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  1. What are the baseboards made of and how thick are they ?
  2. Water carrier ? Carrying water from where to where ?
  3. I would buy a whole set of adaptors like this set on ebay Aust. There should be something similar on ebay UK : search for ''airbrush adaptor set''. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/9Pcs-Airbrush-Adaptor-Kit-Fitting-Connector-Set-for-Compressor-Airbrush-Hose/153614559394?hash=item23c42428a2:g:gPIAAOSw5CddX0v2&frcectupt=true
  4. Buy a good quality compressor with a moisture trap but just start with any cheap airbrush from ebay. Most of them are reasonable quality and you can experiment to find out if you prefer gravity or suction feed. I prefer suction feed (small glass jar under the airbrush).You will spend a lot of time cleaning your airbrush after a session so ease of disassembly and assembly are important. As has been pointed out above ; getting the right consistency to your paint is very important (viscosity of milk is often quoted) . I usually end up with a 50/50 mix of paint and turps. I don't like the smell of water based model paints ; it is nothing like water based house paint. Whatever paint you use, good ventilation is important : plenty of fresh air but not too windy.
  5. Will you be weathering your locos and rolling stock ?
  6. 1. How long was ''British Railways'' used on the sides of locos before the early crest became available ? 2. Were the rear lights on brake vans during this time constant or flashing ? 3. Would you have seen GWR brake vans anywhere other than an old GWR line ? 4. How long was it before BR started constructing and using their standard brake van ?
  7. I love the 12 o'clock off position with reverse and normal to the left and right. I wish all modern controllers were built like this...so much easier !
  8. I wonder how many hours of hand assembly go into each model ? I know they try to keep that to a minimum in order to keep costs down but there must have been a lot of human intervention in putting these cranes together.
  9. How did they get away with loads like that ? It does not look like anything is tied down so surely everything on top would have slid off at the first curve ?
  10. Would you describe this as a design fault or quality control issue ? Either way, Hornby need to look into this.
  11. I thought that the first batch of Oxford Deans were the problem and that they had now improved things at the factory. Is this conclusion correct or are there still some issues ?
  12. No, the track and wheels are very clean. I went over everything with methylated spirits to eleminate that possibility.
  13. The Kadee #18 seems a decent fit in the supplied pockets front and rear so I will go with that. The #19 sticks out a bit too far past the buffers.
  14. My loco seems to now run quite nicely when it is inverted in the loco rest and power is applied to the wheels but when I put it on the track it is still hesitant at low speeds. Does this give anybody a clue to the problem ?
  15. I have upended mine and put it on the loco rest while slowly applying power to the wheels. I can see where the binding is but the only problem I can identify is that one of the red/outside rods (connecting to the valve motion) has no side play in it all whereas the rod on the other side has a small amount of play ie. the nut seems too ''tight'' on one side. At this stage I am not sure how to remedy this or even if this is the problem but I will keep fiddling until a solution is found. All suggestions are welcome...... I have already tried swearing at it and that did not help !
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