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  1. 'Thanks. Feedback improves Google ads'. No it doesn't, you lying baaastards!


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    2. St Enodoc

      St Enodoc

      But they're right! Feedback improves their ability to irritate us more easily and more often.

    3. Hroth


      Providing feedback to the likes of Google merely demonstrates your level of gullibility...


      In Adblock Plus I Trust!

      (Other adblock software is available...)

    4. woodenhead


      On my personal PC I use Firefox with Adblock and NoScript.


      Firefox can also support containers where you can separate out Google activity from your usual browsing so they cannot put in tracking cookies.  It also has a useful Facebook blocking script that stops those little F symbols tracking your activity as well.


      On my work computer, they can follow me all they want; youtube (signed in as well for extra tracking!!), google signed in but all they will get is software dev, trains, my eclectic music video taste, trains, slightly to left of right hovering over the centre politics, trains, Ebay.


      Facebook is on my phone only, they know I like trains and history, that I don't post anything anymore and I like to volunteer at Parkrun.


      My phone is scary, it knows what I am about to do, that sh*t is worry-some.

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