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  1. Interesting that Hobby Holidays is on the list. Pre Covid they decided to give on shows.
  2. 1863? Not sure such an instruction, any instruction, of that era would survive until 1923
  3. You could get out of bed for something and then go to the exhibition.
  4. I think it's the effect of a wide angle lens. This has been a great thread, enjoyed it.
  5. I had only a very limited experience of designing castings, but the drawing office I worked in did not do any work on designing patterns. That was left to the pattern makers who designed their products in an entirely vernacular way and occasionally the drawing of the finished casting produced by the drawing office was returned with sketched out amendments intended to ease the casting process. Those blokes were experts, a draughtsman would be unwise to argue!
  6. It would be given at tech drawing classes
  7. https://www.oxfordreference.com/view/10.1093/oi/authority.20110803100437398 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soke_(legal)
  8. Many years ago on National Preservation I got into a disagreement concerning the number of spokes that the BR3 engines had. Now I understand why. I assumed that the tank and tender engines had the same wheels; not so. I counted the spokes on the tender engine because they were easier to see, hence I was wrong for the new build tank engine. This is weird. Why did Swindon design two wheels with all the expense involved when one must surely have served? Crackers!
  9. The reason was that it was thought that the structure of the locomotive would be too close to the wire. This might cause a flash-over. I think that opinion changed after 1968 and the yellow stripe wasn't actually needed. IIRC maintenance crews on pantographs found that the carbon pickup strip lasted for a lot longer post August 1968.
  10. Was that on the same axle? Did both have the triangular rim?
  11. Yes, but the maps can't show when the track in question was re-laid to tram track
  12. Enlarging the photo shows that the track is the tramway type, which is interesting in itself. The track at the exchange siding with the canal was standard bullhead set into cobbles, but here it's tram track. I wonder when it was re-laid.
  13. Just come across this thread looking for something else! I have used AGW to convert a Vitrains 37 to P4 with no issues at all. But, the 08 was a different matter! The main issue was that the Bachmann 08 is out of the loading gauge below platform level, although I believe the same is true of the Hornby. This meant that whenever the cranks hit a lineside obstacle the cranks moved and the loco stopped. I tried different methods of fixing the cranks but the result was always the same. The solution was to buy Ultrascale which are fixed securely to the axle so the loco just stalls with no I'll effects on the quartering. I know the timescales for Ultrascale is a little daunting but they're worth it.
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