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  1. i notice that this show and the NESCOT show are on the same weekend. I'm pretty sure that this wasn't the case in previous years, but perhaps I'm wrong.
  2. An excellent model railway exhibition, enjoyed it.
  3. I stand corrected, thank you! Notwithstanding that, I still think that competition is the essence of capitalism and that it is good for the consumer. On further thinks I was impressed with SK but much less so with the blokes from Rails and Hattons. They both looked as though they had just finished a session on the allotment! SK, on the other hand, came across as an experienced manager who new what he was doing, while the other two blokes looked, quite apart from their sartorial elegance issues, as inexperienced big fish in a small pond. I think they are going to have to up their game.
  4. Competition is supposed to be central to capitalism. I wasn't at all impressed by the sense of entitlement coming from both Rails and Hattons. Quite honestly if neither company can compete with the elderly products Hornby are offering then there is something wrong .
  5. Thanks for publishing the info
  6. I thought the estate looked just fine. Houses seemed to be well maintained, grass cut etc. I wonder about social attitudes some times.
  7. I'm only allowed to upload 10mb it seems so that's it
  8. As I was passing Alresford this afternoon I popped in and took some of the goods train
  9. Just got back, no issues with parking at all. Nice show as ever but I saw two red hat's.
  10. Presumably that would work with a Britannia too
  11. Regards the seating plan illustration, how do the seats relate to the windows? My preference is for the airline type of seat because it offers a degree of privacy but I do like to see outside! This is difficult on, say the 185s.
  12. I have these, most useful: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Right-Track-1-Locomotive-Kit-Building-Part-1-Tony-Wright-Model-Railways-DVD/143122982590?hash=item2152cb66be:g:Yh8AAOSwcGtcXZ8f:rk:7:pf:0 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Right-Track-2-Locomotive-Kit-Building-Part-2-Tony-Wright-Model-Railways-DVD/163532549583?hash=item26134cadcf:g:TsEAAOSwJrdcXayx:rk:6:pf:0
  13. I've just discovered that if you click on the blue push-pins you get a pop-up which gives you the full address including post codes. So perhaps it's more useful that I first thought.
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