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  1. That is because Bachmann announced that they were omitted from the combined volume and the next we would hear about them would be if and when they are announced in the quarterly announcements.
  2. April 2022 according to https://uk.Hornby.com/catalogue/coming-soon?autumn=true&winter=true&spring=true&summer=true&page=1
  3. The large prairies have been shipped from China. They should arrive in the UK in November. Info from https://www.Dapol.co.uk/OO-Gauge-Large-Prairie-Models-On-The-Way
  4. There was an announcement. Here is your post in the relevant thread:
  5. Timetables for the Epping Ongar Railway's London Transport Weekend are now up on https://www.eorailway.co.uk/events/london-transport-weekend/
  6. Knowle will be visiting Didcot Railway Centre for their gala on 23 & 24 October. More info: https://didcotrailwaycentre.org.uk/product.php/130/diamond-jubilee-gala-part-2 The loco roster also lists Knowle in use on 27 & 28 October.
  7. These two are now listed as due December 2021
  8. As Bachmann have previously stated all Bachmann announcements will be in the quarterly British Railway Announcements. The class 69 announcement is the exception that proves the rule.
  9. It has also been added to the Diesel Gala on 25&26 September https://www.eorailway.co.uk/events/autumn-diesel-gala/
  10. These three are now due June 2022 according to the coming soon page.
  11. At a guess, the quarterly announcement before release.
  12. Just seen these on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/331444696976643/posts/4360933020694437/ https://www.facebook.com/331444696976643/posts/4361692553951817/
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