5. I got to the bottom of page 2 and say Lord Burk lee was involved and couldnt read any further. Could you point me to which scheme/ schemes relieve pressure on the lower end of the WCML, ECML and MML please because that is the main reason for HS2, many thanks. Edit- Okay I had a look and #32 gets my vote, as for #6, 10. 18, 26,28, 33, they can sod right off! I note no mention of completing the completely illogically 'finished' GW electrification.
  6. But those tanks wont be big enough if it was turned into a toilet coach.
  7. I dont see a reason why not, just a question of finding space to fit the tanks underneath among all the other equipment under there. I suppose you could fit a large tank in one of the former berths.
  8. Perhaps steam engines should be banned from the CRE area after that one dropped its connecting rod (or one of its rods) onto the CRE the other year? I agree with minimising risk but after the LSL was changed to a wire hoop the issue was basically dealt with but I would guess nobody was willing to put their signature to a bit of paper lifting the restriction.
  9. The BT10s originally had metal stirrups similar to a B4 bogie which could easily bend in a derailment but these were changed to wire loops many years ago so they are similar to Short Swing Links just differently orientated.
  10. None of my pictures from 1983 to 1985 show 27029 fitted with ploughs.
  11. Modroc? Was it a proper modelling filler or a general building filler?
  12. Lots of 'could' effect or 'might' effect in there but rather short on 'will' effect so unless they can actually provide any evidence its nothing more than click bait and scaremongering.
  13. The number of things which would need to be in place or to happen for an LSL vehicle to be an issue on the CRE network are phenomenal, Deflated suspension, worn out tyres etc, to me it really is a non issue.
  14. Other than accident victims how many MTU power cars have been withdrawn? Most are either still in use with XC, GWR or ScotRail or have been put in temporary storage!
  15. I never understood the reason for going for such a high speed as 400kph as the distances involved dont warrant it except as a bit of a willy waving exercise for our Continental cousins.
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