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  1. Reminds me I still have my PoP train to build after covid restrictions and a house move got in the way. Can't wait to see what's coming off your drawing board and printers next. All the best James
  2. Excellent news and a few more weeks to wait works well as hopefully I'll be back at my Dads bench to build it. Can't wait. Thanks for the update James
  3. I'm sorely tempted with a blue one but must resist for a while with a house move pending, certainly will be interesting to see if these other liveries get traction.
  4. Great to see an update RT, certainly looks like Barber. Hope you can get castings sorted soon, looking forward to this one and Masham. All the best James
  5. You have done more in a week on the real stuff than I could have managed in 4mm! The tanks look superb, great update, thanks for posting. Cheers James
  6. Haha, they are the better half's got, told to move the painty trucks away from them shortly after!
  7. I didn't manage to get much done this week until this afternoon so now all transfers are on and cement dust weathering has started to be applied now. Basically it's a coat of thinned phoenix cement coloured paint daubled on (carefully over the transfers as the solvent in the paint and white spirit attack the printing) the wagon is then placed in a box and talc is liberally applied to the wet paint and left to dry for a few mins. The excess talk is shaken off and a cotton bud used to get rid of any in the nooks and crannies. Quite pleased with how these have come out, 3 more to do on
  8. Ooo nice, looking forward to this, thought about one of these but got a bit containered out
  9. I wish I could work as fast you Darius, and as consistently excellent. Top job, they look really good! All the best James
  10. I think ill have to invest in an air brush at somepoint, as much as I like brushing and rattle cans air brushing is the way to go. That's a very healthy stack of containers there too, you must have been keeping an eye out for good ones with intact doors too, normally the doors have vanished on the ones I get! Looking forward to seeing these progress. Cheers James
  11. Surely there is no incentive needed to spend an inordinate amount of time scouring pictures if containers looking for that one oddity you think you once saw in a book 5 years ago! I'm glad iv got my quota of freightliner stuff now, it gets obsessive.
  12. Amazing progress as ever Darius! I have to say spraying the flats is a lot quicker than brushing them as I did by the looks of things. Any plans for exotic containers? Cheers James
  13. Evening all, bit of an update on the Cemflo's, I have got transfers onto 5 of them after applying a bit of black and crud to the underframe this aft. Once the transfers have set, work will move onto playing with various grey paints and talc/cement to weather these down some more, aiming for late 60s/early 70s era on these as I was going to work up some TOPS panels and numbering as per my original plan but I need to get these finished quickly now so will just leave as is with the lovely CCT transfers. Packing up for the evening, it's been a productive weekend. Cheers James
  14. Great modelling as ever Darius, you really will have quite a rake now. If you a fancy a copy of the artwork for the Happag Loyd & ACT containers I did for a bit more variety in boxes just let me know and I can send on. Cheers James
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