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  1. Right that’s better, ok yes I have room for expansion but I am struggling to decide with wot, at present I have three thoughts:- 1. Extend Millway Dock in several ways. 2. Re-create a previous layout of mine which I did not like (the track plan was good) but some of the scenics were rubbish, in its original condition it was better, but I cocked it up with to many modifications. 3. Leave every thing as it is. Best regards Kevin
  2. Isn’t that always the case, anyway Millway Dock is lost in it’s new surroundings.
  3. I wonder if a plan has come together for your legal problems yet Steve?
  4. Oh yes definitely the A team, I have suggested to them they take the job up full time - but they were not impressed. Some more examples of their work:-
  5. Well it finally happened, we have moved!!!! And Millway Dock has a new home, generally known as “the SHED” which roughly translates to Second Home which Ends in Divorce. I have to say this would not have been possible if it had not been for Ian (Temeraire) and Paul (PaulRHB) who kindly erected, insulated, lined and painted this 6mx3m building, and all of the time having me getting in their way and generally being a PITA, this is one of these occasions when the words thank you are simply not enough.
  6. Many thanks for your kind comments Steve, and I do agree with your words, and I do sympathise with your situation, I just hope both of our circumstances change for the better soon. On the subject of Molly J she measures 1m in length and 150mm across the beam it is a r/c model by Deansmarine and it is known as the MV Timrex, I have modified her to be more scale like and to be able to fit the Langley RB 22 midships to be between the holds, I would like to add more detail to her in the future, hopefully. Kevin
  7. Happy New Year to you Steve, unfortunately we are still waiting to move - I am sure we could have built a new house in the time it has taken for all of the soliciters etc to sort things out, so far approx 4-5 months. Anyway to attempt to answer your questions the pictures you have shown are actually of my former layout Leaford (now sold) and the ships were mounted on a piece of 6mm Ply cut to the appriate size and mounted along slots cut in the mooring posts on the face of the dock, and some 1"X 1" softwood screwed onto the rear of the middle baseboard as shown housing what became
  8. When I heard that Dapol announced that their forthcoming B4’s were to be fitted with “firebox glow” I very sceptical, having the memories of a Triang/Hornby M7 fitted with the same, I shouldn’t have worried the end result cheered me up considerably. See you soon. Kevin
  9. Early morning at Millway Dock, with no ships in things are quiet, crew of B4 30084 are off to do a bit of fishing, whilst Stotherd & Pitt crane dwarfs their lonely steed.
  10. USA dock tanks 30064 and 30067 team up for a particularly heavy train movement. Interestingly the first vehicle is a BR standard GUV containing luggage for the P&O Canberra visiting this morning. See you soon. Kevin
  11. Nigel I share your sadness - I can't believe it, how disrepectful is that, to repaint a loco when it has been especially prepared and named to commemorate the fallen and decorated with the message "We will remember them". They were not remembered for very long were they. See you soon Kevin.
  12. Thanks Scott, although we have planning permission for a garage it is more likely to be a shed at present. Another shot of 60042 on her unusual duty. See you soon, Kevin
  13. As we are moving soon, I have been sorting and packing my model railway stuff and I came across my class 60 loco 60042 “Dunkery Beacon” and decided to have a play, so she ended up as duty Dock shunter for the day. Normal Service was resumed though the following day.
  14. Hi Steveydee many thanks for your kind comments, in truth Millway Dock is less than 8ft long (scenic section) so long boat trains are not possible, so I just concentrate on the luggage vans imagining that the passengers are dealt with somewhere else within Leaford Port, here are a couple of pictures of the vans used.
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