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  1. Really inspired by this layout and your good work!! Merry Christmas ! Regards. (Connoisseur of the Gleneagles Comrie branch!!)
  2. I have a partially started LMS jackshaft shunter which appears to be complete . I can't see me building it and may put it onto ebay?
  3. The site leaves me breathless! I photographed the 16XXs; 40150 and the 4-4-0s at the back of Perth shed but they were cold. Your stupendous work brings the photos to life for me. I’d love to achieve your standards!
  4. Do have a look at the London and North Western Railway Society Website; i'm pretty certain we have something on there?!! Hawkins and Reeve will have an entry on the shed. The St. Andrews wharf was an LNWR facility and LNWR freight would have worked into there. Just outside Derby towards Stoke was LNWR junction where LNWR trains would have come off the North Staffs and used their lines into the Derby Goods facility. WWW.LNWRS.org.uk
  5. You'll see in the TSIs we have had a significant influence in the non-compliances allowing for the UK historical loading gauge. I think the railway industry professionals saw the problem with OCS clearances; sadly non-rail experienced safety professionals appear not to have done so!!
  6. Main problem is the UK will be frozen out of the consultation as standards are reviewed; we will have no influence. Changes will happen and we will fall out of synchronisation and suffer in tendering if we cannot guarantee compliance with relevant standards. For instance the new Middle East railways will be constructed to conform to European Train Control System standards: "British" standards will not be controlled to be in sync!
  7. Awful; my sympathies for this terrible event! Peter Stanton Mickleover Group
  8. pstanton

    Keith Bristow

    Hi. Really very sorry to discover this. I have been looking at publications for the LNWR Society; of which I am a committee member, and regularly corresponded with Keith. He had done some superb work on the DC electrics and the infrastructure supporting them and had shared the documents with me. I would like to think of publishing some of his excellent work within the Society and wonder if it might be possible to gain permission to publish and of course acknowledge Keith's work? Regards Peter Stanton London and North Western Railway Society.
  9. Oh, and who are clockwork ideas? Any LNWR kit is of interest! Do you have a link or contact?
  10. Well done!! An article on building for the LNWRS publications would be good too! I have a pile of these parts and this is just the inspiration I need!! Peter
  11. I have the original roadrailer manuals, passed to me from the former project manager. Also pressed steel literature etc. Happy to share! Regards Peter Stanton
  12. Philip is our modelling officer in the London and North Western Railway Society, I could approach him for original information if you like? Regards Peter Stanton
  13. I've found the magazines, September and October 1963 Model Railway News, cleverly built to run from track to a Minic motorway type guide, useful drawings and instructions.
  14. Thanks very useful advice! The bus motorisation was in Model Railway News about 1963, I will try and find my copy, it was adaptedto run on mimic motorway I think! Hunting round the garage I've found another kit not mentioned here, the Keyser Caledonian 0-4-4 439 class , in fact two of them! It partially bolts together and was not on the market very long.
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