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  1. Hi Jeff Love your Dreadnought on your thread, nice work! The Harrow Dreadnought kits I have consist of white metal sides, but the rest of the bodies are resin so weight not too much of an issue. I have a Heljan met Bobo to pull them. Know what you mean about the Harrow LT unit kits they are darn heavy and take a bit of shifting. Regards John
  2. Thank you all for taking the time to help me out. Great info about the livery. The kits are the original Harrow white metal body variety with sparse underframe detail (although I plan to do something about that!) Will give Radley's a call re the K2 bogies; Best Regards John
  3. Hello I have recently picked up a rake of Harrow models Dreadnought kits. Can anyone help me with the following please:- What livery did the LT Dreadnoughts carry in the late 1950's. Were they still in teak or repainted into maroon, also were the roofs painted red and the carriage ends painted red as well (or were just the brake ends ).? Is there anyone who manufactures K2 bogies which these carriages were fitted with at this time? Thanks in advance John
  4. Can I ask a question please There is an excellent wealth of knowledge on things LNER/ Eastern Region here. Were Quad Art sets ever mixed ie- the composite set from one set running with the all third set from another or were they always in fixed formations? Thanks John
  5. Hello Can I please ask one more question please do any of you know if the Quad Arts ever ran in mixed sets i.e.- The composite part of one set coupled with the all third set from another or were they always permanently coupled? Thanks John
  6. Hi Steve Lots of different details amongst the sets. I suppose the lack of info/ photos in certain aspects is the old problem of people not recording what is perceived as the mundane until it is gone. With the lack of space I have available I will have to run them as single sets, will put some photos on RM when thy have progressed a bit more
  7. Hello Thanks all for taking the time to reply I have found the set number is 61 (same photo is on Steve Banks site didn't know about this site before) I have a 1929 set on my workbench at the moment a mix of Kirk/Cooper craft sides and Mjt bits and the earlier set would make an interesting contrast Regards John
  8. Thanks Steve Looks like the top lights are plated over. The data on set numbers and how they relate to carriage numbers does seem a little scarce for these earlier sets. Regards John
  9. Hello Thanks for getting back to me. I don't think it is a Quint Art I reckon if it is not an LNER built set it is probably one of the sets that were produced when the Great Northern suburban twins were rebuilt into quads. The odd thing about the photo is that is captioned as being taken in Hull, although I guess towards the end of their lives these sets strayed from their original home. Regards John
  10. Hello I recently found a photo of a 1925 build LNER Quad art set running in BR days with Fox bogies and gas lighting, the set has the carriages 48601 and 48602 in it. Can anyone help me out with the set number of these carriages please? The Harris book is very good but does not have set number information Many thanks in advance. Regards John
  11. Hello Many thanks to you all for taking the time to help me out with plenty of helpful info and also put right some misconceptions i had regarding LNER carraige liveries at this time. My original idea was to have the 2 quad art sets in contrasting finishes for my chosen time period of 1939 to 1949. The set that is progressing at the moment is in a fairly beaten up weathered teak so I think the other set can go in a slightly more "factory fresh" teak finish (but not too fresh) Thanks John
  12. Hello Can anyone help with the following please. I am building 2 Quad Art sets. My plan is to build one set (composite) in weathered teak livery, this set is progressing well. The other set (all third) I would like to finish in the wartime brown livery LNER stock was painted in at this time. What I would like to know is what the best paint match to replicate this Wartime brown colour? Thanks in advance John
  13. Hello I am currently enjoying getting stuck into building a pair of Quad Arts in 4mm (using Kirk, Cooper craft and MJT parts)with the help of some excellent info from the wonderful RM Web. Can anyone please advise me of the following:- What is the correct size decals for the set numbers that are on the end of each Quad Art set and which company manufactures them? Does anyone manufacture suitable signage for the destination blinds in the Quad Art brake compartments and also for destination boards suitable for an N2 or an N7 (Kings+, Liverpool St etc.) I am modelling the period from 1945 to 1951 very late LNER to early BR Thanks in an advance and a Happy New Year to all RM Webbers. Regards John
  14. Hello Thanks for your kind offer but I have located copies of these 2 articles already. Regards John
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