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  1. Thanks for that Fat Controller, im sort of modelling the early mid section so mainly 20fts n 30fts but will chuck a couple of C types in as well. Cheer James
  2. Interesting lionhead potential there, time for a google Ta for posting Dave James
  3. Will get a pic next time im at me dads at the bench. Having a night off modelling to keep the better half happy tonight, should be back up there tomorrow.
  4. Thanks Mark, thats a great bit of info, looks like more cutting and shutting is in order!
  5. Cheers Mark, that helps a lot knowing Sainsburys did have 30fters. Agreed on ML i dont think they had the flat sided 30fter, however, i think iv seen an OCL one in 30ft- but that may have been on the EMGauge 70s site. Ta for the info James
  6. Heres a little project me and Gibbo have been working on for the last couple of weeks or so. After doing the branding for the blue stripe containers i thought i should be able to sort some transfers for some others. The above is the working doc to get sizes and colours right. The ML red has caused a bit of head scratching but i think iv settled on humbrol 60 for the red and 40 for the grey. Now, does anybody know if there were real 30ft manchester liner and sainsburys scotch beef containers in the flat style as per Hornby? Only pics iv seen are 20fters. Any info greatly received! Ill update progress on these early private containers as i get chance, hopefully soon will have the transfers sorted. If anyone has any pics of early containers please post away. Cheers James
  7. Well after a busy few weeks with work and stuff im back to the workbench. Today saw great progress and actually got some things finished All my current painted containers have now had all transfers applied including home made data panels and red triangles, did 8 boxes today and that was more than enough, cant imagine doing 38 like Gibbo! The caboose is now finished, i brushed a coat of satin varnish this morning and this evening fitted the side bubble windows, these are a ticht push fit after much careful filing, crystal clear was then applied through the back window to keep in place hence the white window. All dried clear so all good. The rest of the windows got the crystal clear treatment. The back window was done last and was a mare to do, lost count of the times i had to re apply as the surface tension was lost. All done now and its ready for its 1st ride on a flat. As i was in the swing of applying transfers i finished off the last 4 TTAs iv been working on and off. Trabsfers on i then brushed a coat of satin on all 10, may need another coat as i thinned it down a lot. All 10 TTAs now available as a train. Even better as most are reversible with either BP or Esso logos its nearly 2 trains for the price of one. No two are quite the same either, looking forward to seeing them trundling round soon. Back to containers, i have 3 30 smooth sided Hornby ones having grey applied, this is the same dove grey as i used for the TTAs- Gibbo apologies i remember you asked me the colour, im sure its humbrol dove grey *Edit its humbrol gloss 40 i think *and its gloss but i forgot to note the number.. These 3 will become at least one Sainsburys Beef or Manchester Liners as homage to the original Hornby ones even though im not sure these styles were ever 30ft flat sided. Im working on producing transfers myself for the sides, scotch beef ones ready for a trial 20ft one which im sending to Gibbo tomorrow. Manchester liners is still pending matching the transfers to a red colour- humbrol 60 looking favourite. An OCL branded side is also in the works so watch this space. The flat containers have had some sheeted loads prepared, the blue sheeted load is 2 old lowmac containers glued together under the sheet, the other loads are a fuel barrel off a large scale RC russian T34 and the other is fan drive out of a Hornby 50. The sheets are made from Tunnocks Caramel wafer wrappers which have been pressed round the loads whit side up and then painted, i think they represent tarps pretty well and are a nice treat with a cup of tea! Next up will be finishing off a couple more blue striped containers and a 10fter and 30fter made from a cut and shut of 2 Hornby 20ft boxes. After that i need some more flat sided 30fters to chop down to 20ft-Perters Spares will be source of them. The flats are ready for transfers and a start will be made imminently, still awaiting wheels but these will be sent for soon i am told. Nearly there! Thanks for looking in James
  8. I did enjoy my Spencer build, even if i did end up skipping the minitrix motor and sourcing a new one, with flywheel! Will keep an eye on progress on the boards, may spur me on to get mine running properly! Cheers James
  9. Will do Jon, not sure when ill get to it but its on the list, feels like the end is in sight with my freightliner foray, thens onto either a deltic detail job or a 74 then maybe narrow gauge time again. First job for them though is sort proper couplings... have you any plans for doing the gas works locos yet? James
  10. It is amazing how big the gas works locos and stock were!
  11. Looking very nice, will be borrowing your ideas for these tanks at somepoint. Top job. James
  12. Brilliant! Thanks Leander, will be ordering some of them for sure. All the best James
  13. Defineatley looks like beer barrels, currently studying the labyrinth of freightliner containers and cargos shows they were quite a common cargo, need to figure out an easy way to model a load of them James
  14. Love the name! Forgot about the chapel exhibition ill see if i can bob down to see you Hugh Janus haha! Id imagine a chassis swap would be feasible but depends on the sound gubbins internally, looks great Colin. Now, i best clear my desk of freightliners and get a blue one done. Cheers James
  15. I never counted them in my hast to apply them haha! I was chopping them up to make new numbers and never twigged! Lesson learned.. Now that is a lot of water coming down, i assume its been raining all night here too, wind has certainly been howling as it woke me up a few times.
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