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  1. Very odd : I received the second of my class 04 shunters today and this one runs very well even with the fly cranks still connected. I hope I can get the first one to run as well as this when the new gear set/axles arrive.
  2. I bought two of these class 04's from ebay before I discovered how bad they were. The other one still has not arrived from the UK yet. Out of curiosity, I have ordered a spare set of axles/gears from Peters Spares. I want to see for myself if I can get one running reasonably well before ditching both of them into the scrap box. I will clean the wheels and gears with soapy water then apply a small amount of Araldite (super strength has a 6 hour setting time) to the metal axles before insertion into the plastic axles. A back to back gauge is also on order. Quartering : Is the right hand side supposed to lead the left on UK locos ie. loco facing to the right, right hand side will be at 3 o'clock and the other side will be at 12 o'clock ?
  3. You can control the flow of air and paint. Even with a single action air brush it should not ''go everywhere'' ; the flow of paint can be carefully controlled delivering it only where needed. I will admit that it can take 15 minutes to prepare the paint (stirred and thinned), 5 minutes to airbrush then 20 minutes to clean everything up. The cleanup is one reason I was thinking of using acrylics instead of enamels.
  4. Those Vallejo paints look interesting. If you have used them yourself, which one is closest to UK railway bauxite ? It is hard to tell looking at colour charts online. All the other colours I need seem to be there.
  5. What is causing the wheels to slip like that : wet weather ? What is all that steam being released just before it gets going ?
  6. It is running now but not as smoothly as it should ; very rough at low speeds. When I get some test track set up then I will give it a good run and see if it improves at all. I might then use some slow set Araldite to cement the axles to the wheels and prevent them getting out of quarter again. Where can we buy spare screws for the keeper plates on Bachmann locos ? Are they all the same size ?
  7. I did not have any problem either. I fitted a #20 to both ends which were the same height. Looks so much better. It is a pity the loco is a typical class 03 and runs badly even after disconnecting the fly cranks !
  8. Where is the Branchlines website ? I am not having any luck finding it.
  9. Do you mean the HIGH LEVEL chassis kit ? http://www.highlevelkits.co.uk/03page.html
  10. Does the new 03 have some sort of lighting : Headlamps or cabin lights ?
  11. What about using Wahl hair clipper oil for wheels and axles (not for gears ) ? Has anybody else used this product ?
  12. I have pulled the wheels apart and had a go at quartering them. It was much easy than I thought. The loco runs much better than it did before now that the fly cranks have been disconnected. It is still not a really good slow runner but I will lubricate it and see if it improves. (Wahl hair clipper oil for the axles and white grease for the gears). 1. Did these class 4 locos ever had headlamps ? 2. Is it worth buying a set of new axles from Peters Spares ? Even though the old axles are splitting, I am not sure a set of new axles will make it run any better. 3. Why do the fly cranks cause problems ? They don't run on an axle so they should be trouble free.
  13. Further mucking about has resulted in me getting the wheels out of quarter WITHOUT REMOVING WHEELS FROM THE AXLES ! How did I manage to do that ? Instead of being at 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock on each side, the wheels are now the same on both sides.
  14. That is interesting. I was beginning to wonder if I was wasting my time and money trying to get this loco to run smoothly. But I will purchase replacement axles and see how that goes. No wonder the class 04's always go cheaply on ebay !
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