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  1. It was the wing section of the Stirling, not the span, which was its downfall. Which isn't to say another 10ft wouldn't have been better, but it would only have been better with a different wing section.
  2. Seems to be over a data privacy issue and threats of police action. Things just getting worse https://www.national-preservation.com/threads/west-somerset-railway-general-discussion.508987/page-1697
  3. Yep as designed, but it could be a right pain, judging from archive cine, to do from ground level. Non too safe either.
  4. I wouldn't underestimate the time involved in creating a weight diagram. It might seem simple to an engineer from a different time and discipline but it would take a section of draughtsmen about a fortnight to three weeks with all calculations being made without the benefit of any modern devices. It's not a trivial exercise. And there is no evidence whatsoever that this wasn't a serious proposal. To suggest otherwise is to fantasise.
  5. Hughes proposed a Pacific pre WW1 and this was (IIRC) the mineral engine variant of that proposal. Neither was proceeded with because they were deemed to be far too powerful for the traffic on offer, not to mention signalling issues, length of loops etc. The idea that a CME would go so far as to produce such designs and present them to the board but not be serious doesn't bear thinking about. I should think the Civil Engineer and the Signalling Engineer got the vapours when they saw the diagrams.
  6. Notwithstanding my previous comments that this might be a Manning Wardle I'm now thinking that it might be inspired by a Neilson Box Tank.
  7. This might help with literacy rates: https://sites.udel.edu/britlitwiki/education-in-victorian-england/
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/191829855344 There are motors like this available which might overcome the space issue. Sorry if it's not suitable, but I know next to nothing about 2mm scale drives , but it might help.
  9. I see the WSR is the subject of another controversy, this time because the WSRA is attempting to get its list of trustees on the WSSRT. When will these unnecessary politics stop?
  10. Nice that the 7F has come from the dark side
  11. Is it made of steel or wood/plastic? As it's basically a film prop I think it's probably the latter.
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