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  1. Hi there I have a partially built 4mm scale SR Banana Van by ABS (four most) models. I cannot find the instruction sheet anywhere! Would anyone have a copy there could share with me? many thanks Martin
  2. I have a acquired a couple of plywood baseboards which presently have some uneven 3mm cork sheeting glued to them with PVA adhesive I believe. Are there any tips on removing the old cork sheeting as it is quite well bonded to the ply baseboard it seems! Any suggestions gratefully received. Martin
  3. Thanks for that I will have a look at Templot and see what I think...Martin
  4. Hi there, tha is for all the helpful suggestions above, looking to move the plan along and am wondering what is the best way to convert Mr Rice’s plan into a working track plan so I can plan the base board. Is there any software compatible with aMac computer to do this sort of thing? Also Not sure whether to go with PECO code 75 or try my hand at track building? If the latter would track built withcopper clad sleepers or the DCC concept sleepers be appropriate? Any thoughts? thanks Martin
  5. Thanks for that, really helpful to have the dimensions Martin
  6. Ok making slow progress with my JudithEdge 165DS, just built the radiator casing now for my first handrails on the front. Any tips for handling and fixing the tiny handrail knobs? And also fixing the door handles on the engine casings? many thanks martin
  7. He did give dimensions but I cannot find the page scan with them on! Sorry martin
  8. There was also a larger plan which I quite like too, Iain Rice did them in a pair here is the other one if anyone is interested. Martin ICI Big.pdf
  9. Thanks for the links and suggestions liking the tar works idea more and more. Apart from grimy tanks wagons, I guess coal would be delivered to the site and various other materials? Also would the products produced be taken away in various open and covered wagons?
  10. It was in an edition of Model Railways Illustrated not sure of the date
  11. Hi there I like the thought of a tar works sounds an interesting industry. Does any one know of any good books or articles showing a rail fed tar works? thanks Martin
  12. Hi there I have always liked the attached industrial layout plan by Iain Rice published in the old Model Railways Illustrated. Thinking of doing it in 4mm OO finescale with hand made track, possible DDC concepts legacy components. However I do not have much knowledge of industrial railways and wondered what anyone could recommend to read or view on the web to give me an idea of the sorts of buildings that would be on a chemical industry site or could recommend any particular building kits that might suit (Walthers, Faller etc)? Many thanks Martin ICI Small.pdf
  13. Thanks all, managed to get all the nuts done using a blunt cocktail stick, hoorah! Now making up the buffer beams and then the cab.... martin
  14. Right I will try the cocktail stick bluetack route to start with and see how I go! thanks Martin
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