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  1. Hmm, interesting on the mention of the BRT build being brown, Lima did sell them in plain brown so wonder if that livery wasnt as fictitious as i thought. Ill try get my Dad to go through Modern Railways for 71 to see if theres any news and hopefully pics.
  2. Morning Mike, good theory, pitty them vans are so dirty its nearly impossible to see, im not too sure the whole brown stripe would come off though. Hard to tell with the grot on them though! I have been thinking that maybe the two Ashford batches were introduced in the grey/white livery? Wagons in the 7031-7048 numbers do seem to in the livery of the Lloyds & scottish roundel on the left and shellstar shell logo on the right. The pics from Paul are early 80s so id say the weathering looks about right for 9-10 years in use/neglect. The next Ashford batch of 18 was the BRT b
  3. No probs Rob, there may be some other discrepencies but im no expert, very much in the if it looks right it is right camp with my modelling too. All the best James
  4. Hi Rob, i havnt looked at them in detail but they are too short on the model. Lima made all their CoCo bogies to use the same pancake motor unit (class 52 excepted) so they all have the same wheelbase where on the real things 47s, deltics, 31s etc do have different spacings to each other. From memory 47s have 7ft3 spacing and deltics are 6ft9. Admittedly there isnt much in it but there will be some compression on the models. It doesnt bother me too much as the bogies are great mouldings and look fine to my eyes but for complete accuracy they are not 100% Hope this helps James
  5. Not one but 2 56's in Harrogate today on engineers jobs, great to see some interesting traction and plant. Particularly enjoyed watching the remote control whacker plate thing going over the new ballast bed, right piece of kit! Was a good morning to be out and about, iv missed the smell of burnt/unburnt diesel exhaust. Cheers James
  6. It is a very interesting question if some doored vans did get blue or grey, both images are the same train on the same day back in 84. In the top pic the 3rd van does look grey but the lower image on the other side it certainly looks blue, and i think the colour in the pic is correct as the yard lamp is NE blue. Zooming in on the lower pic it looks like some doors/panels are in grey: This probably raises more questions then it does answers. The pics on Paul's site of the wagons in the plain livery with Scottish & lloyds logo and the shellstar & shell logo are all in pre
  7. Evening all, been working on a couple of curtain sided PWAs for last couple of weeks. I have made up my own transfers for these and have done a few more transfers for UKF/Shellstar branded ones and some others, if anyone wants the artwork just drop me a message, will have some spares too which im happy to send on if you want for cost of postage. Cheers James
  8. So another couple of days pass by and time for a small update again, work has been mad so grabbed 5 mins late on to print some transfers this eve. Should finish my current curtain sides off plus options for another possible one or two if i feel like another PWA at somepoint. Loads of spares so drop me a message if anyone wants some, (only charge for postage) or just the artwork to print your own. My Dad sent me some pics of the 1970 modern railways article i mentioned the other day, alas i still cant make out some of the wording so will have to do without for now. If anyon
  9. Small update tonight as the PWA curtainside projects rumbles on. Last night i made up some wording and boxes for the lettering on the trussing, printed out on paper today and trialled for size as seen below. Slight size reductions needed but quite happy with how they are looking. Unfortunately i couldnt work out some of the lettering is from the pics online. Mike (Enterprisingwestern) kindly sent me a message earlier about some articles in Modern Railways from 1970 so i have my Dad on the case going through the copies he has to send me some info on. Hopefully should have
  10. Thanks Jon, pretty chuffed with how they have come out, the ribs were a bit of a chore and felt very arts and crafts with the tissue paper and pva! Hopefully have the trussing wording done soon to nearly finish them off, just need bogies ordering. Cheers James
  11. No probs Mike, ill leave as both ends for now, if something pops up before i varnish them i can take one end off. Im awaiting a scan of an article from modern railways from my old man so that may have some info. Hopefully a decent close up of some if the wording on the trusses will pop up too, although these do seem to be a bit camera shy. All the best James
  12. Morning Mike, they do have the little triangle brackets and the vertical spindle thing on the ends, bad light in my front room and they are painted blue so dont show up too well on here, very cruel close crop. I have put them on both ends, however, the works picture of one on Pauls site seems to show one end with no mechanism? Cheers James
  13. Well today has been probably the most productive day i have had modelling for a while. The 2 PWA's are just drying/ hardening off after painting the rooves and underframes again just now. I managed not to ruin any of the side decals so all that i need now is the numbers adding and to work up some transfers for the lettering on the underframe trussing. I think i can guess most of it from pics available. Close of today's play pictures: Finally feels like cutting and gluing the 170+ vertical ribs was worth it! I wont be doing any more in a hurry! Hopefully get these finished
  14. Iv been taking advantage of a few quiet hours whilst the rest of my mob are having a lie in. Done some more gloss white on the side of the second PWA in the works and jist taken the plunge and done a full side on the 1st one, all looks good so far although the blue shade has altered somewhat from my tests, probably due to printing on normal paper and i dont think the printer like doing big blocks of blue as the shade varies slightly over the length. However, im pretty pleased and i do like the shade, its not quite like the humbrol blue on the ends but should be able to weather them in. Just of
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