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  1. Looks and sounds great Richard, many thanks. Regards Kevin.
  2. Thanks Richard that is probably why it took me along time. Regards, Kevin
  3. Jack374 said "Very nice Richard...I take it the smoke is turned on and off via an F-key? Also can you synchronise it to chuffs on an FX through wheel sensors or not?" Jack. I am not sure whether this is helpful, but in the past I have had some success by adjusting Start Speed, Max Speed, Mid Speed, Acceleration and deceleration Rates to get some synchronisation but that was with a Powercab and Loksound 4. I hope this helps. Best regards Kevin
  4. Good job on the shunter, it looks superb. Have a good show.
  5. Oh yes Brockenhurst already booked, and another Sector Plate fiddle yard has been picked up at the Poole Show ready for installation at other end of layout. Another Sentinal No 8 named after my Grandson “Tiger” rests between duties.
  6. Hi Pete, thanks for kind comments and it’s great to hear from you, yes Pete great weekend, there were probably many faces you have known from the past attending the show, including 2 operating Millway Dock below although not shown at their best shot.
  7. "Good to (briefly) catch up and glad our three votes helped!" How many of them were for Functionality Phil? Well I have spent the day so far settling Millway Dock back into its natural environment and it would appear the it has survived its very first exhibition pretty much unscathed (the odd ships handrail come adrift, nothing that a spot of superglue won't put right) and it all still works. I enjoyed myself at the Poole show and I have to thank some people for making it all happen - James and all at the Poole Club for the invite and their hospitality - Ian (Temeraire) for his help with operating and transporting the layout (much beyond the call of duty) - Andy Picton for just passing by and ending up with a Powercab thrust at him - and Jamie for just being Jamie, and all friends both old and new who passed by during the day. Kevin
  8. Hi Phil I am beginning to think you and me are the only one’s on this thread, anyway just to bring attention to the Poole exhibition on Sunday another picture of Millway Dock.
  9. I was messing around just taking pictures to see what came up - you know close ups, different angles and the like for my layout thread, and this appeared to me to be the best of the bunch, so I thought I would try my hand on this thread. Kevin
  10. Many thanks Nigel, perhaps you can make Brockenhurst in May, enjoy your weekend.
  11. Millway Dock will be there, it’s very first appearance, hopefully see you there, why not say hello if you see us. Kevin, Ian and Jamie.
  12. Cheers Scott, sorry you can’t make it on Sunday, but all is not lost as I have an invite to Brockenhurst next year, hopefully you can make that one, failing that you could always visit the layout in its natural habitat anytime just give us a ring.picture taken from the top floor of Fillian & Scott building, hired 07 D7005 does its bit on the dock. Best regards Kevin
  13. Thanks Saxokid, here is another of Millway Docks resident shunters No5 a Janus. Best regards Kevin
  14. Yes Paul, I resprayed and weathered them myself, and then sent them to that jolly nice chap Richard Croft of Road and Rails who kindly fitted lights, sound and stay alives to them, and if you add extremely good service too, then you end up with something special which I can thoroughly recommend. See you soon. Kevin.
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