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  1. I went for a ramble around Ramblechester the other day. It's some time since I had a poke about there and as we, Ramchester and I, go back a long way, since before it was even a scribbling on the back of an envelope, I thought it was about time. It did feel strange wandering around in the 1950s (have I got that right?) wearing a Covid mask but there we are, strange times. It all had a very comfortable feeling about it all though, standing at the buffer stops with the sea and beach behind me, seagulls wheeling and screeching and tracks disappearing off in front of me. I knew I'd have to make it along to the other end where the tracks curve into the hills. Is the platform really that long - should have brought my bike, the ole knees aren't what they were. It's a Sunday so not much going on which is fine as I shall be able to do a bit of trespassing without any of the aggravation which often accompanies such activities. A few wagons in the yard at this end, one half in and half out of the shed, how do you load/unload with the wagon thus - it makes a better picture though if you're into that sort of thing. A few cobwebs on the old crane, perhaps the amount of traffic has been effected by Covid after all. Not too bad wandering about in this bit of the yard as I think someone has been tidying up the ground cover since I was last here but they haven't tidied up the seagull guano. I glimpse a part of the town between the buildings behind the station which I hadn't noticed before, maybe something has been knocked down around there opening up the view. Speaking of the view the hills over the back there don't seem to be as high as I remember them but then my memory its not what it was either. I must get that seen to. Something has changed at the west yard as well. I can see there is some work going on. Didn't there used to be a difficult to shunt oil siding at this end and some difficult to turn a lorry at coal staithes? The sidings here seem a bit longer to me but it's still work in progress so I shall have to wait and see. It's a jump across the stream we used to piddle in, (that seems longer too, must have been some teraforming going on) to make it up to the tunnel mouth. I see they haven't replaced that dodgy signal mast by the tunnel, just bodged it up with a bit of wood. I'm not venturing through the tunnel, dark as hell in there and who knows what nasties there might be at the far end. I've enjoyed my little oldtimessake ramble, must do it again some time, perhaps even ride the line in those new mk1's I've heard about, we'll see. Baron.
  2. Thank you all for your tips and advice, I'm sure I'll sort it all out. Brian
  3. Hello everyone. Does anyone know of a charity that specializes in model railway items. I have loads of quality stuff I need to get shot of. Regards, Brian
  4. Had to look em up but you're right B
  5. That's rather good Love the, presumably, radio controlled lorry. I might have to rethink my ferry operations. Thanks for posting link. Baron
  6. ZOB layouts even have their own special parking arrangements when they go on tour.
  7. Somewhere in the US I think John, and no I'm not. Baron
  8. I know this is cheating a bit but I found this half abandoned scissors crossover in the street at QUAI:87
  9. This is the nearest I can get to a locomotive that might be suitable for rope shunting at the ferry B
  10. Thanks for all that stuff about the ferry operations. Its going to need sone thinking about. Brian
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