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    Blues music, cricket, steam, narrow gauge railways (Wales & France), modified Bulleid pacifics, cotton mills, real ale.........

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  1. David, The clamps look very useful and you've obviously put them to good use straight away. The station building is coming along nicely. I take it the facing point lock is going to be hidden under a protective ramp, or are you going to use the detailed Ambis locking unit? Dave.
  2. Good luck with the conversion. The brake gear will presumably need some adjustment, especially with the outside pull rods? Dave.
  3. Wow! Cover of MRJ - some accolade. I thought there might be an article about your magnificent 9F but it turned out to be the shed building - still very impressive. Dave.
  4. Looks very impressive, as the basic structure. I'm sure the time spent in creating the Turbocad files has been more than offset by the speed of production and accuracy. Looking forward to seeing it develop into the finished article. Dave.
  5. Lovely modelling, Andrew. Must have been one heck of a rough shunt, though. Dave.
  6. Mmm. I think the running line point into the loop should have a facing point lock and blade detectors, too. Possibly also a locking bar? Perhaps you already have this planned for when you do the point rodding? Ambis do a nice etched representation of the FPL and bits for the locking bar. Here's how I used the Ambis bits to represent an ex_LNWR arrangement on my layout. Dave.
  7. Very nice, David. I think details like working ground signals really help bring a layout alive. Just a couple of observations, if I might? Can you alter the speed of operation using the MERG servo control? The movement from seems a bit abrupt in the video. Also, there appears to be rather a wide spacing between sleepers just in advance of the ground signal. Dave.
  8. David. That's looking very nice indeed. You must be well pleased with how it's coming along. Happy new year to you, too. Dave.
  9. Looking good Robin. I do like the LM sprung tender chassis. Dave.
  10. Don't know about different rivet head diameters, but I found on my P4 pointwork (constructed by someone else), I had to grind away all of the exposed rivet heads to get the (Exactoscale) chair haves to fit snugly up against the rail. Dave.
  11. John, A small change but a big improvement. Dave.
  12. No idea what it is or what it does, but looks suitably complicated. Dave.
  13. David. The layered static grass looks very effective. The shots of the layout are wonderful and you are certainly capturing the atmosphere and look of a country railway. Does look like a bit of vacuuming of the track might be required. Dave.
  14. I built a High Level chassis (in EM for Pendon, body by Guy Williams) for a pannier and can say it went together very well indeed. Dave.
  15. David. I see you managed to pick this model up at a very good price, but I suspect it was originally much more expensive. Bearing that in mind, the Bachmann locos stand up pretty well in comparison. Dave.
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