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  1. Deco samples: https://www.facebook.com/heljanas/posts/3790348901027948
  2. R3765 Bloxham & Whiston Ironstone Co. Ltd no. 1456, now has a release date of Autumn 2021 on the Hornby website R3766 NCB no. 1426 is still listed as Autumn 2020.
  3. Update on 2678's restoration https://www.terriertrust.org.uk/2678-blog
  4. The question being answered was about the Class 14 diesels
  5. Short video from Railway Modeller
  6. I too have rejoined the BCC and ordered the 1P.
  7. The standard 94XX models were announced back in 2015 and are due this month or next.
  8. The new announcements have been added to the list. Also the Bachmann Rep 45/0 locos have vanished from the Bachmann website. Those in blue were announced in 2018 or earlier. Bachmann Branchline Nov/Dec 31-390 Class 414 2-HAP 2-Car EMU 6061 BR (SR) Green 31-391 Class 414 2-HAP 2-Car EMU 6063 BR Blue & Grey 31-392 Class 414 2-HAP 2-Car EMU 4322 BR Network SouthEast (Revised) 31-740 MR 1532 (1P) Tank 1273 Midland Railway Crimson Lake 31-740SF MR 1532 (1P) Tank 1273 Midland Railway Crimson Lake 31-741 MR 1532 (1P) Tank 1303 LMS Bl
  9. The image is from Bachmann https://www.Bachmann.co.uk/product/category/519/thomas-with-annie-and-clarabel---moving-eyes-dcc-ready/00642be
  10. Yep https://midlandpullman.com/trips-tours/
  11. So in order to distract myself last night I did this. The first table shows the amount of Bachmann Brachline models that are yet to be released, split into new tooling and the year that existing tooling models were announced. The second shows those that are due by Jan/Feb.
  12. The next Signal Box featuring the Hush Hush, goes live at 6PM
  13. I'm guessing there will be sound fitted versions of 94XX locos. Probably 9466 also offered, either as a collectors club model or main range model, maybe in a train pack with some West Coast or Vintage Trains carriages (or in fantasy land a LU 4TC).
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