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  1. This one from a building in Gauda
  2. The curved warehouse/factory was styled after one I came across in Bristol. Ok so mine doesn't curve around a river bank (might have been a waterway there at sometime I suppose) but that didn't stop me having a go at it. B
  3. A chance comment by Re6/6 of this parish regarding the loco shed on QUAI:87 (He'd come across a lookalike) prompts me to share with you the prototype shed that inspired the one I built for the layout. It's the one at Le Crotoy, France. Many of the structures on QUAI:87, however unlikely they may seem, have a real life parenthood somewhere or other. Baron
  4. I saved a couple of locos from my ill fated P76 engineering layout with a view to offering them a new home on QUAI:87. One that is happily trundling about the QUAI's is the Sentinel diesel. This may be one of the few locos that has run on three differing trackwork technologies, having started off as course scale 00 (tinplate) then converted to P76 (P4 in old money) and then back to P87. Still with me? The last change was the easiest. I wonder why 4mm modellers don't just accept the 16.5mm track gauge (which at normal viewing looks just fine) and just stick protoscale wheels on stock so as to enjoy scale flangeways. Dangerous talk I know, but it would save all that faffing about building etched chassis. (What's the plural of chassis?) Looks like the Sentinel could do with a bit of route learning around the docks. A 4mil loco on a P87 layout - don't even mention it - I'm having fun in lock up. Baron.
  5. The new hoist is of course at present in the locked down position. B
  6. You'll not have seen the new hoist then?
  7. Wondered who'd be the first to spot that.
  8. Been trying a few fanciful ideas whilst in lockdown Baron
  9. Thanks ATME thats interesting, while we're at it here's another puzzle picture, Spain this time. Baron
  10. Has anyone come up with a solution to the tendency of a battery powered Bachmann G scale shay to surge or hunt when going downhill. It's driving me nuts. Best and stay well, brian.
  11. Hello Ralf I'm pleased you found my method useful, looking good so far. Brian
  12. I was with you all the way up to 'simply'. Really I have enjoyed this discussion, thanks. Brian.
  13. Do check out Allegheny 1600 post above with link www.stagniweb.it/trifase4.htm. Fascinating Brian
  14. Thank you all for you input on this matter. I particularly appreciate the link you sent John, a very well detailed account which will take me a while to digest, but at least I now know whats in those boxes and what it does. I had raked over the 'junk' at Piedmont but had missed the disassembled motors. Interesting shots at Milan Eddie which compliment some of my own - I also spotted a large electric loco there, a DC machine with 3rd rail collector shoes which was new to me. Wonder if I'll start modelling Italian now. BTW the toilet seats on the Rivarossi 431 I have aren't reproduced anywhere deep enough. Thank you all again for you help and interest in this subject. Brian
  15. Thank you both for your interest and support. I quite like the tacho/speedo etc idea but why would they need four of them as the motors are mechanically linked. I am also intrigued by the books you may both have on the subject - something i haven't gone into before and now I find it fascinating. Brian.
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