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  1. Tickets on sale now https://ticketfeed.ltmuseum.co.uk/en-GB/shows/journeys on the piccadilly line - art deco style/events
  2. 1938 Tube Stock On 19 May the 1938 Tube Stock train will run three trips on the Piccadilly Line from Northfields station. The trips are: Northfields to Oakwood return, departing 09:30. Adults £35; concessions and children £25. Northfields to Heathrow Terminal 4 return, departing 13:38. Adults £25; concessions and children £20. Northfields to Heathrow Terminal 4 return, departing 14:48. Adults £25; concessions and children £20. Tickets are available from tomorrow. More info: https://www.ltmuseum.co.uk/whats-on/events-calendar/heritage-vehicles-outings
  3. The availability page currently shows: 31-517 Class 158 2-Car DMU 158849 BR Regional Railways TBA 31-517DS Class 158 2-Car DMU 158849 BR Regional Railways Jan-20 31-518 Class 158 2-Car DMU 158773 East Midlands Trains Feb-20 31-518SF Class 158 2-Car DMU 158773 East Midlands Trains TBA 31-519 Class 158 2-Car DMU 158766 GWR Green (FirstGroup) Feb-20 31-519SF Class 158 2-Car DMU 158766 GWR Green (FirstGroup) TBA 31-520 Class 159 3-Car DMU 159013 BR Network SouthEast (Revised) Jan-20 31-520SF Class 159 3-Car DMU 159013 BR Network SouthEast (Revised) TBA
  4. Why can't you say the name of the company you're referring to? Because I don't know if your referring to Widnes Model Railway Centre or Hattons.
  5. My current understanding: W11 (40 Brighton) Isle of Wight Operational. W8 Freshwater (46 Newington) Isle of Wight Under overhaul? 650 Sutton (50 Whitechapel) - Spa Valley Under overhaul. Updates are posted on https://www.facebook.com/Spa-Valley-Railway-75F-Loco-Department-368167126653259/ 54 Waddon Exporail On Display. 55 Stepney Bluebell On Display, awaiting overhaul. B662 (62 Martello) Bressingham Operational. 3 Bodiam (70 Poplar) Kent & East Sussex Under overhaul at NNR. Restoration blog: https://www.terriertrust.org.uk/no-3-bodiam 672 Fenchurch (72 Fenchurch) Bluebell On Display, awaiting overhaul. 2678 (78 Knowle) Kent & East Sussex Under overhaul. Restoration blog: https://www.terriertrust.org.uk/2678-blog 82 Boxhill National Railway Museum On display.
  6. The Terrier Trust and the Kent & East Sussex Railway are raising £150,000 to restore 3 Bodiam (LB&SCR no. 70 Poplar) and 2678 (LB&SCR no. 78 Knowle) to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Bodiam and the Terrier class in 2022. 2678 is expected to return to service later this year. Bodiam should be restored in time for the celebrations in 2022. More info, including how to donate, is on: https://www.terriertrust.org.uk/appeal Restoration blogs are available to view: 3 Bodiam: https://www.terriertrust.org.uk/bodiam-blog 2678: https://www.terriertrust.org.uk/2678-blog
  7. It is being repainted into GWR green and as such will no longer be covered in this thread. http://www.wsr.org.uk/news.htm#1741
  8. L94 L94 will be going on loan to the West Somerset Railway this year. Info from http://www.wsr.org.uk/news.htm#1737
  9. According to Kernow the B variant of the all third and central observation coaches are due soon. They are: GR-440B All Third Coach No.14 in L&B Livery GR-441B All Third Coach No.2471 in SR Livery GR-450B Central Observation Coach No.10 in L&B Livery GR-451B Central Observation Coach No.2468 in SR Livery RRP for each is £45
  10. The replica of Lyn is visiting the Welsh Highland Railway this weekend. On Saturday it will be hauling the WHR leg of the Snowdonian train with Lyd. More info on https://www.festrail.co.uk/content/publish/specialevents/365.shtml On Sunday it will be making two return trips from Porthmadog to Rhyd Ddu, departing at 09:40 and 15:00. Tickets are £25 for travel in carriages no. 14 and 120 or £40 for observation carriage no. 152. To book tickets contact the F&WHR ticket office on 01766 516024.
  11. The launch of NSR carriage no. 23 takes place 4-6 May. Keighley Corporation Gas Dept. No. 2 from the Tanfield Railway will be hauling the train. Info from: http://www.foxfieldrailway.co.uk/blog/hawthorn-leslie-no2859-to-visit-foxfield-for-victorian-weekend
  12. 813 visited the East Anglian Railway Museum this weekend for their gala.
  13. But it wasn't made visible to members until noon today
  14. On the top right corner of each post there is an icon that looks like a <. Click on it and copy the link. Paste the link into a new post and it will embed like so:
  15. 4TC On Saturday the 4TC set is being used for UKRailTours Ye Olde Black Friar railtour. It'll be top and tailed by a pair of GBRf class 73 locos. The trip is sold out. Times on Real Time Trains: ECS Eastleigh to Blackfriars http://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/U53110/2019/03/30/advanced Blackfriars to Angerstein Wharf http://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/U53111/2019/03/30/advanced Angerstein Wharf to Tattenham Corner http://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/U53112/2019/03/30/advanced Tattenham Corner to Blackfriars http://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/U53113/2019/03/30/advanced ECS Blackfriars to Tonbridge http://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/U53114/2019/03/30/advanced 20142 and/or 20227 The Class 20 Locomotive Society are providing 2 class 20 locos to the Crewe Open Day on 8 June. 20142 and 20227 are two of the possible locos that could be sent by the Class 20 Locomotive Society.
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