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  1. It might be for clubs who depend on the annual show to pay the bills for the clubroom. If we see fewer shows we might also see a reduction in the number of clubs
  2. The current Didcot engine shed dates from c1941 IIRC. Would it have gas then?
  3. Linda or Blanche is a better bet, never heard or seen the others you mention. Enough of that, I'm getting the impression that my conclusions about Ffestiniog liveries were wrong! Cheers
  4. To the best of my recollection I've never seen Lilla
  5. But post Garraway and from my observations over the last 15 years or so, the reds seemed to be Furness and North Staffs (both of which could be seen on the C&H), then there was LNW blackberry black fully lined out, and a nice shade of green which I took to be indigenous.
  6. You still advised to observe social distancing, not closer than one metre and we are all advised to wear a mask if closer than that. I think your post and the photo shows the complacency brought about by a number of factors including mixed messaging from government.
  7. It's very silly, if just one of those sightseers has the disease now they've all got it. And for what?
  8. Because of the variety of colour schemes on show at the Ffestiniog, not just the reds, I came to the conclusion a number of years ago that the railway didn't have a corporate scheme but was commemorating the variety of pre-group railways that served mid and north Wales. Clearly I was wrong, or was I? Cheers
  9. The Patriots were first mentioned in minutes as 'Improved Claughtons' by Fowler. Whether he got the phrase from others I don't know. I think it became part of management speak and was enhanced by the use of a taper boiler in the Jubilee! I think you have to bear in mind that the the Patriot boiler was designed at Derby before the GW influence brought about by Stanier. John Jennison, in one of his books on the Black 5s, mentions that the DLDO changed the superheater header to one that had a smaller cross sectional area. This boiler was first introduced on the Jubilees and was re-used on the early 5s. It might be that softer exhaust on the 5X was why it didn't work so well on the design. Whatever, I'm convinced that if Stanier knew more about superheating (or knew his limitations) that the superheating issues wouldn't have arisen, either GW practice would have been fully adopted (which it clearly wasn't) or existing Derby practice would have continued. As it was Derby practice was eventually reverted to, no doubt enhanced by the trauma of the early Jubilee boiler. Cheers
  10. Yes, very much so, but it was several years before the LMS management came up with the catchy 'Jubilees'. What did they call them in between, perhaps 5X!
  11. They were very much telegraph codes, but came into general use on the LNER, BR(NE) & (E). About 20 years ago there was a Yahoo group on the LMS and one of the members was a former BR(NE) man whose name I never knew but he was a very abrasive character who didn't like enthusiasts, which was a shame because most of the group's membership were enthusiasts! He used to use these codes freely in his posts which is how I found out about them. I can remember one particular controversy where he insisted that Jubilees were never used on Bradford-Carlisle services because their 'RA' number was too high. I did the research and learned a lot by and by. The LMS did use the Jubilees on Bradford-Carlisle services and there is a lot at Kew which proves it. There was one issue though, the south to west chord at Shipley which was very tight and the LMS did specific live clearance tests on the curve with a very strict speed restriction designed to ensure that the locomotive didn't lean over when negotiating it. When the former LMS routes in Yorkshire were taken over by NER the region applied the RA concept to the engines and this caused the Jubilees to theoretically fall out of loading gauge at Shipley. And theoretically is the word because it appears that the RA system was very much a drawing office construct, nobody actually repeated the tests the LMS had done in the early 30s. Eventually the platforms on the south to west chord were taken out (early sixties, not exactly sure when) and Jubilees and Scots could then be used. I believe this was particularly useful for fast fitted freights. In the 70s the chord was singled and re-aligned which further helped heavy trains running over the curve. Funny the things you can learn when a loudmouth annoys you! Cheers
  12. I lived in Withington 1968-72 and there was a Greek (?) deli/supermarket in the booking hall then
  13. The loco is absolutely brilliant! May I ask were you sourced the driver from as it doesn't come from Maison 5050. Cheers
  14. Many years ago I did some research at Kew on the Jubilees and the only title I could come across until they were named 'Jubilee' Class was 'Improved Taper Boiler Claughton' which is an odd designation for a railway that was very publicity conscious. It's no wonder that footplate crew referred to them as '5X', but the other name of 'Red 5' must have come after the introduction of the 'Black 5'. Just when crews started to call the engine '5X' isn't AFAIK recorded. In 1941, because of the introduction of services that penetrated it's lines from the LMS, the LNER gave LMS designs their own designation, '5XA' for the Patriots and '5XB' for the Jubilees. These lasted until the end of steam on the former LNER, but there was no such designation for the surviving large boilered Claughtons. Cheers
  15. I imagine that there are ways of adjusting, but the way I propose above doesn't need any adjustments, the ride height is conditioned by the tripod as it should be. Cheers
  16. All too true and not enough people, particularly the younger generation, are wearing masks/shields and such attitudes could cause havoc in the enclosed space of a model railway exhibition. I didn't observe this first hand, but I understand that at a recent event at Duxford an unusual aeroplane landed and those present just threw caution and social distancing to the wind and rushed to get that vitally important photo. Now no more events at Duxford even though they're mostly outdoors. A shame, but it does illustrate the need for constant vigilance and how easy it is to forget
  17. Branchlines do kits for converting to EM/P4 as well but whether Branchlines have the correct wheel for the Class 16 I don't know. An email to [email protected] will tell you. Both suppliers methods work well for diesels, I've used both, the issue I have with AGW wheels is to do with the steam engine wheels which are a drive fit onto axles. However I'm working on an alternative way of doing this. Cheers
  18. Agree with this, but I object to the implementation of the third paragraph that I'm hiding away. Last week Tesco and gardening Monday, Axminster Tools Wycombe Tuesday, roofer Wednesday to do essential repairs, trip to Minehead to visit grandchildren Thursday, knackered Friday, cleaning today. Not a bad week for a 76 yr old.
  19. Because there are issues with getting the correct ride height with an entirely sprung chassis and this is true of both CSB and coil springs. This method solves that problem as well as simplifying the compensation. Cheers
  20. P4 is very much about track and wheels standards not about the rest of 4mm model railway modelling. Before Covid-19 it was perfectly possible to see layouts every weekend that achieved much the same as any P4 layout, in scenics for example, but modelled in 00 or EM. If you can crack the issue of Alan Gibson wheels then you can do P4 modelling because you don't actually need compensation. P4 will work without it, I know, I do it! I have spent some time trying to simplify compensation, this photo gives my solution: Drive off the rear fixed axle, the middle one is independently sprung, and the leading one is rocking. This is the Comet Jinty chassis kit, using Comet hornblocks and chosen because most of the work is already done, but I can see no reason why it shouldn't work on other manufacturers products. Cheers Cheers
  21. Now we appear to be in the second wave of Covid-19, these speculations seem to be irrelevant.
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