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  1. Cheers Rodent, yeah it's an interesting thing and a shame more wernt made but it was a bit complex by look of things. If you can turf up a copy of the prototypes issue of modern locomotives illustrated that has a good bit of detail on it, I think my potted history mostly came from there and a couple of other bits I'd found. Itl be interesting to see how the KR Models version compares, I havnt got my name down for one but if I see one going cheap I'll snap one up. I think they are doing green and blue liveried ones too. All the best James
  2. Cheers Martyn, looks like other half is on the mend, I was told to pick up a bottle of wine for her on the way home from work this evening amazing turn around from the deathbed she made out she was on this morning.... hopefully back at the bench next week for me. All part of the game like they is the research, only thing is you can never have too much research material as that elusive pic may just be in the next book haha! Looking forward to seeing them all progress, whatever your research chucks up. I need to clear my summer hoarding backlog of wagon kits and projects and get back to the big blue engines again... just need more hours in the weeks!
  3. Cheers Martyn, yeah very much a rarity but I just have to have one for the cemflo's. Unfortunately my household apart from me have this horrible cold going round so I can't bob to the bench in case I pass it, frustrating but hey ho. Loving you Hornby 24/25 production line, really impressive stuff going on. All the best James
  4. Cheers Gibbo, evening @rodent279, ask away although iv probably forgotten quite a bit since I built it! As much background as I could gather went into the build thread and it got published in Traction Modelling a few years back with some extra pics. Never thought anyone would do one RTR so thought I'd give it a go. Drop me a line if you want any drawings. Cheers James
  5. I was over at the East Lancs gala last week, glad to see 345 back and looking immaculate. Couple of snaps:
  6. No probs, if you get things squared up and happy with the model I'd love to see a pic if you fancy posting it? Cheers James
  7. you scroll through to page 4 there is a good in progress scrapping pic, should show you where things are inside. Cheers James
  8. Cheers Chris, it seems to have fallen together pretty easily so far, famous last words... Cheers James
  9. Morning all, iv got a couple of days off work so was up at the desk yesterday for a few hours, the TEA wagons are coming on, just going through sanding and filling. Hopefully I'll get the roofwalks on soon then need to knock up some transfers. Another project got a bit further yesterday, too. When I ordered the cemflo transfers I also got a sheet for the APCM box vans so I have been collecting bits and pieces up to make one. The body is a parkside vanwide body side extended and parkside palvan ends mounted on a plasticard floor. The sole bars are plastruct I beam left over from the cemflos and the axleboxes are filed down Hornby ferryvan units. Buffers are from Lanarkshire models and mighty fine they are too. It all fell together pretty easily so only took a pic as I was leaving to go to the pub, I'll be adding an approximation of the brake gear and adding the body side strapping next time I'm up there. I think with all the bits and pieces bought and used on this wagon it may be the single most expensive wagon I have haha! Heading out to East Lancs diesel gala today, really looking forward to it. Cheers James
  10. Great stuff, it's on my radar to check so saves me a job! Ta for heads up, looking forward to going. Cheers James
  11. Normally the main ones for me are: Pontefract Doncaster York Leeds Wakefield DEMU Plus we normally end up at some others within striking distance, such as Preston or Newcastle, or if one is near a preserved line to combine the two, especially if it co incides with a diesel running day. Pre covid, we also did a fair few toy fairs too mixed in with the exhibitions but I found these were going down hill a bit and you'd see the same stuff from the same sellers wherever you went! I don't think I have checked to see if any mention of the Leeds or Wakefield exhibitions are on as yet but I'd like to attend one before the end of the year. I think a lot of it will be wait and see like Apollo says. Cheers James
  12. Well its been a busy few months since the last update but unfortunately I have managed very little proper modelling with the house move, decorating, football and other things getting in the way. The Chemflos are running round they layout nicely, still needing their brake wheels though.. I have been buying up some bits and pieces as I have seen things come up on Ebay so have a fair few projects in mind to get cracking with now the nights are drawing in. Today saw the start of detailing up a rake of 6 Hornby TEA wagons, I knocked up 2 pairs of the excellent Stenson Models ESC1 bogies whilst my Dad was fettling up the bogie pivot mounts and filling up the holes left after the removal of the Hornby roof walk. I have recently had delivered some new walk ways and ladders by SKITS so have enough bits to get 3 of the 6 done. As well as the TEA'S I built up quite a collection of Cambriam kits over the summer too, so to help get back into the swing of things iv built up a couple of mermaids and catfish. Lots more to come hopefully if time allows, sorry for rubbish pics I just snapped a couple as I was heading off for tea. Cheers James
  13. Here's my 48, blue backed TOPS panels as part of a custom set from Railtec. I modelled 1704 based on a pic from a Strathwood book which I think shows a blue panel. (Pretty sure all TOPS panels were blue back then) I am tempted to do a blue one. Cheers James
  14. Brilliant, thanks for that, one for a future project as the nights draw in. All the best James
  15. Right, I think I best get some for my freightliner train then!
  16. Great pic, Bell Line containers always reminds me of being on holiday in Ireland and watching container trains around Waterford in the early 90s, lots of Bell Lines. Didn't realise they were around in the 70s in that livery.
  17. I'm sure I read somewhere that there are 16LVA24's at some French power stations for stand by generators or something along them lines.
  18. That looks fantastic Darius, top work as ever. All the best James
  19. Indeed it is, i got carried away seeing a real one and put 40ft as Monteyburns had described, duly edited now! Cheers James
  20. Interesting, I'm no expert in them at all but have always liked the old Hornby coaches as a model. Would the narrow brake sections just have been a cost saving measure when building the real ones? Surely it couldn't have saved much? Certainly learned something new today. Top work on your models Captain! All the best James
  21. Very nice Darius, need to clear the backlog of various projects and house painting and get a one done myself. Are you doing a bullion van to go with it? Cheers James
  22. Ties in nicely with the mention earlier that that the blue stripes boxes were used on bonded traffic to ports etc
  23. Ah so they did exist in 40ft, great pic. Hornby were bang on Edit, 30ft... I should know well enough having done a fair few!
  24. Yeah not bad thanks Martyn, just suffering from a lack of modelling time, hopefully I'll be getting stuck into a few projects again soon. I'll echo that sentiment on the paint, got a pile of old mk1s I picked up recently ready for a chopping around so I'm thinking I'll try it on them with a RAL grey, iv got a note of it somewhere. Looking forward to seeing the 25s move on and into the paintshops All the best James
  25. Watching with interest on the 5020 RAL, iv got an order lined up for when I get something to painting stage. Top work as ever Matyn, proper modelling. All the best James
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