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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the Bulleid Pacific's have flat spectacle plates when first built? I think they were changed due to smoke clearance and to reduce internal reflections at night.
  2. I quite often get the error in the screenshot below when posting. It always happens on my home WiFi, and if I switch to 4G, it posts immediately. It doesn't happen on WiFi at work. I also have similar problems with the Morris Minor owners club forum, with Twitter and with Flickr, but not with Facebook or general internet browsing. Can anyone suggest a setting in my WiFi router, or on my devices, that I can change please? It also happens on my tablet. Cheers N
  3. Personally, I like the chunky steam pipes. Didn't the BR Standards essentially have Ivatt style cabs and running boards, but tidied up?
  4. Can't reply to the main new forum thread, so hope it's ok to post here. There is a very useful up arrow in the bottom rh corner of each page, that takes you back to the first post on that page. Could there also be a down arrow that takes you from the top, or wherever you are, to the last post on that page? Cheers N
  5. Very often, simply opening and then saving a phone photo will resize it.
  6. Fraid I can't do the artwork, but the 4-8-0 8F leads me to think how about a 4-8-0 County?
  7. A little digression, caused by the sight of the streamlined Coronation, in its maroon and gold livery I think a Pendo would suit that livery.
  8. Now I reckon that would suit a 4-8-4 layout, perhaps with smaller drivers.
  9. Nice, but not sure the wheel spacing looks quite right. What about Wagner smoke deflectors? I reckon they'd suit a Duchess.
  10. Ah, no. 40106. EE class 4, not Ivatt class 4!
  11. Thanks. What's a V&P? Cheers N
  12. Any danger of 40106 coming out to play any time soon?
  13. Nice. Are there models of the cabins or BTS cabinets as well?
  14. I use the metric system. I was brought up using it, though I am reasonably conversant with Imperial. I object to bring called a "thickie". Nice. Thanks. Edit:- and I'm perfectly capable of counting, thank you very much.
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