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    Blues music, cricket, steam, narrow gauge railways (Wales & France), modified Bulleid pacifics, cotton mills, real ale.........

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  1. Progress has slowed recently due to warm weather and some health issues. However, the loco is now complete except for the smoke deflectors and cab side cinder guards. The tender is well advanced, the main outstanding tasks being fitting the axlebox/spring castings and completing the front platform and draw bar. Here we see the current state of play. Dave.
  2. Wonderful, Robin. Beats a 4F with half a rake! Dave.
  3. Thanks for the explanation, Mike. Making it, in effect, an 0-6-2 will also give it much better lateral stability than having a swinging truck/radial axleboxes at both ends. Good thinking by Arthur. Enjoying your build, as always. Dave.
  4. Mike, With, presumably, twin beams over the two coupled axles, how are you providing the third support point with two trucks/radial boxes, one at each end? Dave.
  5. Are you going to introduce any camber to the roads, especially the one over the bridge? If so, I'd be interested to see how you do so. Great to see the layout progressing again. Dave.
  6. The model continues to develop. The boiler is now fixed to the footplate and all the lubrication pipes, lubricators and atomiser are done, as is the brake ejector and associated piping - except the steam pipes from the cab. Here's the current state of play. Dave.
  7. Looking very neat indeed, John. Dave.
  8. The boards are aligned using pattern makers dowels (circular items outboard of the wing nut headed bolts) and held together by separate bolts into captive nuts. In the view of the end board, the bolts have been temporarily screwed into the nuts. Normally, they would pass through plain holes in the end of the next board. Dave.
  9. Looking very neat indeed, John. Yes, remembering to add those bits that become hard to access later, is a key concern. I've been caught out a few times with not planning well enough. Dave.
  10. And very nice it is, too. Here are a couple of shots of Peter's goods shed in position on the layout. It's surrounded by the cobbled yard roadway - embossed but not painted in these shots. Might even get round to finishing the layout, eventually. Dave.
  11. Lovely work, as usual, Peter. I'm following progress with the layout - mainly on Western Thunder - and your buildings will certainly enhance to scene. Dave.
  12. Hi Peter. I'm not familiar with the prototype, but that does look to be a wonderful, evocative model. Nice to see you're maintaining standards in these weird times. Hope you're all keeping safe and well. Might try to get some more Delph/Holt buildings done once we can travel again, if you're not too busy. Dave.
  13. Coming along nicely, John, and very neat workmanship. Going back to the "handlebar" discussion, I checked the frames of 2807, at work today, and can confirm that they, and the various "goal post" brackets all have large, flat(ish), 4 feed oil pots mounted to their inner faces - presumably to lubricate the axles box and horn guides. Dave.
  14. Duncan. There's also white and blue - so i suspect the colours help avoid mixing up axleboxes/wheel sets, in due course. I'm sure John will explain the real purpose. I'm intrigued by the little "ape-hanger" handlebars sticking up from the top edge of the frames - or, perhaps, stylised reindeer antlers? Dave.
  15. John, That's the sort of forward planning I admire. Although I do try to do lats of planning, there have been occasions when I've rushed in and then regretted it - like chopping out the horn slots and then wishing I left them in to locate axle centres or, as you have, align the frames for drilling. I commend your more organised approach. Dave.
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