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  1. Oh no, I can feel more projects looming looking through this thread! I just missed out on a couple of Salmon's on Ebay not long back and iv been kicking myself for missing them.. Top work as ever Darius. Them cranes really do add to the models, good to know they are available. All the best James
  2. Exactly! Roll on that day.. having said that I probably have about 5 or 6 Hornby ones knocking around so I can start going back over them. I suppose a couple can't hurt though if they appear at the right price.
  3. Hi Bob, I can measure up mine I'm just about to chop up for you but here's an excellent pic from another Darius's thread where Bernard has posted a BR leaflet on these. Hope this helps James
  4. I finally got around to making some thanks to your pic Mark, probably not 100% accurate bit will do for me. Cheers James
  5. No probs Martyn, from the pics tonight you can clearly see the improvement from standard Hornby, it looks to sit just right and certainly doesn't look out of place next to the SLW 24. The close up of the cabs buffered illustrates perfectly that little tweaks go a long way. I bet from usual viewing angles/distances a lot of people wouldn't believe its a Hornby one! A comparison will be interesting to see if/when you get another one on the go. James
  6. I thought it may pique your interest with a mention of the early boxes! I'll see what I and my glamorous photoshop assistant can sort out for them and Tartan Arrow boxes. The Cemflo's are sort of progressing, I have 8 all washed and dismantled and I have had a steady stream of stuff arriving ready for destruction and rebuilding. I think ill have to wait till the weekend for sawing as itl make a bit of dust so will have to be done outside, fingers crossed it doesn't rain and it warms up a bit! Cheers James
  7. Interesting idea lowering the body slightly, I think ill try the same on a couple I have as it does look better. Like you say Martyn there is something about the Hornby 25 that does look 'right' and a bit of work really benefits them. I always thought a converted Hornby 25 to 24 looked better than the Bachman one, but the SLW came along and blew our minds! Cheers James
  8. Evening all, bit of an update from the coffee table. A couple of old bashed up 30ft containers gone through the paint shop and now have the transfers applied for my new variants. Probably not 100% correct but the look the part to me. The doors are a bit suspect but I'll hide them on the train. I have had some more arrive at the weekend too so I have enough to do a 30ft Hapag Lloyd and one 20ft as well as 2 more 30ft ACT ones if I fancy it. The latest arrivals had a lovely bath and a scrub to get rid of some god awful paint that was on them. Thankfully the sun was out so it was
  9. Evening, bit of an update from the coffee table paint shop. The green ferryvan is now all but finished, I lettered it up as a ZRX as per the pick on Paul Bartlett's site. I butchered a TOPs panel or two up to get the ZRX code, don't look too closely at the numbers though as I think I'd have lost the will to live sorting them. The other van is awaiting me popping an order in to Railtech once iv made a list of transfers I think ill want/need The flats have now had transfers applied, thankfully I had some left from the previous build. A little bit of weathering to go on these then whee
  10. Yes! My payday next week too so as soon as they are ready I'll be ordering! Looking forward to seeing the test build come together, fingers crossed all goes well RT. All the best James
  11. Productive couple of days on the coffee table, 3 flats and 2 ferry vans going through the paint shops. The flats have had 3 coats of blue each, bit tedious brush painting them as there's so many surfaces to paint but worth it, may take another coat on the tops. The ferryvans are just awaiting another couple of coats of grey on the rooves, I masked over the flying box logos on the doors before a coat of early brown on one and decided to do the other in olive just for something different. Both have had new hand rails added and the door slide box thinned down, the 'bogies' lowered by filing
  12. Evening Jon, good to see you making progress again even if it is a bit one step forward, two back with the floor! Funny how things like that happen. All the best James
  13. Ah no probs, looking forward to seeing them and hope they go on OK. Yellow is a funny old colour, not sure if the yellow lettering will show up well but we shall see. Cheers James
  14. Haha, thought you'd like the Gibbo! Have you had time to try them out yet? Cheers James
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