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  1. Awesome, cheers Jon, ill have a chat with my old man later and see if theres any reply from George at S Kits, if not ill hold fire on the bogies and wait for Stenson. Ill send a PM later on as iv been ordered to sort the back garden. Speak soon James
  2. Thanks Mike, hows your builds coming on? Ill be taking notes from your end detailing/rebuilds when i get mine. Cheers James
  3. Hi all, got a couple of these on the way to fettle up. @jonhall might be a bit of a long shot but have you any etches still? Also, are the bogie sideframes still current with SKits? (Stenson rigid ones out of stock) Im away from my usual bench so cant check the price list. My Dad has emailed George with an order for some bits so could tag these on. Cheers James
  4. Ah yes i think it was a 2-6-0 as iv the tender knocking around. Wonder why they did different valve gear for the 2 models? Strange. 1mm might make all the difference so worth a try before chopping it all up!
  5. Ahh good old Spencer! Iv just look at one of my pics of the valve gear to see if i could see anything on mine that may help and i think its different to yours: Definitely looks like i have one less link connected to the crank, iv not noticed this before. I dont recall altering it, perhaps my chassis is an older version/simpler version. How interesting! Keep on fettling, im sure youll get it going without gluing it up, would it be possible to move the cylinders/gear forward slightly and fettle up the motion bracket so that the joints sit nearly under it? On mine the end of slidebars look to end just behind the bracket? Cheers James
  6. I think you have hit the nail on the head there Martyn, i definitely appreciate modelling more when im busy, its a good sort of escape from 'normal' life, and as 'normal' life has sort of ground to a halt the escapism factor is lacking. In fact more modelling time has become the norm so the novelty of modelling time isnt there anymore and its become routine, so perhaps feeling less special. Ebay is very much a waiting game at the mo, prices seem to go up and down in cycles. I swear freightliner flats and boxes jumped up in price whilst there were a few of us on here fettling them up, perhaps others had seen the threads and had a go themselves? Anyway, enjoy the long weekend, looking forward to a few beers and a one man bbq later on. Take care and hope this malaise will soon pass. All the best James
  7. Morning Martyn, you definitely aren't alone in this state of malaise it seems to me lot of people are feeling this, the skeleton crew in my office all seem to like this me included. Its probably the underlying sub conscious stress of this weird situation we are all in. Im finding whatever i do im not getting too enthused, work, models etc. Im sure itl pass over, hopefully Sunday may see some relaxing of the rules so we can visit friends and family again. I cant wait to get back to my layout.. As for Ebay, theres still some half decent deals out there but it is getting silly, saw 12 Hornby HAA hoppers go for just shy of 200 quid this week! I dont think they were even the latest tooling....i can remember seeing them at toyfairs for a couple of quid each, should have bought some then! All the best James
  8. Cheers Mike, great song, cheered up a dull day at work!
  9. Now that is a decent spread of units! That Railcar site looks a great resource like the search function. That hybrid N699 set will make a great little model, didnt realise they were still going into 1988. Top work as ever Gibbo, looking forward to seeing more. Now i best get some sleep and stop looking at DMUs, early start for trainspotting in the morning 6am will be a shock to system.... All the best James
  10. Evening Gibbo, as you probably guessed my knowledge of bug crates in their various iterations is extremely lacking! I can pick out some but others are very much of a muchness, i fear if i start on them ill fall into a freightliner type rabbit hole and but i do like your idea of using a mk2 and 110 mashed together. I think only being able to remember riding on pacers/150 variants i switched off to the world of units but as the gaps in the loco collections fill i may have to dive into the blue haze of 1st gen units... Cheers James
  11. Evening all, not a great deal happening on the makeshift bench recently, all completed stuff now up at the layout so i have a solitary ferry van on the go. Tonight has seen it get to the pre primer stage so may get a coat on before work in the morning. Usual work done as per previous post except i have left one axle unit free to pivot slightly as reports from the layout shows the LWB of these vans when the axle units are glued solid dont like shunting through peco med radius points! The other difference with this one is im trying to preserve the 'flying box' logo on the door, hence the green masking tape. Be interesting to see how that pans out! In other news iv been tempted back to world of boxes and flats by my old man who has persuaded me i need to use up the remaining flats so a short twin or tri set may make an appearance on here soon, not sure quite how i feel about that but its something to do! Thats about it for now, time to head to bed as im attempting to be up for 6 am to try catch an engineers train in the morning as it departs Harrogate down to Toton i think. Cheers James
  12. Looking like Vic Berry's yard in the background of the 103 there Gibbo! Lots of good stuff here as ever, looking forward to seeing more on the 100 unit. All the best James
  13. Superb job there Martyn, looks spot on, love the 'gubbins' at the rear with all the hoses etc. What a model. All the best James
  14. So has this now been withdrawn twice and now coming back again, must be some kind of record that! I wonder whos funding this? Cant be cheap to rebuild for mainline running again.
  15. Thanks for the mention Kier, it was thanks to you & @Gibbo675 that sent me down the container route. The ML transfers were drawn up on photoshop and then resized for cut down 20ft Hornby boxes. Not the most accurate nut theyll do, i need to add the grey stripe over the forklift holes still! I also did some for the standard 30ft Hornby ones in tribute to the original Hornby effort, but as you say, highly doubtful ML had 30ft boxes in reality. I also knocked up some OCL ones and Sainsburys Beef artwork to print on transfer paper, i have a few spares if any one is interested and more than happy to send on the artwork. @Darius43 also made up some artwork for the BP Tanktainers which add another level the Hornby originals. Cheers for the mention, looking forward to seeing your group's layouts on the circuit again when we can. Very much the era im drawn to and of a top standard, huge inspiration for me over the last few years. All the best James
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