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  1. Hi Richard, an excellent job as usual, many thanks. Kevin
  2. It is not all diesels at Millway Dock, it would appear that the crew of USA Dock Tank no 30064 have abandoned their steed and headed off to the Harbour Masters office in search of a cup of tea.
  3. Another one from my Millway Dock thread, LPA’s Sentinal shunters are kept busy.
  4. LPA’s Janus no 5 drags failed sister loco No 10 off to the dockyard workshop for repair, which by the look of no 10 it is no stranger too.
  5. Please forgive my indulgence but I was having a bit of a photo session earlier today for my Millway Dock layout and this picture was the best that appeared, so I thought I would give it a try in this thread. The Harbour Master supervises the loading of containers in the late afternoon sunshine.
  6. Containerisation in the 60’s, a busy scene being supervised by the Harbour Master in the late afternoon sun!
  7. Looks good mate, good choice of name.
  8. Yes ess1uk I am very lucky that Rhys took Leaford on and plans to develop it further. I am sorry to say that the Brockenhurst show has been postponed until possibly later in the year, depending how long this horrid Coronavirus crisis continues meaning Millway Docks second show appearance will not now happen in May. One of LPA’s Sentinal no 7 threads it’s way through the narrowest part of the dock with a mixed freight. Kevin
  9. Hi Pete it is good to hear you are well, I have some buildings that I built many years ago for Leaway Park that never got used, it is a shame not to use them, I am hoping to be able to use them. Cheers Kevin
  10. Hi Bernard I don’t know what you mean! I suppose they are the same as any other machine, designed to a job efficiently, safely, and also be able to cope with worst conditions that the weather can throw at them, satisfy the needs of 6500 individuals and make lots of money for their owners, there is not a lot left to look good. Kevin
  11. Wow, I think I have a long way to go before I can create anything like that, what a fantastic job, it would be interesting to see how the modern cruise ships would look in model form built to the same scales as above, for example the QE2 was approx 65000. tonnes (which was considered as big by any standard) whereas the Oasis of the Seas weighs in at approx 220,000.tonnes. Thanks for that Nigel.
  12. Hang on you guys, don’t get to carried away, I have to finish building this one yet.
  13. You may jest, and wouldn't that be great Paul, but even the smallest of cruise ships even from the 60's (Canberra for instance in comparison to todays monsters) would dwarf Millway Dock, Oh yes! I have certainly thought about it. Kevin.
  14. There must be a cruise ship in! Ruston shunter D 2986 (straight out of Eastleigh after an F exam) places ex LNER Gresley luggage van on the loading bay.
  15. Work continues at Millway Dock, another load of animal feed this time on a BRS ERF KV waits to be roped and sheeted, whilst Robson’s Foden waits for the crane to unload its concrete manhole rings, he hopes he can get away quickly as he will loose his return load. In the meantime LPA ‘s Sentinal no 8 “Tiger” waits for its next move.
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