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  1. Me too - breakdown cranes, 'Unknown Warrior' and BR large logo 66 all cancelled.
  2. The instructions talk about a V2 PCB. There is also a list of various switches to control the headcodes and cab lighting. I haven't got a 73 from the original release so can't compare with this version.
  3. Well these two look great to me. Paint finish is excellent, all parts present and correct and smooth runners. There's a bag of extra detailing parts that I haven't fitted yet.
  4. A view of the other side (Bluebell railway model exhibition)
  5. While still on tour, this time at the Bluebell Railway model show - here's a couple of views with SR bogie wagons,
  6. And here's the full view of the Express Dairy van .........
  7. Thanks for posting the photo Mike
  8. Livery sample of Southern 'Sid' at the GCR model railway event. Quite tempted to add a 009 branch to the layout for this one ............
  9. Livery sample of the BR red version on the stand at the GCR model railway event. Looks great. A question though - would these have run with the departmental yellow coaches that have been available over the last few years ?
  10. Quick question for those that already have a J36. Is the coal load in the tender removable ? Thanks Sam
  11. The 50 inside the factory was 50036. Also in the factory were 55014, 37180 Outside the factory was 47500, 56037, 33025, 86209 Around the turntable were 50003, 47158, 31207 and at least another four 47s that I can't identify from my slightly shaky 110 format photos on the day. Hope this helps Sam
  12. Yes, seems to be a pragmatic approach given everything they are juggling at the moment. Looking forward to: Class 40 'Andania' Class 45 'Royal Tank Regiment' Patriot 'Unknown Warrior' (and of course all the other releases that I will find just too tempting when they are released !)
  13. Very similar dry marks on the tender of my 34050 - also going back. Not sure whether to swap or cancel at this stage though.
  14. Just found the same thing at one end of my 31 110 - luckily chassis stored with the body removed following 30+ pages of horror stores. Also, the grilles on all 3 of my 31s (31 110, 31 165 and 31 130) have a sort of white staining on top of the paint. It disappears if washed with soap or even limescale Cillit bang, but when dry it comes back again. Has anyone else seen this ?. Would be grateful for any tips to get rid of it to save me painting the grilles.
  15. Is the mounded coal in the bunker removable ?. If it is, any tips for removing without damaging the paintwork or small details would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Mine also had a tight spot. I carefully removed the body for a look-see. On mine, the gear tower all the way down to the driven axle was crammed with the white grease, almost as though it had been put in with a sealant gun. Some careful and patient cleaning out to remove as much grease as possible and it runs beautifully. Depends how brave you are in terms of getting to all the gears. The motor cover comes off to give access to the worm gear and top of the gear tower. The baseplate comes off to release the driving wheels and exposes the bottom gear. On the side of the chassis is a gear tower cover with really tiny screws. That gives access to the intermediate gears which is where I found most of the grease. It all comes apart fairly easily - I just took it slowly and made sure I knew which screws went where. Sam
  17. Looking for some advice here. I've just had three warwells delivered, one of the electrification versions and one each of a 1970s diamond frame in Olive (WW-004) and a Gloucester bogie version in olive (WW-014). Great models as reported widely on here. My question though is related to the finish of the two 1970s Olive versions. I guess I was expecting them to be the same colour so that I could have a bit of variation in a rake but with a uniform appearance. As it turns out the diamond frame version is more of a battleship grey while the other one is a olive green as I had expected. I have to admit that I know very little about military wagons, so would the two versions not actually have run together anyway ?. Also was there a significant difference in the Olive colour between these types ?. Any advice / guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Of course - those flappy destination boards. I bought half a dozen of those too, in fact my favourite was a blue one for the Manchester Pullman (from Euston I guess). I'd forgotten all about those, and have no idea if I even still have them. Yes, collector's corner was an experience. I can remember class 47 nameplates leant up against the wall - £600 for 'Confederation of British Industry' (47595), which to a 15 year old seemed like a fortune at the time. I had my eye on a Deltic sliding cab door and drivers seat but alas couldn't work out how to get them home on the train.
  19. A drivers side sliding cab window and frame from 55007 'Pinza'. I bought it at the Ashford Chart Leacon open day in August 1982 from Collector's Corner who had a stand there. It just about fitted in the boot of my Dad's Mk 3 bronze 'Life on Mars' Cortina. Also, a domino headcode panel from 31262 (I think). This came from the Euston Collector's Corner for £5. I remember proudly managing to get it home to the south coast via the tube at rush hour as a 15 year old in 1984. And a deltic engine reduction gear and a several piston rings (Collectors Corner), a class 47 exhaust valve (Crewe open day 2005).
  20. I ordered the Thompson O1 on Dec 29th. By the 5th it was still showing as 'processing'. I gave them a call and was told that it would be picked and dispatched that day. A very packed box turned up the next day. I unpacked the O1 with a fair degree of trepidation expecting some re-assembly to be required, but I have to say that the model was absolute fine. No wonky running plate, the cab glazing has no glue marks and it runs beautifully - all for a very good price. I'm very pleased with the model (maybe I got lucky this time). They do seem to have been a bit overwhelmed with the orders over the Christmas / New year break though due to the sale. At one point I was No. 31 in the phone queue. Hopefully their response times will settle down again once the backlog is cleared.
  21. Just spotted that one of my un-refurbished 50s is missing one of the cab window deflector screens. It seems to have fallen out rather than broken off as there is no sign of any broken bits in the spigot holes on the loco window frame. I've looked all over the layout, in the box and packaging, on the workbench but of course as this is a very small see-through part there is no sign of it. I guess it's possible that it was never on the loco when I bought it and I've never spotted it was missing before. I can't see the part listed on Peters Spares, so this really is a long-shot request to see if anyone out there can suggest a spares reference number for me to try and track down, or even more a long shot, a spare deflector from an unused body. Yes - I appreciate I'll probably end up trying to make one on these myself. Sam
  22. I did ask about motor failures first. When he said he didn't know anything about them I then mentioned that a number had been reported here. It was towards the end of the day on Saturday so maybe the poor guy had his fill of probing questions by then. I walked away with a feeling that I'd (unintentionally) touched a nerve though. It was a genuine enquiry on my part as I have a BG with probably only about 30 mins running time on it. If I'm feeling brave at the weekend I'll let it have another run.
  23. I politely asked the chap on the Heljan stand at Warley if he viewed the number of motor failures discussed here as an issue. I was curtly informed that he did not read RMWeb (or it's Danish equivalent) and therefore knew nothing of the reported problems. Sam
  24. Lovely shot here at 7:18 onwards of the original class 40 windscreen wiper solution............. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzMAV2OAYUM
  25. RIP Trevor - sincerest condolances to family and friends
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