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  1. Looking good! I really am going to have to purchase another to do a blue one... Just thinking in an alternate reality/my head id pop it into tops class 12 perhaps? Did any real class 12s carry tops numbers? Having a football night so wont be up at me dads for ref materials. Top work! Cheers James
  2. Lovely stuff, excellent detail there on the drums and shafts... i can feel another project looming! NO,NO i must finish what iv got going.....
  3. Nice, will bear that in mind, you going to do a caboose as well? Gibbo kindly did me a set of plans after he made his. I have my own 5 set on the make after being inspired by Gibbo to have a go, however, i also got an S Kits detailing kit to go along with it.
  4. Nice work! Have you used the pack of transfers from Fox for the containers and flats? I have some Railtech ones for the containers but u dont think they have the red triangles like Fox provide. Cheeers James
  5. Last week or perhaps week before?there was a 37 working with a 66 on the RHTT that came through Harrogate, my dad saw it but the next day a 66 was back on when i went to have a look, bit dissapointing!
  6. Getting the body off is easy , i left the glazing in and maskoled it up the windows because i didnt fancy fully dismantaling the body. I think the cab is a different moulding to the bonnets and i didnt fancy probing further so thought masking the windows would be easiest, i couldnt see how the cab/glazing would come away easily as a section. Other ppl may have better info. Still worth investigating for a repaint Cheers James
  7. Do it! Mine was a hattons 50quid special which i thought was a steal last christmas, i think... excellent model all round to me, needs sound fitting though i think
  8. I think the trailing bogie may be a straight swap but im pretty sure the RR power bogies are differently mounted, im sure someone will be along with the answer soon. Im after a RR 31 myself to re engine my silver fox falcon so will be interested to see the mountings etc. Cheers James
  9. Evening all, bit of an update, had Monday off to try and pull a fee bits together but the rain has scuppered any chance of spraying so have got a few things up to the priming stage and the Janus just about ready for varnish after doing the transfers, ill add Yorkshire plates from Narrow Planet to finish off. We chose D2800 as in an alternate reality the North British shunters in that sequence never got ordered and Janus's were ordered when the 02's were also ordered. If i get another one im itching to have a rail blue one now- note to self chevron transfers will be easier to apply if i take the handrails off! My freightliner 5 set is ready for primer after detailing the ends up and adding end ladders from some left over TTA etched ladders, my Dads 4 set is in primer and should be nearly done, however, the couplings Gibbo very kindly sent to me seem to have gone walkies in the post along with another 3 containers i won off ebay... very frustrating. The caboose has had a few coats of rail grey and im dead chuffed with it, next up will be the red stripe. 4 more TTAs now are ready for priming after fitting some A1 roof walks. Lets hope the weather holds for the weekend! Cheers for looking in James
  10. Im guessing it would gave sounded a bit like a dmu but with engines cutting at certain speeds a lot of mechanical noises
  11. Looking good Jon, little touches like that are always worth the effort. Once you know something should be there its really hard to not notice if its not there!
  12. Same could be said for empty freughtliners... not much you can do really. If an idiot decides to try climb on board a moving train, best of luck to them!
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