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  1. Top job Darius. I managed to pull some enthusiasm together this aft to finish painting the bogies for my curtain side ones. I think seeing your progress has given me a boot up the backside to finish mine! Top job as ever, are you keeping your last one in Fisons? All the best James
  2. Glad to see boards and track coming on Gibbo, looks an interesting track layout too. How long till Rocket and Sans Pareil will be doing laps with full freightliner rakes and AC electrics dragging round your Brighton Bell haha?
  3. Nice rake you are making up there Darius, tidy job. Interesting couplings too, might try some out on some if my bits and bobs. As for the brakes, I'm pretty sure they were air braked, but I do wonder about the 1st batch if they had vac and were converted to air after rebuilding or maybe duel braked??. Havnt got much research materials to hand at the mo. Quick check on Bartlett shows air pipes on a BRT built one. Cheers James
  4. Thanks RT, funds are primed so once they are ready I'll be straight on it. They'll take as long as they take, just so glad you have taken the time to make a kit. I never thought I'd be able to make the 'Harrogate gas works quartet' without your efforts so I'm hugely appreciative. Really, really looking forward to Barber being available! Fingers crossed it won't be too long. Again, no rush at all, just really excited with this news! All the best. James
  5. @RThompson as an aside, what sort of time frames do etches & mouldings take? Just curious really so absolutely no pressure. If it ready when it's ready that is fine with me. I have a chassis for Barber in stock so thinking about starting the ebay hunt for one for Masham that's all. Cheers James
  6. Evening RT, that is music to my ears! Will be ordering Barber for sure and may even jump in for Masham. Hope all is well with you? You certainly have just cheered me right up with this update! Thanks @Jon4470 for the heads up. Awaiting release with baited breath. All the best James
  7. Same my end, didn't know the sprung ones had extra bits for mounting, may invest in some sprung ones to re bogie the previous ones iv done. Having said that I don't think ill need sprung ones, seems too fiddly for my bodging! Cheers James
  8. Brill, thanks for the info Darius, may be a little while till I get mine mounted with current restrictions. All the best James
  9. Looking good Darius! I don't think iv touched my last couple since mid December, need to get them mounted on the Stenson bogies. Have you just used nuts bolts and washers on yours? Cheers James
  10. For mine i found Gorrilla glue worked pretty well but then found the 14mm wheels were dragging so used a burr in a deemed to create the extra headroom needed
  11. Cheers for the heads up Gibbo, been a loooong time since I built a presflow so very useful. As for the Mermaids, they could well be as old if not older than me.. no idea when Cambrian started including plastic wheels as per old Dogfish kits I've picked up, so these could be older than me as they have no wheels! That seems really weird to think about now after a few beers!
  12. Yeah iv noticed that on the last few second hand kits iv done but these mermaids are even more brittle than I expected!
  13. Just a bit! The instructions aren't great and it was pretty hard to keep square. Plus the old plastic being brittle meant bits kept breaking when cutting off the sprue such as the head stocks. It was a very 'slow and steady' aproach in the end. 3 to go so ill think ill do them as a slow production line.
  14. Evening all, had the day off today so iv cracked on and finished building the bogies, just ready to prime and paint now. I sat one of the vans on to see how they look and with a few washers nuts and bolts these will get the curtain siders done nicely. The postman also has brought me 4 Cambrian Mermaids from Ebay and a couple of Dapol Presflows so plenty to keep me going. Built a mermaid today, was a bit slow going as the plastic is old and brittle but its come out ok. Wheels are what i had around to check axle boxes etc and will be changed but apart from that i thinl its
  15. Progress at last! The bearings i ordered a couple of weeks back finally dropped through my door yesterday so last night i built up one of the Stenson Fast Freight bogies for the curtain siders Very impressed with these and how easy they are to build once i found the instructions id 'put safe'. Wheels are 10.5mm eurostar wheels i got from Peters Spares a few weeks ago. Only managed one last night, i think the remaining 3 will fall together tonight now i know what im doing with them Apart from that, very little has been happening on the modelling front. Just hope our Tier
  16. Excellent as ever, highlight of my weekends at the mo are these updates! Thanks for posting. James
  17. We get a few crank letters in the Harrogate advertiser, one a few months back did the rounds on social media of a bloke writing in after doing a one man survey of how people are dressed in this day and age: https://www.harrogateadvertiser.co.uk/news/opinion/letters/letter-time-smarten-our-town-2991188 Previous to that there was another letter some years ago from someone claiming to be from the posh end if town complaining about aeroplanes flying over his house and he thought the single engined ones were a danger to all and sundry. Mostly its usually just people moaning about t
  18. Cheers 4630, top info, it really is educational to see how these things are diagrammed, 302 has certainly put a shift in in the last 36 hours or so. Great to see how nearly 40 year old traction still earns its keep. All the best James
  19. Nice pic, 302 putting the miles in, it came through Harrogate again just after midnight on Saturday on another engineers working to Knaresborough.
  20. I thought that too until I found a pic of one backing a freight into Harrogate goods yard, been thinking one for a while then saw a black Friday deal on amazon for one for 95 quid n snapped it up, only just realised its got the wrong tender but hey ho! Cheers James
  21. How spooky, just leafing through my Dads Xmas present (first generation Scottish diesels in colour) p92 has a pic of D2755 a NB 040 DH, pretty sure its one of them in the above pic. Seem to have been withdrawn mostly in 67 & 68 so would assume its trip on the S&C is for scrap
  22. Not sure its an 02, bonnet ends seem a bit wide, possibly a North British design?
  23. You can't beat a good junk box rummage! I really do miss the toy fairs, although latterly they had gone a bit stale on Yorkshire circuit, you'd see the same stuff being carted around time after time. I think its a bit of a vicious circle, inflated online prices=inflated toy fair prices which then leads to higher online prices! This year online has been a bit crazy, seen some mind boggling prices, but yet have turned up the odd decent deal just from keeping a patient eye out, so can't chunter too much. In the main though I do feel like prices are getting a bit out of reach for me f
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