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  1. That photo was taken a good many years ago as the F-15 is still on display outside. The track has been lifted and the proximity of the loop to the runway approach gives a good idea of why the railway fell into disuse.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Rail_Class_60 This article lacks an assessment of the strengths/weaknesses of the class. Would anybody oblige, please. Cheers
  3. They're brilliant! But on my IT stuff they're silent, is this intended? Cheers
  4. Because of the M4 closure, I didn't go. Looks as though I missed a good one. Cheers
  5. This might not be appropriate, but on the Ffestiniog I have seen firemen looking through cab windows of locos to check the chimney exhaust in order to see if the loco was steaming properly. I wonder if these windows where positioned where they were for much the same purpose. Cheers
  6. AFAIK there were no lines where the LYR/GCR were the sole owners, but if there were then South Yorkshire would be a favoured location, say around Sheffield and Doncaster with an emphasis on coal.
  7. I have converted two Bachmann 108 dmus to P4, one using Branchlines components, the other using AGW. Both conversions went very well and both worked without any issues at all; both can be recommended. The drive axle on the AGW wheelset needed to have the original Bachmann gear wheel drilled out so it could fit, all the other AGW wheelsets just dropping in (but they do need spacers). The Branchlines sets needed a bit more work to get the stub axles in the correct place with the wheels properly lined up but it's no big deal either way. Cheers
  8. Use the conversion set for the Bachmann 37 for a ViTrains conversion Cheers
  9. The rpm of the motor is also important, not just the reduction ratio. Cheers
  10. Bailey Bridges were intended to be very temporary. I suspect these bridges are heavily redesigned to make them permanent.
  11. Judith Edge does a conversion kit Ivatt to Riddles. Cheers
  12. For the ViTrains 37 I used AGW wheelsets and the results are fine. You could send an email to AGW re the 56/60 and ask the question. Cheers
  13. I wonder if the Comet chassis for the Bachmann Ivatt will fit. Cheers
  14. I'm well aware of many good photo spots on the WLLR, thanks, these are my YouTube films: Hope you enjoy them! Cheers
  15. I was experimenting with a Comet chassis for the Bachmann Jinty as can be seen by these photos I need to buy the AGW wheels to continue the experiment. Cheers
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