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  1. 419 has been replaced by 2678 Knowle from Kent & East Sussex Railway. Steam Tram 'Lucie' from North Yorkshire Moors Railway has also been added for Saturday & Sunday.
  2. 2678 Knowle is visiting Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway this weekend. Full details on https://www.embsayboltonabbeyrailway.org.uk/events/railwayrally
  3. 419 is no longer visiting Embsay. It has been replaced by Terrier 2678 Knowle
  4. Worse is when they say 'a model shop in Widnes' when they mean Hattons. There are two model shops in Widnes and because the post is so vague someone has to ask if they are referring to Hattons or Widnes Model Centre.
  5. R3841 is on the coming soon page, of the W1 models it's R3978-R3980 that are not on the page. W1 locos with the release date according to the coming soon page and release quarter according to the product page R3840 - October 21, Autumn 2021 R3841 - December 21, Winter 2021 R3842 - October 21, Autumn 2021 R3843 - December 21, Winter 2021 R3844 - November 21, Autumn 2021 R3978 - not on page, Winter 2022 R3979 - not on page, Winter 2022 R3980 - not on page, Winter 2022
  6. It is Keighley Gasworks No. 2 from Tanfield Railway. Next weekend is the Railway Rally weekend. With Caledonian Railway 419 from Bo'ness Railway in use Friday-Monday. No. 2 and the Autocar also be in use Saturday and Sunday. Full details: https://www.embsayboltonabbeyrailway.org.uk/events/railwayrally
  7. Now showing as April 2022 on the coming soon page.
  8. The Terrier Train Pack (R3960) is now listed as due April 2022 on the coming soon page.
  9. The seven Maunsell carriages have gone from the coming soon page on the Hornby website and are listed as due 'Winter 2022' on the individual product pages.
  10. 'Daphne', 'Bear' and 'Lady Edith' have gone from the coming soon page. The respective product pages now say that they are due 'Winter 2022'. The other two are still due December according to the coming soon page, with the product pages saying 'Winter 2021'
  11. R30006 & R30008 have now arrived on the Hornby website
  12. I suspect we will get the as preserved versions of the terriers next year. #Terrier150
  13. On the coming soon page R30006 & R30008 are now listed as due this month. R30005, R30006X & R30008X remain listed as arriving in August. R3960 is still due in October.
  14. 419 is visiting Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway on 25th-28th June. Full details: https://www.embsayboltonabbeyrailway.org.uk/events/railwayrally Standard tickets entitle you to two round trips starting at Embsay at either 10:30 or 13:30. The Breakfast Express (10:30) and Afternoon Tea (12:00, 13:30 & 15:00) in the LNWR Saloon on the Friday is one round trip. 25 June: 419 on Mark 1 carriages & LNWR Saloon. 26 & 27 June: Mark 1 carriages hauled by 419 on one trip and double headed with Keighley Gasworks No. 2 on the other. A trip on the NER Autocar trip
  15. Daphne & Bear are now listed as due in September
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