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  1. Looking forward to seeing this develop. Your original handbuilt trackwork looks really good, can you not use it? Cheers, Dave.
  2. Sorry, being ultra-pedantic here, I'm sure the location is Exeter St Davids, with 30581 coming down the bank from Central. There's too much track for Cowley Bridge, there's a GW loco left background in South Devon Sidings, and the shadow from the West Signalbox on the right.
  3. DLT

    Coombe Town

    Very nice indeed, not sure what else to say! Cheers, Dave.
  4. The Gibson frames are just that; a pair of frames. They are not a kit as such, but can be supplied with axle holes or slots If its a kit you want then the Branchlines one mentioned earlier would be a good bet. Let us know how you get on! Cheers, Dave.
  5. Apologies if you've already done this, but have you tried adding extra weight? Older rtr could be notoriously lightweight, adversely affecting its pickup ability. A lump of lead or two over the wheels can give an enormous improvement in running. Cheers, Dave.
  6. Having see what you have created Ian, I could never call you hamfisted! My original question was prompted by remembering remarks by a magazine photographer many years ago. He went to peoples homes to photograph layouts for publication, and when he asked if he could see it running, on several occasions was told that it didn't work
  7. Quite so Don. I also wonder, looking at some of these older big home-based layouts, just how well they worked.
  8. Finished!!! At long last... Not sure what else to say really.
  9. There is a whole thread on Falcon Brass here: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/134140-falcon-brassworks-a-warning/page/12/ You are right, there were a lot of kits all etched together on a large sheet, they weren't done individually. Even back then they had something of a "reputation" I remember one of Iain Rice's early Modelling Weekends in Chagford, when he tried to persuade one participant (unsuccessfully) NOT to bring a Jidenco kit. Cheers, Dave.
  10. I don't know the operating practice on the line, but I doubt if the Helston branch had a particularly intensive service. Therefore I'm assuming that goods shunting on the mainline would not obstruct any passenger service and there was no need to separate it by providing a headshunt. We need to remember that in terms of train movement, a station such as this would see fairly short periods of operation, followed by a long time with nothing happening. Hope this helps, Dave.
  11. Thanks Bryan, All a bit fiddly, but if you use a high melt solder on the first bits, then lower melt on the next bits you can do it. Alternatively, using low melt on the whole thing means you can hold it together with fingers and get in and out with the iron quickly. For those injectors, I left the wires quite long so that I could hold them further away when soldering, and cut them to length afterwards. The D15s (and the L12s) had a different pattern of injector, mounted below the cab: The model looked a bit bare without them, so I've rigged up something th
  12. Quite so, looks fantastic to me, far better than I could do!
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