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  1. Wizard Models has a product to solve this problem - put test in the website search box to view...
  2. The phone line is now working.
  3. Our phone line is faulty again. Internet service is intermittent and the phone is not working. We are switching to a backup for e-mail and receiving and processing orders.
  4. I started it, but it came to a halt because other things need to be done first. At Babworth, the gantry needs to go in (where the temporary 3-doll signal is in the last photo) as the legs are very close the the rodding runs, and will probably need to go over the signal baseplate(s) . At Retford North and South, the heavy work of putting in the platforms needs doing, to avoid damage to the delicate rodding, plus there are still a lot of signals to go in at that end (including about a dozen discs), and I was doing the rodding and signal wires at the same time. Once able to start again, I'd be gl
  5. Whoever was asking about chain (for wagon loads) a good few pages back: I can get it made down to a link size of 1 3/4" and various sizes upwards. Finish would be either black, dull copper or possibly even rust depending on the outcome of experiments. So if someone can discover what the size is, away we go...
  6. They're in the Comet pattern maker's list of things to do. 2021 sometime?
  7. UC045A is now sold out and has been deleted from the website.
  8. UC045A is nothing to do with Coopercraft - AFAIK it is the original Kirk design, as taken over by Colin Ashby. I purchased all his remaining stocks, and when it's gone there will be no more (unless Colin finds another bag full).
  9. Yes! Designed by Buccaneer John, but now part of the Wizard range as part BB1R. £4.80 for a carriage's worth.
  10. Two possible solutions to the Boat Train problem - either use the banking engine, as per the newspaper train, or send it in the other direction, so it becomes the Manchester bound train rather than the Harwich bound one (assuming it would cope with the tighter curve out of the fiddle yard in this direction).
  11. The screw version are Wizard Models code UC006, £3.00 for four pairs. I got the rights to them via the ex-PC carriage kits. No idea what happened to the 3-link flavour though.
  12. Not any more we don't, as liquids cannot be sent through the post. Eileen's Emporium will courier it out.
  13. Yes, I am. Could you send me some if you have any spare?
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