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  1. Great memories, the upsiding at Chelmsford was always the home for a 7.45 stater in the early 1980’s, and I think the loop at boreham was used On occasions. When Stratford started the silver roof lark it would be quite an occasion to see a normal visiting 47! And of course the icing was probably in the very late 80’s when a scotrail47 worked a freightliner forwards the capital. ’
  2. If it sells well enough why don’t they expand to coaching stock etc... could run for years
  3. For me part of the trick is the glazings as even with rtr models the face can look wrong without flush glazing, it always seems to go without saying that Mtk glazing can be consigned to the bin. I am getting to grips with the liquid products .... just takes loads of practice. I generally use thin Perspex sheet and file with nail files from boots, the sheet doesn’t burr unlike some products and can be a nice tight fit, .. just takes about 20 mins per window, and takes paint well such as on cab side windows. I have experimented also for the latter with cutting an insert and
  4. A couple of class 33’s in progress, certainly one the best MTK offerings.
  5. Looks good, and on a side note, did dc kits produce a resin and white metal /brass model of the 84 ? I ask as I have one of the latter.
  6. Used Lendens for the first time, having come across them from a forum post, excellent service and very keen prices especially for Hornby spares such as power bogies, great family business full credit to Rob on his communication and stock check before placing an order.
  7. 47164

    Hornby RTC Stock

    Amazing, in this day and age it should be easier to get colours correct, if a guy in a transit van can mix the correct colour for your car on your drive ,It beats me why the manufacturers and the Chinese can make such a dogs dinner of liveries. Surely with correct research the original colour codes ought to be available.
  8. I guess numbers will vary so much depending on the local demographics , people working from home etc. I travelled from Chelmsford to Canary Wharf A couple of times mid week Off peak , last week, I was slightly shocked how few people were travelling. In general face mask wearing was the norm with the odd exception, with plenty of staff on the overground the message was getting across really well visually, the jubilee line was generally well observed given how few staff were about, and the DLR not quite so good , only one notice on each platform and none on the trains... more about distancing,
  9. Many thanks I will have a look
  10. Hi does anyone know if this company is still in business .? I ask as I am after a non pancake compact and low sitting power bogie with 00 guage class 47 wheel spacing dimensions, and they look as if they do/ did a co-co unit that would fit the bill.
  11. And then they do the Floyd livery... that’s got to be the ultimate white elephant... assuming they don’t have. a change of heart or there is a massive east European market hiding.
  12. Latest project finished, MTK 40 , this was the basket case some of you may have seen being on sale last year by a south York’s retailer for stupid money... I just kept watching it until they saw sense. Sits on a mainline 45 chassis so is a tight fit, but runs beautifully. Now dressed as 40012 one of the Crewe infrastructure locos using railtecs excellent transfers
  13. Krystal klear is. Another similar product to glue and glaze,I have found it’s a little better in the glaze not being so opaque.... the application is as others have said all down to practice and patience.
  14. Hi Andy, just looked at mine and measured , the wheel size , bogie axle spacing are all the same on the kestrel, lion and 47, ....so common rail production as you could say, and therefore no drive shaft differences.
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