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  1. I suspect the "museum" may have just told him what he wanted to hear to get him out of the door again. I hope he never gets a Lima Western Enterprise and thinks it's unique.
  2. Why are you so positive? The gold around the windows, and apparent over painting of it on the right hand windscreen tend to suggest it's after market. As others have told you, there is no evidence of the prototype being anything than choc/cream or BR red. In my 40 years of collecting Lima models I nor anyone else I've met has heard of a factory made model in this scheme. I would certainly be very interested in seeing evidence of it being so.
  3. If it's the EFE model (and it does look like it) then it's bang on for OO scale.
  4. Yep, they're Peco. I have a few myself for operating the handful of catch points I have. These have larger mounting holes than the other points and as Derek notes above, the motors clip in rather than have metal tabs to fold over.
  5. Yes, definitely in jest. I do feel very sorry for those who have probably lost money as a result of all this. I feel for those who may potentially have customers lose confidence in them through no fault of their own, when all they are trying to do is produce a model themselves through a crowdfunding scheme. I'll still be following progress of the project I expressed an interest in. I wish all the best to that manufacturer and others like him who have been up front and in contact. I certainly have not seen anything from him directly that would indicate concern. But I can
  6. Actually, although I have had no previous experience with this company I'm miffed already. Despite promising his announcement on the 1st, it was the 2nd here before we saw it. Bad form. I am concerned about the possibility of this event tarnishing the efforts of other companies with a similar business model. There is one in particular that I even registered interest with for a model he'd announced. Unable to meet the deadline I offered my apologies. "No problem", he said, "you may still be able to get in and if you really can't do it then there may be a few left at the end that you
  7. Yep, thanks. I got your meaning but was verbalising (writing?) my thought that buying them from a UK manufacturer might be a PITA. Given the limited interest here in Godzone it would be unlikely that many would want them. Hence having to think about doing them myself...
  8. Thanks for the idea! Don't have one myself but I'm sure I can find someone who does. Might be easier than getting them sent across the planet from Blighty. Maybe I can convince the teenage daughter to run a few off on the school machine...
  9. Will you be doing wheels that have the correct centres for Westerns and Warships please? The lack of them on the Lima locos stands out more than the flanges IMHO.
  10. Wondering what the hell is going on here. Godzone is supposed to be safe, not a terrorist target.

  11. There was a good article in one of the early Model Rail editions as well. I have a copy somewhere and can look it up if you'd like to know which one.
  12. Yes. You still have one polarity crossing the other whether it's analogue or DCC. I had the same problem with Zero 1 thirty years ago. DCC makes insulating rail joiners even more essential as the track is permanently live.
  13. What you have is a situation where your wheel treads are wide enough to cause a short at the frog. One polarity is crossing the other which is fine with dead frog points such as these but as soon as you introduce a wheel to the equation; game over. If you had live frog points here then nothing would move. As the post says above, you need to have insulating rail joiners between the two sets of points, and also on the main running lines just beyond the frog. Then have it wired so that the polarity changes with the points. That's the theory, don't ask me how to do it in practice. I leave it t
  14. Any reason you're asking the same question in two separate threads? You already got an answer in the first one. People might get a little irritated if you continue...
  15. A bit late entering the discussion, however I must agree with those who feel the rejected request to join was not down to elitism but was more to do with the fact that it was not the person interested in the group who was applying. I follow a number of NZ aviation pages whose admins make it quite clear that requests will be considered only after checking to make sure the applicant's profile does actually indicate an interest in aviation. It stops randoms getting in and doing things like advertising sunglasses and insurance. I would suggest that the OP's partner's profile demonstrated no connec
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