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  1. No.20 is just west of Dun Laoghaire, here: 53.296100, -6.156660. I don't know the area, but the D/L mentioned on the print and what looks vaguely like a ferry near the LH edge were enough to persuade me to have a look on the internet.
  2. Etches have just been ordered... I did add a note to Mike's chassis order asking him to let me know if he intended offering the bodies for sale, but this has crossed with today's announcement.
  3. And arrived. No photos of the stand (or van/trailer) - I just never bothered taking any. This will be my first year since 1974 (possibly even 1973) of not going to York as a visitor or trader, apart from 1995 when we were on holiday.
  4. Wizard Models just setting off for York now...
  5. The competition winners were: EPARM Shield (best layout voted by fellow exhibitors): Burdale Quarry MK Memorial Trophy (best atmosphere): Stamford East A1 Models Trophy (best modern image layout or feature): Roberts Road Morill Cup (best layout voted by the public): Wardwood
  6. The repair (a broken wire on the outside wall) has now been working for over a day, so it's probably safe to say things are back to normal. Whatever that is.
  7. Update - we thought it was fixed on Friday, but it soon failed again. Back to the back up system, which takes about twice as long to process an order as normal. I'm about to finish off Friday's orders, and should have everything cleared by the end of today.
  8. Our phone line is down (probably just wet rather than adversely affected by gravity). This means that although you can place and pay for orders on the website, we will only intermittently see them or be able to process them using a back up system until it is restored. BT haven’t yet told us when this might be. Our apologies for the inconvenience.
  9. My last show IS Railex 2020 - list of remaining shows here: https://www.wizardmodels.ltd/show_dates/. There were quite a few visitors to Scaleforum who were under the impression that that was my last show - presumably some confusion between Aylesbury (Scaleforum) and Aylesbury (Railex). Let's hope we don't get the same between Wakefield (Expo EM), Wakefield (Wakefield) and Wakefield (Scalefour North)!
  10. I've just had them too - played them along for two minutes then they got bored and hung up. Call was properly ended. I still owe Suntrail Marketing a lot of money though...
  11. They're all costing me a fortune in blue string pudding though.
  12. You may need to clear your browser cache. It's working fine here, and other customers are placing orders.
  13. The Wizard Models site should now be working. Detailed post mortem with the host now required to find out what went wrong.
  14. Thanks for letting me know - the webmaster is on to it. At present none of the search facilities appear to be working, including typing the product code directly into the search box.
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