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  1. Funny that i was just thinking i havnt seen a 142 bouncing about Harrogate forca while
  2. I can imagine! Worth the effort though, only problem now is youll have to build another one!
  3. Looks great, them rivet decals look fantastic when painted. Top job!
  4. Top job, really looks the part, very big and bulky just like the real ones. Think ill re visit mine if/when Barber comes out, get the narrow guage stuff properly finished.
  5. Love the A2, looks to be a fine model, as does the hopper im sure itl look fine with black bogies
  6. Like it Jon! Think ill borrow this idea whenever i re work my hoppers
  7. Like it Jon very ingenious, just remember though once its painted black and trundling about you wont notice it as much, plus its a good cheap repeatable way to represent it Great work though, looking forward to progress on the hoppers, any thoughts on couplings yet? Im looking at doing the later knuckle ones once i get going on the 009 again All the best James
  8. How about the tiny springs in n gauge couplings? Might be about the right size. Next time im at my bench ill size up. Note to self, need more modelling time...
  9. Nice, iv just built a couple of turbots and planning on a load just like the above once i get time. Will be referring back Cheers James
  10. The excellent 'em70's' website has some great details on th mk1 pullmans and their trains: http://www.emgauge70s.co.uk/proto_pullman.html Im sure it will be of interest, some great modelling on there. Cheers James
  11. Looking great, i do like a good teak effect, one day ill delve back in time to the lner days im sure, lovely teak & green engines. Edit, just seen you have also seen the RT models thread, be great to get Barber on the go
  12. BARBER! excellent news!! Looking like the gas works trio will be a quartet soon. Have had an 08 chassis waiting just for this Will keep an eye out. Thanks for the update, sounds to have been most productive time out. Cheers James
  13. Cheers John, quite correct with it being a 40. Love your coaches, one thing i need to do is start tackling brass rather than haching plastic. Looking forward to more updates James
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