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  1. Although common in the mid 60's a class 24 South of Bletchley in the 70s was quite a rare event. Enjoying the early Summer sun linesiding at the top end of Tring Cutting i was well pleased to record 24143 passing down light back on May 11th 1974. NR www.leightonlogs.org
  2. An evening at Luton with an early renumbered peak amongst many old numbered classmates. A day at hitchin followed... All very different today! 04/05/73 Fr Luton1632,50102/59008/50101/50054,50 1M49,4139,50075/50060/50111,102 1C79,108 1D46,134 1M86,70 1C84,141 1E16,1825 8V15,6579 CJ,5186 4C00,5251 8O31,1619 4S53,119 1D48, 45103,1532 4M59,5222 8E11,40 6M34,100 1E58,117 1C80 05/05/73 Sa Hitchin 1545 1L05,50387/50376/56432/50996,5648 2Z99,1743 6C30,1503 1A01,9005 1A43,1971 1L22,3876,9007 1A61,3712,5626 3T44,1510 1A04,5642 1B66,17331A05,5677 1B66,1532 6E30, 1578 1G39,1538 1G40,1516 1A06,9004 1S17,1779 1G41,1974 1L09,1508 1A08,50367,5626 6T44, 1532 0C00,278 3S22,5627/5592 0B05,1500 1A09,9011 1N10,1508 1G07,56123/51472,1519 1A10, 1550 1A60,9014 1A11,5642 1B66,9006 1L13,5650 1B66,173 1N14,9012 1S32,271 1A14,1577 1A62,9020 1A16,5627 0B00,1503 1D04 happy days NR www.leightonlogs.org
  3. Spent far too much of the early 70s in the small car park adjoining the northbound fast line at the South end of Luton station. Peaks and more peaks! but plenty 25's,47's,33's and Westerns too over the years. Stopped off at the same spot between buses, just last week and much of the venue of my youth is virtually unchanged. A freight approached from the South but not a peak but 66 hauled. OK i could probably struggle at observing todays passing traffic on the MML at Luton for much more than an hour today it but it was definitely reassuring to return!! NR www.leightonlogs.org
  4. many thanks all your replies, will look out for the preserved examples from now on. The knowledge base on this forum never ceases to amaze me. thanks again NR www.leightonlogs.org
  5. looking through my old East coast records a 1G70 "gold bullion" train was viewed several times through mid 70's Hitchin. Last time i saw it was up empty bullion flats in October 81. Does anybody know any more information on these trains, from hazy memory they were containers presumably very high value. Motive power was always a 31 so a lightweight train in terms of tonnage if not value! thanks NR
  6. http://www.leightonlogs.org/02021666505.jpg A landslip North of Leighton Buzzard on the up slow has closed the WCML up slow since saturday and this Friday is the quoted fix date. In this image an up Vogager is passing the slip on the up fast. A temporary road has been built to access the site and huge piles of stone are being built up nearby brought in vast numbers of lorries... NR www.leightonlogs.org
  7. class 81 - 85 were fairly regular performers on Holyhead - Euston and back in the mid 80's. Probably the very last "roarer" on a Euston - Holyhead was 85037 on the 2200 Euston - Holyhead on August 24th 1990. The up Irish Mail used to pass me most mornings around 0530am locally nr Leighton Buzzard, power varied but a Mk III sleeper on the back was regular till late 80's. fascinating modelling challenge NR
  8. we had a similar farce with Bletchley remodelling in 2012/3. An upgraded connection was made to allow Bedford - Bletchley services to use the former Bletchley down goods to allow an hourly Bedford - BY- M.Keynes service without a sometimes long wait at Bletchley for a connecting service . Then the Train operator advised it wasn't possible operationally within the existing timetable so long promised through Bedford - MK services were dropped. Also do LM really have no spare 150's for the Ricoh service on Saturdays as far as I know the Hereford turn used Mon-Fri is spare, one is used on the Bedford - BY and the other is also spare Perhaps the "Ricoh" and Bedford - MK are just more examples of how today's broken up railway doesn't always deliver... NR www.leightonlogs.org
  9. Good to see this topic back live...! Back on August 17th 1976 I spent the early afternoon at Chalton on the Midland just North of Leagrave. 45149 p 45127 p 45105 p 45118 p 45125 p 47074 fr 45121 p 25266 fr 45120 p 45150 p 45102 p 45131 p 46035 p 25127} ore 23129} 45101 p 45118 p 25218 fr EH Peaks ruled as usual , 46035 was welcomed, but 46's were pretty regular back then.. Borrowed prior to / after .Derby works visits I assume. happy days! NR www.leightonlogs.org p = pass fr - freight
  10. Staff chat at Coventry probably over the failure of 47620 at Oxford whilst the rescue driver on 58025 awaits the "RA" of the 1254 Brighton - Manchester on March 22 1985 NR
  11. Re the image of Carlisle and it being advised as 4A signal box can anybody confirm if the boarded up platform level window is where the train running board used to be. Kept us all informed of late running overnight services that one, many a rover replanned on seeing 60L come up! simply Headcode and lateness logged I think. Gone by the mid 80's another chink of the railway lost? thanks Nick
  12. many thanks to you all for the knowledgeable replies and links. The Filey Holiday camp has quite a history will visit one weekend to view the surviving relics and help build the picture. Looks classic modelling material with class 31/37/40/45/47/55 visits plus a huge variety of DMUs. Class 20/24/25/27/46 must also have been possible down the branch too? After the branch closed in 1980 a deltic was diagrammed for the Filey - Newcastle which it worked to Scarborough for the Bridlington - Kings X forward from Scarborough so holiday camp forays as suggested by Ray M were likely too. a fascinating branch thanks again NR
  13. The short Filey Holiday camp branch closed in 1977. I travelled on several Filey HC bound trains but never once they left York. Trains like the Newcastle - Filey HC, did they run round at York, Scarborough and Filey before reaching the Butlins terminus or did 31's/37's work the trains down the branch from Filey? The disused stations website has a photo of 45002 on a Leicester - Filey HC service at the terminus so it looks as if the branch handled type 4's. Be intrigued to hear how the several loco hauled branch trains were worked with the many run rounds needed Doesn't seem a well reported branch online so any memories welcome! thanks in advance Nick R
  14. a good few tales of bashing nationwide in the 70's and beyond here http://leightonlogs.org/logsyeargridnew.htm cheers NR
  15. Some detailed Scottish class 24 swansong data from 1975/1976 here incl a reasonable photo of 5125 at 60A in 72 http://leightonlogs.org/Scotclass2475n76.htm cheers NR
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