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  1. Cheers Gibbo, the blue looks good to my eyes so will give that a go, my local place said they can do testers for about 7 quid *if i recall rightly* its an Auto Discount shop so perhaps theres one local to you? Will be interesting to see what you go for, wish i had a project on go that needs a rail grey paint but i have spray grey and blue to hand. I did chicken out and got a can of railmatch BR green at Frizinghall for the 48 rather than going down RAL trial and error. Hope you get a new layout knocked up soon, will be quite the spectacle with the stock you are working on. All the best James
  2. When i need a new can of blue/grey im thinking ill be getting some mixed up, will be interested to see your results. I have a note to try 7035,7038, 7047 & 9002 for rail grey and see which is closest.
  3. 'It gets worse' love it haha! I suppose you best get on with the pullmans, them electrics need something trundle about with. Cant beat having a good selection of projects on the go, although i try keep it to just a couple now, life gets in the way too much to churn things out like i used to.
  4. Right then, got a couple of hours on the bench in tonight, didnt get any time at the weekend after chasing a class 40 around on Saturday afternoon followed by the footy and Sunday i had to go to town to buy some birthday presents which sapped all enthusiasm out of me after wandering around shops. The 48 continues, a primer coat was applied to show up any final alterations, thankfully nothing massive needed attention so just a couple of bits of sanding and a pass with a file here and there. The fan grilles were opened out fully as well as the new fans and grilles from Shawplan arrived today. I find painting the body and grilles separate helps to keep the fidelity of the extreme etchings intact, dont wand clogged mesh! Im pretty chuffed with how the rad grilles are looking, much better than in the hotchpotch of colours from previous pics, may convert one of my older 47s to a 3 piece grille now i know its do able... New hand rails were bent up and fitted to the fronts and left to set. Final primer coat tomorrow and then into the paint shop! Other things moving on are the PWAs, i trialled a few browns iv got and i think iv settled on humbrol 166, painting will now proceed and ill knock up some transfers for the UKF logos, may mix it up and do a shell star logo too on one, we shall see, job for a rainy saturday i feel. Iv got a couple of days off this week after tomorrow, bit of a decorating job Thursdsy which should leave friday free, i may go fishing but im thinking of a day modelling might just be in order. More soon all being well. Cheers James
  5. Busy busy busy on your bench Gibbo, great idea on the 25 with the 33 grilles. The Sparky underframe gubbins looks spot on as well. Never seen so many electrics on the go between yours and Darius' stuff. Once again these will be added to my one day list..! All the best James
  6. Great to see 145 back out and about, went up to Kirkby Stephen and just managed to catch the return at Gargrave. I had been told the 40 was running round at Skipton but alas it was duff gen. 145 sounded great belting past. Cheers James
  7. I didnt dare ask.. hope it is...
  8. Love it, really looks the part. Liking the weathered green a lot. In my head Spencer is black but this really looks good. Top work, nice to see an update Jon All the best James
  9. 230! And i thought the grilles on the 48 were too much, top work as ever, although swap tea for beer and things do seem more manageable, well up to a point.. Certainly expansive listening, but cant quite get onboard with that with the plexiglass...
  10. Excellent job on them bogies Gibbo, how many individual pieces make up 1 sideframe!? Patience of a saint!
  11. Evening all, been cracking on with the grilles again tonight and now have all the new verticles in place. After addressing the damage from the knife slip last night i grafted in some new plastic to replace the bottom strip of the rad grilles on the non boiler port side and all looks well. After adding all the fine rods to this side i trimmed the inner end of the cone for the boiler hole and added in a circular bit of plastic i found which was handily the right size. I dont know exactly how deep the boiler vent should be but it looks ok to me, after that was glued in i made a ring of 20thou rod to add the lip on the top also. Heres a few pics of the grilles and roof next to a standard 47 i did a few years back. Finally for tonight i scraped off the handrails and drilled holes for the wire ones ill add, also sanded back the filler in the marker light holes in the indicator panel. Lastly i made a start on drilling and cutting out the radiator fan grilles in preparation for some shawplan ones that i have ordered. Next up will be a fine coat of primer to see how things look in one colour, probably a few bits to tidy but the paint shop is looming i feel, looks terrible at the mo with all the different colours and the shadows dont help! Should get some more done over the weekend, but i think im off class 40 watching up the S&C Saturday, be good to see 345 whistling around again. Cheers James
  12. Thanks very much John, i am pretty chuffed with them so far, got the fiddly thin ones on the other side to do tonight and to assess the knofe slip damage from last night.. The Lima mouldings are really good, the pic really has brought them out but i have just ordered some shawplan ones so theyll be coming out soon. Trying to go to town on this thing, even planning on spund chipping now we have decent chassis for Lima stuff in the works Cheers James
  13. Looks brilliant Darius, amazed at the consitently top work and the speed you do them at, cracking models Cheers James
  14. Cheers Gibbo, its one of them jobs that needs the right frame of mind and a decent bit of time, lacking both at the mo! Getting there though. Been keeping an eye on your and Darius' electrics, they really do look the part, handy tips on the grilles using various blades as well. All the tedium will be worth it im sure... hopefully! Cheers James
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