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    GlasGOw 2019 is Scotland’s major gauge O only event to be held on Saturday 8 June 2019 from 1000 to 1600 and Sunday 9 June 2019 from 1100 to 1600. The venue is Pollokshaws Burgh Halls, 2025 Pollokshaws Road, GLASGOW, G43 1NE. Admission is £6.00 for adults and accompanied children are free. The halls are opposite Pollokshaws West station on the East Kilbride/Barrhead lines or 5-10 minutes walk from Shawlands station on the Cathcart Circle. Bus services 3/57A (First) and 3 (McGills) pass the door. By car follow the signs for the Pollok Country Park & Burrell Collection from M77 Junction 2 or M8 Junction 22 – the halls are on the opposite side of the road. There is free off street parking. Layouts booked are: Bramblewin, Farnby, the new Strathclyde Group layout and the Ayr MRG test track. Traders expected are: Douglas Blades, Ian Kirk Models, Invertrain Model Railways, JPL Models, MM1 Models, Scenic Solutions, Squires Model and Craft Tools and The Tower Collection Blackpool. There will also be demonstrators, bring & buy stand and a café. The contacts for further information are Bob McLay on 0141 637 4189 or Bill Campbell at [email protected]
  2. Some posts to this topic today seem to have disappeared. I wonder why? Regards.
  3. Have you checked that an isolating gap in the trackwork has not closed up? Regards.
  4. Caveat emptor! The example quoted is a common cathode led - this is not mentioned on the web page but in the downloadable specification. Common cathode multi-colour leds are relatively cheap but remember that for DCC lighting using the white and yellow wires from the decoder a common anode type is required and these are generally less common and more expensive. Regards.
  5. Hi Ian It looks as though you have been supplied with common cathode leds. For DCC purposes you do need common anode - I used those supplied by Express Models. The correct wiring is blue wire from the decoder to the common anode - usually the middle connection to the led. The leds should be accompanied with a note of which connection is which - each should be a different length. Do not be tempted to use a single resistor in the common lead - this leads (ouch!) to problems when you wire in the lights at the other end of the loco - don't ask how I know that! I always check the operation of leds before wiring them into a circuit - I have come across single colour leds that have a shorter connection to the anode instead of the usual short connection to the cathode - so always check. Regards. Edit - the other posts above beat me to it!
  6. Hi Ian Are you using a separate resistor for each of the white and yellow wires? Also - is it a common anode led? Not all bi-colour leds are common anode. Regards.
  7. Hi Andy Have a look at CPC - some of their equipment/hook-up wire is sold in 10m lengths - in some cases cheaper than the 100m reels! For example: http://cpc.farnell.com/w/c/cable-leads-connectors/cable/cable-wire/hook-up-wire?reel-length-metric-=10m Regards.
  8. Hi Ernie Some parts in Parkside Dundas 7mm scale kits are moulded in ABS type plastic. I also use EMA Model Supplies Plastic Weld as it works for both ABS and injection-moulded polystyrene. Regards.
  9. Hi Have you looked at the information on the NCE website? Specifically: https://ncedcc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201480075-Step-2-Option-A-Power-Cab-SB5-Smartbooster If your depot is physically part of the layout, there is no need to use the Powercab as the command station - the SB5 does that for you. If your depot is completely separate from the rest of the layout then you simply use the Powercab as supplied. Regards.
  10. Hi John Have a look at: http://www.kitwoodhillmodels.com/on30-turntables/ Don't let the narrow gauge examples put you off - look at the second page - in particular: http://www.kitwoodhillmodels.com/ho-65ft-turntable/ Also some of the narrow gauge turntables are available for different track gauges so you may find something to suit. Regards.
  11. Hi Paul It would help if you told us which DCC control system you are using. Some systems, such as the Digitrax Zephyr, have a physical direction switch and that would determine the direction of travel. Regards.
  12. Hi Steve One small point about the Conrad motors - they are not stall motors as the current is switched off by their internal switch at the end of their travel. Regards.
  13. Hi Michael At the risk of stating the obvious - there is nothing to stop you only using as much of the downloaded design as you need - front or back as required. One of the great things about John's designs is that they are very easily customised to suit. Regards.
  14. Hi Bob Have a look at: https://scalescenes.com/product/r002c-inspection-pit/ The inspection pit "kit" is a free download and there is a link to suitable rectangular leds. To use for O gauge at 7mm scale, download the OO version and print at 175% size. It's easy to tailor the prints to your own needs. Another option for fluorescent type lights is: http://www.expressmodels.co.uk/acatalog/FLUORESCENT_TYPE_LED_LAMPS.html Regards.
  15. Hi Brian Have a look at: http://www.peterclarkkits.com/lineside-accessories.html and: http://www.modelrailwaywagons.co.uk/Accessories%20Page.htm Regards.
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