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  1. Oh, I rather like the pretty red one.
  2. I still really want one but really, really don't need one. I can see that I am going to have to prevaricate a bit longer, before I can look myself in the eye and tell myself in all truth, 'well I did try to get one, but they had run out'.
  3. I agree. Here's a thought, how about some 'body-line' kits to go on Hornby's existing chassis. The success of some of the 3-D printed kits to go on their Peckett chassis, for example, makes me think that there could be a market for some quality, injection-moulded plastic kits to go on existing mechanisms?
  4. Thanks for all the links, chaps, I will try to find some time to watch some of the content over the next few days. It strikes me that whilst virtual exhibitions can be a good thing, what's happening is that you are essentially visiting them from home, and thus still liable to be called upon for all kinds of domestic duties, whereas if you are actually away, visiting a physical exhibition, then you are there and all your time can be devoted to the show!
  5. The thing is, I don't actually remember doing that and I am no shining advert for taking up 7mm modelling myself, all my 7mm bits and pieces, such as they area, remain in their boxes!
  6. Superb, Geoff, as ever and an utter joy to see.
  7. Is that why the advertised start time will be 5am?
  8. Definitely. If you're going to do that sort of thing, that's definitely the way to do it. They seem to have bought an entire production run of that particular model loco!
  9. I watched it the other day and I thought it was fab. It was a bit more fab than the previous weeks episode. Is that right that next week we have a mix of horror and joy? The horror of that fellow being pulled along his attic floor by a mass of locos and the joy of Pete Goss's Copper Wort layout?

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      You don't get much sausage for 10 shillings

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      And some two'penny rice...

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      Not forgetting some baps...

  11. Il mattino sorge proprio mentre il corvo si mette a dormire.
  12. And is definitely best done before ballasting or scenic work, especially the former!
  13. Sorry this is a bit late, but did they allow the Up Middle Siding to remain operational whilst the roof works are taking place? Back when this was first discussed, in around 2013 - 14 or so, they wanted to 'temporarily' close it, to allow some kind of supporting structure to be placed on it, something which I vehemently opposed at the time and succeeded with (or so I thought before I retired!).
  14. Without enquiring (and I will do so), I doubt that there will be an operational second platform at Barnstaple any time soon. Yes, there is just the stub of a set of points at the station 'throat', which used to control access to the other platform(s?) and I campaigned internally quite hard for a number of years, when I was working, for it's retention, but the local PW really, really wanted to remove it, on cost grounds. There had been occasional talk back then, over the years, of reinstating the track to the second platform, albeit not in operational use, as a PW exercise for new recruits and the like and also to improve the visual appeal of the station (the local community rail group were very keen at the time). Eventually, they were granted access (under a special Licence) to the actual platform surface, for the purposes of tidying up, planting flowerbeds etc. I was responsible for the re-issue of the annual licence (together with a number of others, elsewhere on the patch). As an absolute minimum, to make a second platform operational, quite apart from all the PW work and other infrastructure work (eg. upgrading the platform, disabled access, passenger information systems etc.), there would need to be a lock-in token instrument provided, which allowed an arriving train to lock itself in the second platform and return the token to the machine, to allow another train to run up from Eggesford. This would be quite an expensive process, for uncertain commercial gain. In terms of improving line capacity, the more obvious way is to make what you've already got, work harder for you. In other words, line speed improvements and (possibly) longer trains. While I was working, there was a very considerable 'push' by the local rail user groups, community rail etc. for line speed improvements, especially over the older, jointed track sections. Such line speed improvements could not just be granted and would normally require relaying as a basis. I always made sure that the relaying contractors in my day, relaid any sections to be fit for a higher line speed, ideally 70 or 75mph as a minimum. Even then, you couldn't just raise the speeds as a Network Change would be required and before even that could be started, there was the question of sighting at the many level crossings. Such level crossings, especially those without a phone, relied on adequate sighting of approaching trains by crossing users, to enable a safe 'go, no go' decision to be taken. I was involved (initiated, in fact) a lengthy exercise to look at each individual crossing and make recommendations to make it compliant with a higher line speed. In the end, none of this work came to much, because the 'powers that be' weren't interested. Their eyes were on bigger projects (such as GWML electrification). It wasn't the 'right time' for such enhancements (although the track relaying works continued piecemeal, in response to deteriorating old track that had to be renewed). Perhaps the Barnstaple line's 'time' is approaching? Hopefully yes!
  15. Just read the article in Railway Modeller, top stuff!
  16. Rich - for your era, the crossover at Brent would almost certainly have been operated by a single (black) lever, assuming it was a trailing crossover. In model terms, I have only ever had to build round rodding (for S&D or Midland practice), so I have used 0.4mm straight brass wire from Eileens. I have used MSE and Brassmasters cranks, depending on what was required and what I had available. I also use the MSE cast stools, where I open up the rodding hole to the required diameter with a 5-sided broach. I also cut the whitemetal castings to the required size and then drill a 0.5mm hole in the base and glue a bit of brass rod in there, with epoxy. That is then glued into a similar hole in the base block, which has already been glued to the baseboard (the hole in the base block goes right into the baseboard). Model point rodding is very delicate and in this way, I can at least ensure that the stools are pretty firmly anchored.
  17. Oh no, I really think I want one! How long do you think I've got to prevaricate, before I find that I'm too late and everyone has sold out?
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