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  1. Further bits added as it evolves, I actually forgot how much I like this bit even if taking forever and only one board progressing Nik
  2. I have started some scenery work at last I always under estimate the time it takes
  3. Trial Run of scratchbuilt JGA's for Peak Forest
  4. All from Precision Labels/Decals for both variants the grey and blue ones Nik
  5. PBA and Blue Tiphook as promised Nik
  6. Hi Andy I have some blue tiphooks done will post some pics soon. You right about the line just space is the issue I had to compromise somewhere and originally I thought of stopping the scenics at the bridge but then decided to go further but unfortunately the line had to go right. The layout is 40ft already so struggling to do much else shame really but such a big area to model in OO Nik
  7. Hi Yes unfortunately they are the wrong sort the best ready to run fit ones are similar to the Hornby KFA ones Nik
  8. Good Afternoon As often the case when modelling a specific area or time or both the subject of the correct stock comes up and herewith is a problem. Whist there are some more modern wagons available read to run seen at Peak forest there is a gap and limited options. The question is so what are you going to do about it? Well I am no scratch builder as the ladies and gents are very talented and im not, but I have started to have a go. The first wagon to be done is one of the versions of a jga. It has been laser cut top and is mounted on a Bachmann jga chassis , although not quite the right length I think it is going to look alright, but let me know what you think but be gentle I am very amateur at this element More to follow as they get painted etc.... Couplings need work as they are too long and they are skit bogies. I recently bought some hunt couplings which I think will work well on these.
  9. Me to fpa chassis if there any will watch with interest
  10. Good Evening I have not done a lot on the at home layout due to working on my Peak forest layout however the final piece of the Wigan Springs branch has arrived i the shape of fuel tanks so with some scenic work to do it will finish the depot off nicely Nik
  11. More work on the boards that have never been up before. This end is where variance to the real area is the most as the running lines move off to the right to were the cement works are would normally go off to the left. You can also see the entrance the cement works and the small headshunt where they shunter or spare loco would sit. The next area once wiring is compete is the laying of the fiddle yard and the cement works which I may do out of Peco bullhead rail Also you can see the layout on its new legs which will help when exhibiting as they are easy to put up and fold away and have adjustable tops for balancing uneven floors at venues
  12. Hi Progress is slow at the moment due to wiring and being able to get ot he layout. But further two control boards fitted so now to start wiring Nik
  13. Today got the first control panel fitted and the fiddle yard board wired in also sorted the first plate for the lenz system Feels good making progress
  14. Latest update which covers the last few months two main jobs started:- Ballasting and painting track Also added signals and some pipe work
  15. Hi Guys I have two full kits of the OO Gauge version from inter city models which I need to make up so watching this thread with interest, although the kit doesn't come with the mesh sides which I may need to get made up at some point
  16. Thought I would get some of the buildings out to see how they would look. Nik
  17. Finally erected all the bigger boards for the first time, starting to get the picture of the size of the layout Nik
  18. 60086 now at Leeming on the Wensleydale line and 60050 has set off from Toton on the back of a low loader to the same destination Nik
  19. wow Peter that was a nice surprise it really looks excellent thanks for posting the pictures Nik
  20. Hi Andy You are right they are conversions I have both colours i.e round top and the blue flat top ones. Luckily I have managed to get second had base wagons reasonably as the price is now so high for them Nik Ps I will put more stock pictures on the updates when I get a chance
  21. Start of signal fitting today oh and a ballast test All signals are scratch built and wiring them in will be soon Nik
  22. I thought I would layout some of the buildings to get a view of how it may come together
  23. Latest edition is this signal box representing Gt Rocks junction box
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