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  1. Yeah can see this and I came to the same conclusion once. An alternative is to use Evergreen strip to bulk out the sides and then do a cosmetic side frame from 10thou plastic. That works. Cheers
  2. IIRC much of the track out of London Bridge (in both directions) is bi-directional as is the elevated section of the MSJ&A in Manchester. I think there are lots of bi-directional working particularly in metropolitan areas, which is why I thought I'd misunderstood in my post above
  3. John, Further to this, for 2mm axles it think I'd use 2mm bore tube rather than washers. You will need just too many washers as they're very thin. Eileens is still open I think Cheers
  4. I have used the technique of packing out a chassis with washers for P4 and believe me it gets tedious. Best to give each washer a thin smear of grease, not to lubricate it but to hold it in place. The damned things keep on slipping off the axle else.
  5. Comet do kits for bogies, but I don't know whether the wheelbase will match
  6. There are locations for bi-directional working in the UK, or perhaps I've misunderstood?
  7. Don't understand, they seem to me to be separate drawings of standard gauge and NG versions of the same design. Cheers
  8. Judging from the wheelbase I think that's a drawing of an NG engine not the Fry's
  9. So the wheelbase is only half an inch greater than the wheeltrack!
  10. Looking at the Hardys Hobbies website https://hardyshobbies.co.uk/shop/locomotive-body-kits/100hp-sentinel-pre-war-version/ no mention is made of the quality of the surface finish. May I ask if it's grainy or smooth? Cheers
  11. There is also the issue of whether a wide firebox is really worth it for a Class 5 locomotive. Riddle's design team went through the process and decided not. Cheers
  12. The answer is yes and there are a number of ways to do it. You can replace the chassis with Comet (recommended) or High Level (not recommended for a beginner) chassis kits or you can do a simpler conversation as per the EMGS Manual. To get the EMGS Manual you'll have to join the society which is recommended too. Cheers
  13. I have Gold and it's just renewed, I'd forgotten about it. I suspect that this year's subs will be a waste and I won't be renewing my Duxford membership for that reason.
  14. I do love the gay abandon that you show when chopping up a perfectly innocent vehicle and then it all turns out right in the end! Super job Cheers
  15. Useful to know that the Markits catalogue is back, but Markits don't do P4 wheels. They do P4 axles, but not the wheels. Cheers
  16. Further to the posts above does the book include a side view drawing of the post war 100hp steam shunter, one like this: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sentinel_Waggon_Works#/media/File%3ASentinel_4wVBTG_at_NRM_York.jpg I have email the NRM but they cannot at present provide any info. Cheers EDIT: I searched the TNA online which gave some info back. https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/results/r?_q=sentinel+steam+waggon
  17. Could anyone please tell me the wheelbase of this locomotive and if the wheels are equispaced about the engine's longitudinal centreline. I have asked at the NRM but they're not able to help. Cheers
  18. This model has been reviewed in the April Model Rail and has been given 96%. I can see why there are complaints about the grills etc, does seem to be a little heavy, but also, oddly, lacking definition. Strange. Cheers
  19. It depends on whether you want a Fowler or Stanier chimney. The AGW chimney is the Fowler. I don't know if anyone does the Stanier one
  20. A good idea but a failed one. Can't even get a slot for click and collect. Our daughter is still able to use the service, perhaps it's just closed to new customers.
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