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  1. Genesis kits used to produce a pair of pewter cabs which marry easily to an early Hornby Hst body ( bein correct as it has the rear driving cab), although the bogies were awful, and Lima’s more accurate.... the only downside for you is that I think the chap who ran genesis kits retired , someone on the forum may know the current state of play... and of course i might be wrong and apologies if so.
  2. A duette will be fine for an airfix 31 or x 2 , but saving for a guagemaster is the best call, also if you have the power bogie out lubricate the bearings around the armature as most previous owners don’t, hence why some are sluggish and noisy...and second hand stalls are awash with them for that reason. you do also need to keep an eye out for missing or hardened traction tyres...that aside it’s a great loco to kickoff detailing, even if only to flush glaze (south eastern finecast) which improves the face 100 %, a And to plate over the boiler steps.the humbrol br blue is an exact match for the airfix blue ref rc 411.
  3. Is the moral of the story buy Lima !!! , there was not a great deal they got wrong liverywise!
  4. Have you thought about the Hornby pack x9284? , it's for the class 50 but could be considered,peters spares has a stash of them.
  5. Maybe a bit late on this, but have you considered a pair of the power bogies from the early triang 31/37's, I have an MTK peak and class 25 where the builders both filed down the sides of the bogies and then glued the white metal castings ,and used the MTK mounting bracket with insulating pads. the result looks good and has plenty of traction.
  6. Produced by modern locos crowd and edited by Colin marsden, contains a good broad collection of photographs across a wide sphere of d&e subjects, with some unusual items, so fortunately not a rerun of many pics from Mali. A good modelling guide
  7. You generally can't go too wrong buying 2nd hand, do some research as to what is a reasonable price via retailers, toy fairs, and be prepared to service a loco when you buy it, even if it is only to Clean the wheels and lubricate. i have found that probably 9 times out 10 scant preparation has been given to maintainence prior to sticking something up for sale.
  8. Looks great, the weathering tops it off.
  9. Congratulations on the success of your business, its such an inspiration to us all as what can be achieved, and the quality of your work fills such an important gap for us without the skills.. or time!
  10. How about an analogue version with out all the useless sound gimmicks!!.. and no track or controller!.
  11. I seem to recall that the first issue was subject to a chassis recall, which Heljan rectified exceptionally quickly. , as the issue I tbink rendered the loco inoperable in one way or another.
  12. Hi , if you don't have a really sharp edge , a pair of nail scissors will suffice...assuming you are allowed to borrow them !!
  13. Hopefully not being rude, but I would first think about the need for a large suitcase, if you can live with a small carry on case you will save loads of time!!
  14. The sample looks a good improvement on the previous offering , I wonder if Ben aka Heljan can be persuaded to over produce the pantographs so allow us to replace previous offerings!
  15. I have a wrenn & dublo class 20. , and wish to run them together, however they currently run off in different directions, the dublo one has semi traction tyres on both wheels at one end of the power bogie , the wrenn one has them side by side. is there a simple solution? Or would it require some re routing of wiring ? I am also consious that I may need to replace the couplings with something plastic to avoid any shorting.
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