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  1. Just tapped on the link and there's not much there. RAILEX publicity is usually very slick but not so much this year.
  2. I've done similar research and I came to the conclusion that it depended on the railway company and the period. As an illustration, there was a yard in Salford, Irwell Street Yard, that was built by the ELR to it's standard but then extended by the LYR using its standard. The Midland doesn't seem to have often used cobbles, though it did, preferring to use wooden baulks of timber quite often. The LYR seems to have prefered tram type track, as at Goole, but the LNWR doesn't seem to have bothered with this or check rails as at Liverpool Road Goods. I get the impression that there was o
  3. The Comet chassis is a fold-up that is intended for 00 only with 6'-9" wheels. For other gauges you will need to order appropriate frame spacers, Comet do them. I have a Hornby body in stock, this has a Fowler chimney so I bought a 4F Stanier one in white metal from 247 Developments to suit it for the BR era. In addition to being useful engine for semi-fast passenger work, they could be seen pushing engineers coaches around in the 50/60s period.
  4. Taunton is a bit too far for me although I did make it on two occasions. I would have thought late summer/early autumn would be ok. I agree about virtual shows but I think virtual demonstrations can work.
  5. Just legatees wanting to get the best price, I think. It's easy to criticise but you don't know their financial circumstances, nor do you know HCC's attitude to his legacy.
  6. IIRC Red Bank carriage sidings were on the Manchester Loop which has long since been lifted. The last time I was on a Manchester to York train was made up of two 185 units, I think.
  7. I doubt if it's practical to widen the viaduct, the railway is just going to have to put up with it.
  8. I've got the L&MR Locomotives and the Thomson book and I'll be interested to read what you think of them. The L&MR Atlas book looks interesting too
  9. It's good news the show is on, but what did you propose to your insurers and how will it affect your customers.
  10. I bought a completed DJH kit in a fictitious BR livery but with homemade P4 wheels of ebay. After doing a fair amount of research I found that it wasn't possible to have it in a correct BR form because the builder had omitted the footwell handrails which could only be added before final assembly of what is a beginners kit. Much gnashing and wailing ensued. When I get around to it I'll do it as an industrial but it will need a scratch built chassis. Are those Sharman wheels you're using?
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