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  1. Hi there i would be interested in a set of the 4mm etches thanks Martin
  2. Hi there Many thanks to Baz I have now received the Class 08 back and runs it briefly on my test track. The weathering is excellent and really has improved the look of the Loco no end. IT is my first DCC sound fitted loco and have to say the sound really does add something to the experience, loo forward to paying around with it in due course. Many thanks Barry, excellent service and definitely will send some mor locos to you when funds available. Martin
  3. Hi there is something wrong with the website as i cannot seem to access the kit catalogue? Many thanks Martin
  4. Hello all, Just a quick shout out for Mike, recently purchased his Kitson kit and received really excellent and friendly service and help, now to build the kit for which he kindly pre-rolled the saddle tank and smoke box/boiler......... Martin Johnson
  5. Hi Mike Any news on the Ruston 88DS kit? Martin
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