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  1. These would be my wish list wagons (not my pictures) both versions in may livery variants
  2. I dont suppose anyone who is skilled enough or has the time to build these for me way above my skill level? Nik
  3. Finally for the xmas period we stared on storage coffin ends for the layout and also the front board protection to finish the layout off. A massive thanks to Whiterose Modelworks for help on this in a freezing workshop
  4. Also work has started on the signal box area of Peak forest south which needs a lot more detailing as time moves on but I wanted to get the main area completed as I move onto the old station area. Happily I managed to get the footbridge area also added. This was done before Gt Tunsley Dale arrived and space became a premium so a small delay has happened while I now sort the unit out to work in.
  5. Sorry for the lack of updates but work has been progressing slowly on the layout with the main straight run up and sidings towards the station area being worked on
  6. 2021 will see the layout set up and a plan of campaign drawn up to convert to DCC. Also additional repairs to any changed bits that were happening in wales to change it back to the normal exhibition layout will be completed. Watch this space as I will try to do regular updates
  7. Finally I have been preparing the layout for storage with coffin ends being added to help transport the layout in future as well as protecting it
  8. Also took some pictures of buildings in situ so I remember where they go when I set it up in the future
  9. Just a few pictures of the move to to yorkshire finally got round to sorting few out
  10. Hi all I have pre ordered some of these should I have received an invoice as yet for them or will it be the new year just want to make sure my pre order was successful Nik
  11. white rose models are great quality https://www.whiterosemodelworks.co.uk/
  12. Well Gt Tunsley Dale has arrived in North Yorkshire in pretty good shape after a long drive from Wales. All in all it survived the journey really well just a couple of small bits to sort. I would like to thank Wendy for such a welcoming visit and we have a few laughs throughout the morning. Seeing it in the flesh for the first time I can say Peter's work is stunning and not sure pictures give it the credit due. I plan to change the layout to DCC following winter storage and hope to get into onto the north layout circuit when complete a real treat for us. I will conti
  13. I have some of those also so will be watching for progress, good luck Nik
  14. Hi Guy Thank you , for the KPA.s I think it was DRS blue for the dark blue and exec grey. The decals were precision two sets the Tiphook logo and then he does the rest in a pack and you give him the wagon numbers to produce. Interested in the underneath parts as I didnt go that far with mine. The ladders are standard ladders from A1 and scratch built railings Look forward to seeing yours completed Nik
  15. Then final bit started is the area under the pipe bridge which is no longer there Nik
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