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  1. Hi Guys I have two full kits of the OO Gauge version from inter city models which I need to make up so watching this thread with interest, although the kit doesn't come with the mesh sides which I may need to get made up at some point
  2. Thought I would get some of the buildings out to see how they would look. Nik
  3. Finally erected all the bigger boards for the first time, starting to get the picture of the size of the layout Nik
  4. 60086 now at Leeming on the Wensleydale line and 60050 has set off from Toton on the back of a low loader to the same destination Nik
  5. wow Peter that was a nice surprise it really looks excellent thanks for posting the pictures Nik
  6. Hi Andy You are right they are conversions I have both colours i.e round top and the blue flat top ones. Luckily I have managed to get second had base wagons reasonably as the price is now so high for them Nik Ps I will put more stock pictures on the updates when I get a chance
  7. Start of signal fitting today oh and a ballast test All signals are scratch built and wiring them in will be soon Nik
  8. I thought I would layout some of the buildings to get a view of how it may come together
  9. Latest edition is this signal box representing Gt Rocks junction box
  10. Happy New Year to everyone The project as been very slow with space and work being the issue. I am pleased to say the layout now has a home where I can do work on it although there is not enough space to put the whole layout up it will enable work to be done on sections at a time. Some reminders of the layout below and I will endeavour to put on regular updates Nik
  11. Oh and this beauty is in progress GT Rocks
  12. Final boards received from Norman so off we go Nik
  13. Well time has flown by with not much activity however things are picking up, here is the latest arrival:- This bridge is long gone but for the era im modelling it is a must
  14. Update Latest boards all wired up. Then these little things arrived from John Peck specifically designed for Peak Forest. Two versions of telephone masts which ran along the lines in the late 80's early 90's so quite iconic for the area All 3d printed Nik
  15. Good Afternoon Latest two boards arrived with the sidings appearing. You can tell the difference between the flat bottom mainlines and the bull head sidings. I also did a side on photo to show the gradient. Wiring and spraying next for these two Nik
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