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    Blues music, cricket, steam, narrow gauge railways (Wales & France), modified Bulleid pacifics, cotton mills, real ale.........

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  1. Regularity, Thanks for that suggestion. Dave.
  2. Thanks for the comments. One of the frustrations with the layout is the ballast (C&L crushed nut). When laid, it was grey with cinder coloured ballast in the yard. Unfortunately, as can be seen, it's faded to a pale brown/fawn colour, which means that at some time it will all have to be painted to restore the original intent. I wish I'd spent a bit more time with that section set up and also posed my Fowler 2-6-2T with a different push-pull set. Ah well. Dave.
  3. Not much active modelling recently, but i took advantage of the good weather to take a section of the layout into the back garden and pose a couple of trains. First up, we see the part completed Rebuilt Royal Scot, 46109, having arrived with a returning Wakes Week holiday excursion. Then a more prototypical push-pull train, hauled/propelled by BR Standard Class 2 tank, 84012. Dave.
  4. Will, looks like a very interesting project you have started. I look forward to following progress. I'm not sure if you are familiar with, or have access to the Scalefour Society web site, but in the layout section of the Forum, Tony Wilkins is describing his Brimsdown layout construction. It includes flat bottomed track and turnouts in P4, so might contain some useful information? Dave.
  5. Only if the stock has LNER or Pullman type gangways, having a central buffing block and retracted side buffers. Stock using normal, scissors or suspended type gangways should have the buffers touching, as should stock to loco. Dave.
  6. Progress has slowed recently due to warm weather and some health issues. However, the loco is now complete except for the smoke deflectors and cab side cinder guards. The tender is well advanced, the main outstanding tasks being fitting the axlebox/spring castings and completing the front platform and draw bar. Here we see the current state of play. Dave.
  7. Wonderful, Robin. Beats a 4F with half a rake! Dave.
  8. Thanks for the explanation, Mike. Making it, in effect, an 0-6-2 will also give it much better lateral stability than having a swinging truck/radial axleboxes at both ends. Good thinking by Arthur. Enjoying your build, as always. Dave.
  9. Mike, With, presumably, twin beams over the two coupled axles, how are you providing the third support point with two trucks/radial boxes, one at each end? Dave.
  10. Are you going to introduce any camber to the roads, especially the one over the bridge? If so, I'd be interested to see how you do so. Great to see the layout progressing again. Dave.
  11. The model continues to develop. The boiler is now fixed to the footplate and all the lubrication pipes, lubricators and atomiser are done, as is the brake ejector and associated piping - except the steam pipes from the cab. Here's the current state of play. Dave.
  12. Looking very neat indeed, John. Dave.
  13. The boards are aligned using pattern makers dowels (circular items outboard of the wing nut headed bolts) and held together by separate bolts into captive nuts. In the view of the end board, the bolts have been temporarily screwed into the nuts. Normally, they would pass through plain holes in the end of the next board. Dave.
  14. Looking very neat indeed, John. Yes, remembering to add those bits that become hard to access later, is a key concern. I've been caught out a few times with not planning well enough. Dave.
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