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  1. I think that we've perhaps been here before... maybe once, or twice, or...
  2. And a superb book it is too - certainly helped me 'wise up' a bit on signalling. Best Al
  3. That's my deliberation too Chris. The GBRf orange numbers need to be a good match, so I'm not sure who's will be the better option... Al
  4. True, in which case it sounds as though some people on this thread are in the wrong place and instead should perhaps be looking at the Hornby 47, already in stores at around £70? Problem solved? To elaborate: Hornby Class 47 - tooling dating back to the 1970s (or maybe even earlier), cheap 'n' cheerful, no features = retail price £72 Heljan Class 47 - new 2020/21 tooling, significantly more features/detail = it ain't gonna be £72 Straightforward really - quantum mechanics, this is not... Best Al
  5. I'm in a similar camp - whether the price is £200 or £50 is partly academic at this point - the main thing is getting the shape right, so too with the Class 45, 25 etc... Time will tell...
  6. Agreed. Whilst I'm no expert on patent law, what I do know is that you have to have something pretty damned unique to justify protection. At the end of the day these are wheels, mounted on axles, rotating within a bogie frame. The only thing even remotely 'different' from a standard loco axle is the fact that the axle rod is longer - hardly a design 'revolution' I wouldn't have estimated? Not to mention that several US model manufacturers seem to produce models featuring rotating axle-boxes based upon a similar/same design... Al
  7. Absolutely no disrespect to yourself or little 'uns, and I know that times have changed massively, but at the tender age of 10 I remember 'wanting', as my first diesel/electric model, a Hornby APT for Christmas. However, I most vividly recall receiving one of these beauties in my stocking... "But it's not an APT, Dad...". The response, "It's blue, isn't it? Like it, or lump it, kid!". Of course, by 10 years of age I knew my Dad well enough to know that there was no point complaining and that it was better for me to display gratitude - even thoug
  8. Not really. The clue was in my original post, ie. profit - which I've always understood to be the final figure remaining following the deduction of all costs. I'd agree though with the latter point re UK markets etc. Best Al
  9. Ditto, I couldn't agree more. I wouldn't particularly favour one manufacturer above another either, because as you say it's the quality/accuracy of the model and whether I consider it something I either 'need' or 'want' that are the deciding factors.
  10. Exactly. It's all about perception: Loco "A" with a run of 300 units, profit £10 per unit sold, flies off the shelves in 2 days flat = Perceived roaring success Loco "B" with a run of 3000 units, profit of £30 per unit sold, takes 3 years to sell out, with perhaps the last handful 'reduced to clear' = creates image of 'hanging around on shelves' + reduced price = "Ooooh, it must be a failure..." Neither of the above totally fictitious examples could be regarded as a 'failure', but it does show that things might not always be what they seem...
  11. I'm glad someone else has highlighted the above and I have to totally agree on both points. The RAILS website has been truly awful since its 'upgrade' IMHO, it doesn't seem to matter what you search for, or how you search, you either generate "0 results", or potentially several thousand items yet still no sign of the product that you are actually looking for. As you correctly highlight, searching for "Class 89" reveals in excess of 1900 results, with no actual Class 89 in sight: Your option then is to either wade through 80 pages of non-relevant stock,
  12. Hahaaaa, I was incredibly tempted by that one too... It looks as though you've made a really nice loco out of it. Al
  13. Firstly, I'm really excited by this announcement and wish you the very best of luck with the project. Secondly, a question regarding the lighting specification, in that as these locomotives more often than not operate in pairs, and equally often as top-and-tail, will the red tail lights be operational at the rear end only of the locomotive? thanks Al
  14. Apologies in advance if I read any of the above incorrectly [it's late in the evening]... but I'm not so sure about this if pre-ordering what are deemed to become 'standard range' items? At the end of the day any order - pre-order or otherwise - is categorized as distance selling, whereby as such any customer has the right to pre-order/order, pay for, receive the goods and still has the right to return for a full refund if they are either dissatisfied or simply have a whimsical change of heart. I cannot really fathom how cancelling prior to despatch could justify a potential claim on the par
  15. Thinking aloud here as I don't own any Bachmann 45s, but how many of the wheels are pickup wheels, is it fair to assume it's only the centre two axles? If so that can't be helping matters. I know that some of the early Bachmann 66s were 4 wheel pickup only. I added additional pickups to the remaining axles and running improved somewhat. Maybe it's possible to add additional pickups where possible? Al
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