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  1. Thank you - ebay purchases - Kibri Mercedes Cement Mixer and Base Toys Thames Trader (shortened)
  2. Inspired to come up with something myself. Nothing glued together yet but comprises of: Foden cab from RTI, Base toys chassis and a Kibri 1/87 body. Was worried about the scale of the body but I think it just about works
  3. I suppose what I'm really trying to ascertain is what the set might have looked like going from London to Dover. It sounds like it might have been two 4's and two 5's together and then just split at Dover to go on the Ferry, rather than a short working?
  4. I'm coming back to the subject of the 5 (or 4?) set Freightliner Service to Paris in the late sixties featured in these two great little videos https://www.britishpathe.com/video/london-paris-freightliner-service-inaugurated-at-s https://www.britishpathe.com/video/freight-liner-trains/query/freight+train They still leave me with a few questions: Was it a 5 or 4 set? If it was a 5, would it have been two sets of outers and one inner? Or two outers and three inners? Is it likely to have travelled from London to Dover as just a 5 (or 4) set? Tantalisingly, on the second video, the Frieghtliner set is unloaded coupled to a number of traditional conflat type wagons. Might this have travelled as a mixed set between London and the coast? Any thoughts?
  5. Would love to see if anyone could get a Scammell Scarab working using this system. I've seen it achieved on this site using Faller System and even a RC version, but with my limited modelling skills this looks a much easier option.
  6. The Maidstone and District bus used to go through our village from Maidstoneon its way to Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppy - This was the last bus type and livery I remember, late 70's/early 80's http://www.ebay.ie/itm/Bus-Slide-MAIDSTONE-DISTRICT-NBC-BCD-806L-3500-/262939368780?hash=item3d38685d4c:g:MPkAAOSwVm5Y803f
  7. This is the dairy I always remember seeing from the A3 (scrol down on the link) http://www.guildford-dragon.com/2012/08/31/days-of-the-guildford-co-operative-society-and-the-divi/
  8. Found this photo of what appears to be an A and B in the same rake http://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrs2308.htm
  9. Does anyone know if mixed rakes of Esso B and TTA tank wagons ever operated? And if so, over what years? I have a lovely set of a dozen TTA's already but really couldn't stretch to another new rake of B's, as much as I like them.
  10. Just found another great image of a Western Region chocolate & cream Freighlifter at work that I haven't seen posted on this thread before. A London depot I presume by the Scarab trailers? https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8250388563
  11. I've wanted this model to come along for so long and it looks fantastic
  12. Hi Brian. It was this very book and images that first inspired me along with the fact that I then realised that many years later, after the demolition of the warehouse, I used to pass this spot quite regularly without realising what a busy yard it had once been. Thanks for this - even easier
  13. Thank you Paul - more great clues in some of those backgrounds. Now convinced that the warehouse wasn't open at the rear at ground level from one of your images of a guards van.
  14. I gladly acknowledge your great images. I'm not quite clear how to do this correctly but certainly without photos like yours so many details of history would be lost. Many thanks
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