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  1. The one I'd like to know more about is the super Clayton that was built. Information seems scarce, I don't think it did more than a couple of test runs. Not imaginary, I know, but you could imagine if a fleet of production locos had been built.
  2. I agree with you on the subscription. Current choice is too all-encompassing, mags don't tick my box now (they used to, but tbh I find the content in the forum is as good as a mag). I'd happily pay a sub just for forum membership- I already pay for membership of another railway forum.
  3. Me too, I'm finding the banner is now at the bottom of the page. All good. Thanks Andy. *Goes to find something else to moan about*
  4. I've said this before-a fleet of 20's, 37's & 40's would have handled all but the fastest passenger and heaviest freights, and would have really been all that BR needed. I suspect a lot of the reason for the proliferation of motive power in the same power range from different manufacturers was possibly political-a way of subsidising private locomotive builders and equipment suppliers by the back door.
  5. Going back to driver training, route knowledge & passenger use of the dive under-surely it's in the TOC'S interest to have train crew passed out on the dive under, as it gives them & NR maximum operating flexibility?
  6. I appreciate your efforts, and that not all is under your control.
  7. Given that, I've said this before, the GWR could have extended it's railcars into 6-8 car trains, possibly with an unpowered trailer or two, and put on a high speed limited stop London-Bristol/Cardiff/Oxford service. Slightly diverging, reading the thread on Bishops Rd with interest, if steam on the Met was allowed for through freight up into the 1960's, could the GWR have sustained it's passenger services using diesel railcars?
  8. Ok, so the slow banner ads at the top of the page are really doing my head in now (I'd do a screenshot, but my phone doesn't make it easy). For those who are not experiencing this, it's blocking the top of the page, just under the browser address bar. It's not a problem until you press the 3 bars to get at the notifications tab. That tab displays with the top part under the banner ad, which means the notifications icon is not visible. I've tried using desktop site mode, and this appears to be a workaround, although it's a faff. I go into desktop mode, look at notifications, select the one I want, then go back to mobile mode. @AY Mod -thanks for raising this, please keep us posted. Cheers N
  9. Does make me wonder why LT didn't acquire some 97xx's.
  10. I'm finding the banner ad at the top of the RMWeb page is blocking the notification symbol, so that I can't click on it to see whether I have any notifications. This has started overnight. Is it a fault, or a feature? Should have mentioned I'm using Android, viewing in Chrome. Not tried on a pc yet.
  11. Don't get me wrong, if there's a problem, it needs to be tackled. But I'm not sure there is a problem here, and it would be wrong to insist on solving it for rail users, but doing nothing car/bus/cyclists/pedestrians on the street.
  12. Does there need to be a fix, or is this just a non-story produced by a journalist who hasn't presented the facts in full context? As mentioned above, comparing the peak levels in a train with the average on a road is meaningless without other information, such as number & duration of samples, time of day etc.
  13. Not sure what the tour was, I think it said Kingswear, but was too busy missing my train to find out! 50034 & 50049 at Bristol Parkway this morning. Edit:- Penzance, as below. Thanks @Iron Horse
  14. 66502 & 504 enjoying a lie in at Bristol Parkway this morning.
  15. The voltage on the live wire of the mains PEAKS at 325V above the AVERAGE.
  16. I suspect it's a slow news day, and someone wanted easy copy.
  17. Thanks, a very interesting read, on a subject that I knew nothing about!
  18. Was it electric all the way through, or just to Alton? I can't find anything on Flickr showing 3rd rail at Alresford.
  19. So what defines a Coal Tank? Surely more than just the wheel arrangement?
  20. Correct, at least according to O.S. Nock, is his volume on Gresley Pacifics.
  21. And damn fine it looked too! I like unusual liveries, but I have to admit, when I first saw it, I thought it didn't look right. It was only later that I discovered that there was historical precedent. One of my bugbears is that everything had to go into its original livery, which for most diesels, is GSYP or GNYP. I don't mind those liveries, but I do like a bit of variety.
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