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  1. It has been like for at least 15 to my knowledge. If you think about it ten miles makes no sense at all. When I lived in Bristol there were at least 5 shops selloing Peco certainley not ten miles apart and that was 15 years ago
  2. I think you will find it is a mile. not ten miles
  3. Always ask the exhibition manager Can you plug a kettle in along with the layout. That usually ensures a comment ot two.
  4. deltic56

    Brighton Belle

    No the coupling system is designed to take current to all the coaches, so it would take major surgery to fit NEM coupling boxes to it.
  5. No it gives you the option to CHIP the loco and go DCC or leave it as analogue
  6. If you do change the traction tyres make sure you clean the wheels thoroughly BEFORE you put the new tyres on or else you will be back to square one.
  7. Yes it does. They can be switched off via a switch under the loco
  8. As I as I can find out the message from Hornby is " that if it is in their 2012 catalogue it will come out in 2012. This applies to ALL Hornby brands not just railways." Time will tell but I hope it is correct
  9. Now to find the other parts of the giant Airfix kit.
  10. Modelmania also sells K&S metals as well as Plastrut. All in all I can echo the views of 40F and say the shop is normally well stocked and the owners Bryan and Judith are very helpful. It is a welcome change to find a well stocked shop these days and a local one to boot.
  11. I do hope the two single cars come out .I travelled on them regularly between Oxford and Bletchley in my train spotting days --When they worked
  12. I can see the day coming when PROPOSED new releases will be annouced and these may or may not be made depending on orders from the retailers. Some of the major continental manufacteurs use this method. I have known a new model take at least 4 years for a model from ROCO to appear. If you go back to the 70`s the Tri-ang catalogue stayed the same for years and no one complained we just got on with it. Now a days people froth at the new annoucements and then ask Whats next ? when the latest annoucements have`nt been released. As Trains 4 U say a lot of retailers have reduced their orders I certainley have and will be much more careful next year. Although the standard of models have improved 200% over the years we still moan may be one day we will log on and find people praising models and releases instead of trashing them
  13. Do Bachmann offer the same terms to everybody I find that very hard to believe.
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