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  1. Hello Red No, the layout is moving on and so am I - both in different directions. B
  2. I had put a couple of pictures on my QUAI:87 thread but since Sentinel Street is a UK layout I thought I'd put some here. Brian
  3. Rest easy Ian, the item on the flat is some sort of plastic manikin I picked up at the local market for four quid. Baron.
  4. You never know whats going to turn up on Sentinel Street. B
  5. Yeah, and there's coke in the hopper. B
  6. Early morning shunting on Sentinel Street. That's a slab of mint toffee on the wagon. B.
  7. Collect it at Scaleforum (Stoke Mandeville) after the show Baron
  8. Sentinel Street/P76 Engineering will be disposed of immediately after Scaleforum 2019. Best offer secures or free to good home, you decide. B
  9. Not a lot of people know that. B
  10. Brian Harrap


    Not 2mm FS for sure B
  11. Brian Harrap


    Thank you Jerry Making a wooden chassis now Regards Brian
  12. Brian Harrap


    That would be great Jerry. We plan to have a grand opening of the canal later this year with the diorama on display. I'll send you a pic later.
  13. Brian Harrap


    Anyone got an old clapped out N scale pannier tank or prairie tank that I could use on the (non working) Stover Canal diorama I am making? Donor will be mentioned in dispatches. Baron
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