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  1. Err, good question, you’ve got me there, I’ve no idea!
  2. Getting started on the next job, another Maunsell Z-Class 0-8-0, from the excellent DMR kit. I probably won't do a blow-by-blow account with this one, (famous last words) as it will be much the same as the Z I built some years ago, and detailed earlier on this thread starting here: Z-Class, DMR Kit Instead I will do some general progress reports and photos, and detail anything that I do differently. I've ordered one of Highlevel's new 1320 coreless motors, and a Loadhauler-Plus gearbox. Cheers, Dave.
  3. In original as-built condition, the smokebox door was in the centre. With these locos having parallel boilers and consequently massive smokeboxes, I'm assuming the door was a bit high for easy access and working. Certainly all the photos I've seen of these locos in SR & BR days, show the smokebox door in the lower position. And this gives the smokebox an even more massive appearance! Cheers, Dave.
  4. Hi Keith, You are right, the motion bracket is too far forward. This is discussed on page 63 of my Workbench topic here: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/2359-dlts-sr-locos-urie-h15-chonker-pdk-kit/page/63/ Its an issue with the kit, but we decided to live with it as everything fits together well, and changing it would cause a lot of other issues. All the best, Dave.
  5. Here is my eventual model of 483, from the original 1914 batch As detailed on my Workbench topic. Dave.
  6. Thanks Richard, quite a fleet! It took me a while to get my head around the variations, especially that some of the later locos had lower numbers as they were rebuilds. I was helped greatly by several RMweb-ers, especially Guest Belgian, who goes into far more detail on this thread: Urie H15 Chonker Cheers, Dave.
  7. The H15s were quite a varied bunch! First you had the 10 built in 1914 (482-491) with parallel boilers, massive smokeboxes, and stepped running plates. As there was no spare boiler, 491 was later fitted with a King Arthur type taper boiler, to create a spare boiler to swap around the others. 335 (1914) was a one-off, a rebuild of Drmmonds single E14 design. It was outwardly similar to the first batch, but had a slightly longer coupled wheelbase, and that massive Drummond tender. 330-334 (1924) were "Rebuilds" of Drummonds F13 class. They had the massive parallel boiler/smokebox, but straight running plate. (and Drummond tenders?) 473-478, & 521-524 (1924) were new-builds, with taper boiler and straight running plates. Appearance wise, they could be confused with S15/N15s. I think that covers it! Cheers, Dave,
  8. All drawings from that era should be taken "with a pinch of salt"! I understand that some of the Roche drawings can be a bit of a hybrid of variations. Ironically, research is far easier nowadays. A good internet search can turn up loads of excellent photos, and you can gauge many proportions from the photos. Together with the stated dimensions in Russell, you are well away. Its then that you realise some older kits were designed from drawings that were inaccurate to begin with! Cheers, Dave.
  9. I have a hankering to build some more 4-4-0s. I reckon the PDK wide-cab T9 kit would be a good starting point for an L12, and the narrow-cab T9 could be shortened to make a C8. Cheers, Dave.
  10. Hi Jack, The proportions of the DJH 0395 kit look wrong to me, in the relationship between boiler and cab. At first I thought the boiler was too low, but I now reckon the cab is a bit too tall. The curve of the cutout should tighten in radius towards the top, and the effect is compounded by the thickness of the whitemetal roof. Regarding the dome, Adams domes tended to be huge, but size did vary quite a bit. A trawl of internet photos shows this, so your dome is OK for one of the smaller examples. I wanted to bid for one of these kits on Ebay a while ago, but it eventually went for a very silly figure, WAY more that I was prepared to pay! The Russell book is an excellent work of reference for the Southern modeller, and most of the drawings include quoted dimensions. However that doesn't mean that they are totally accurate as drawn, take care when copying them. All the best, Dave.
  11. And finally, a quick vid of it running on my workbench test track. I promise I'll shut-up about it now!
  12. As this is one of my favourite kitbuilds, please excuse my indulgence in putting up some more photos before it is dispatched to it's new "home shed". I've definitely run out of things to stick on now, its got a whistle, front screw-link coupling, lead sheet lining the boiler etc.
  13. I visited in the early 1980s, and my memory tells me (vaguely) that there weren't any buffers. The track ended at the end the cutting, itself forming quite an efficient buffer stop. I think Tim was standing on the bank to take this photo. Cheers, Dave.
  14. Here's a quick video to prove that it's all together and working. And if you're wondering why the scenery looks a bit overscale, its running on my 7mm narrow gauge layout.
  15. Marvelous work on this topic Mike, very impressive. One quick question: Just how many locos have you got on the go at any one time? All the best, Dave.
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