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  1. And there's me thinking what a wonderful, realistic effect you'd achieved! Wonderful looking model. Dave.
  2. Oh, the Scot...... See you in a couple of years time, then. Dave.
  3. Robin. Despite the pony truck issue, the loco runs well and sound rather impressive. O must say, you really have made good progress with the scenery at the front (inside) of the layout - quite a transformation. Can barely wait till we get out of the lock-down restrictions and get the chance to come and see it all in the flesh, again. Dave.
  4. John. What suspension arrangements have you got on this tender? The front and middle axle bearing are in slots but both sitting very near the top. Regarding the coal-space strapping, now you've remarked on it, it will eat away at you, so you'll have to do something - even if it's just cover them with a full coal load! Looking good, otherwise. Dave.
  5. Apart from the motor/gearbox torque restrainer and the pick-ups, I think the chassis is now complete. The last cosmetic items fitted were the front foot steps and bracing struts and the two injector overflow pipes. All the parts have been re-assembled, partly to check the assembly sequence. After inserting ten 14 BA screws into the keeper plate, I discovered that the eccentric strap cannot be fitted into the sheaf unless the axle is partially withdrawn from the horns - somewhat frustrating but, hopefully, I'll remember for the future. With the keeper plate split in two (a mistake I now reali
  6. Neat idea, there, John. It will look far better with the wheels closer to the frames. I take it the plastic card sand boxes are fixed to the body rather than the chassis? Dave.
  7. Quite a bit of progress has been made on the chassis. Despite some setbacks, this has now reached the stage where the inside and outside valve gear is all complete and temporarily fitted. The outside cylinder/valve gear assembly still need the rear cylinder relief valves re-fitted (I had to remove them because they were interfering with full forward travel of the combination levers) and drain cocks to be added. Here we see nearly everything reassembled to see how it looks and check for any clashes. Dave.
  8. John, Looks very nice indeed - for a Western engine. Dave.
  9. Looks to have a very long wheelbase compared with most 0-6-0's. Hope it goes round curves. Dave.
  10. Yes, the south train shed really does set the Midland side in perspective and transforms the appearance of the station. I hadn't appreciated just how much higher the south side lines are than the carriage sidings. Dave.
  11. Since the previous post, the brake gear, under cab pipework and the basic footplate have been assembled and temporarily assembled, as shown in the last photo. This is the current state of play. Pipework underneath the cab - complete except the injector overflows. Chassis and footplate assembled. Dave.
  12. Couldn't agree more with Simond. A most incredible model which I look forward to to watching further postings. Dave.
  13. Coming along very nicely John. You could probably go a bit heavier with the weathering. My recollection of such glazed areas in steam days was that the glass was completely opaque. Are the other platforms due to have canopies eventually? Will make judging the position of the uncoupling magnets rather more interesting - unless you have CCTV looking down? Dave.
  14. Previously posted as a future project, this has turned into the current project. Quite a bit of progress has been made with the chassis which now has the wheel sets in. Still rather a lot to do, but it is coming along. Here are some views of the frames with the wheel sets, including the inside crank. Dave.
  15. David. Interesting and unusual wagon loads, indeed. In my view (I was a professional pressure vessel engineer for most of my career) the cylindrical tank would have been a very low pressure or atmospheric storage tank for some liquid or other. The pressed ends are too flat a profile for any significant internal pressure. Your model look fine. Dave.
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