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  1. Was never quite happy with my previous attempts so changed the 4 wheel Foden to a 6 wheeler and the 6 wheel Mickey Mouse Foden to an 8. I think they both look better for it...
  2. Just about finished. I shortened the chassis. Scratchbuilt body with styrene and used model boat decking for the platform itself. The crane is a white metal kit from promod. Probably 1/50 but looks ok. Does anyone know of a source for 1/43 or 1/50 etched wipers? The ones with the original look rather toy like.
  3. As we face another gloomy lockdown I wondered whether anyone would be up for this little challenge? It all started with me when I wanted to practice some home decal making and a bit of weathering. I choose the model I liked least in my collection so that I wouldn't care about the results but after a little tinkering, it's now one of my favourites! So what about cheering-up one of your most loathed models and see what happens? Here is my before and after....
  4. Thanks to your photos I’ve had a go at re-modelling the back of the truck. I haven’t got around to re-numbering yet but I think it is an improvement. With my limited skills I couldn’t replicate all the detail but I think it now has more of the flavour of the original. Thanks again.
  5. Finally found time to modify a Trackside Foden Balleat Truck as well as ceate a suitable trailer. The original model is rather toy-like but i've always liked the quality of the paintwork and lining which is otherwise so hard to reproduce. As well as changing the Ballest body, window pillars were filed, rear window created and RTI wheels fitted. Just some wing mirrors to add still.
  6. I came across this thread and hadn’t seen the Neal Pelican front loder before. I had it in mind to have a go at recreating it at some point based on the Oxford Diecast Fordson. Finally got around to it using a lot of styrene bits and pieces but really pleased with the result. Thanks for the inspiration!
  7. Having seen some photos of the original I couldn’t resist creating this mobile crane by bringing together a cannibalised trackside Coles crane with an RTI Foden cab, some old airfix bits and some styrene.
  8. Here is one example I produced from RTI cab and Base Toy chassis/body with a few additions - A 1958 Bedford
  9. I was looking for a front shovel loader for a long time. Finally bought a Wiking HO scale model but with a new larger cab I think it looks in keeping with 1.76 sca;e
  10. Had another go with a RTI cab and chassis plus a mixer from a 1/87 Herpa Mercedes - shortened to fit. My favourite Foden this time
  11. Thank you - ebay purchases - Kibri Mercedes Cement Mixer and Base Toys Thames Trader (shortened)
  12. Inspired to come up with something myself. Nothing glued together yet but comprises of: Foden cab from RTI, Base toys chassis and a Kibri 1/87 body. Was worried about the scale of the body but I think it just about works
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