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  1. Painting is done with a Halfords matt-black spraycan, and the finish matches the 00-Works tender very well. The varnishing on the transfers looks really prominent in the photos, but this is the result of the close spotlighting for the photography. It's not visible in "real life". Honest!
  2. Here's a selection of hurriedly done photos. The loco is pretty much finished, although looking at these pictures I have spotted a few areas that need remedial attention. A general impression of cab interior and boiler backhead has been fabricated. Nobody seems to produce a decent Drummond backhead as an accessory.
  3. Interesting thread. I may have to build a 3-way/interlaced turnout myself.
  4. I can't take any credit for that, they were drilled by Mr.Markit. Don't ask me how though...!
  5. The current state of the front end. Clamping dogs added to teh smokebox door, Markits buffers, cast brass vacuum pipe from Branchlines, footplate lamp-irons from etch waste. Still to be added, smokebox lamp-irons, and dart.
  6. We are long overdue an update on this project, so here goes. Firstly the resurrected chassis, still looking tatty but working well. Lead weights added, but still room for more. The rear of the motor is held by the wires from the pickup plate to the motor terminals, the motor isn't touching the lead weight. The rear end showing the new tender drawbar. It looks a bit thin, but it needs to have a small amount of flexibility, as the tender rests on it, helping to hold it down. The heights are carefully matched so that while the tender helps hold the rear end of the lo
  7. Just in case anyone is unaware, The Thorncombe Rail Activities Club, organisers of The Thorncombe Show, has sadly taken the decision to cease their activities. There is a statement and explanation on their website here: https://sites.google.com/site/traclubsite/Home Dave.T
  8. I've only ever done red brick, but my method is as follows. I start by brushing/rubbing cement colour into the mortar courses, and then gradually build up the brick colour by dry-brushing with appropriate colours or mix of colours. That way you can see it developing, and stop when you think it looks right. If you overdo it, you can always dry brush with a more faded mix to compensate. Sorry, I can't advise on what actual colours to use. Cheers, Dave.
  9. I refer you to the message I posted a few days ago!
  10. In which case, I raise the question of why you NEED dccc?
  11. I vaguely remember going to exhibitions, was it in a previous lifetime?
  12. Presumably thats the Brickworks Siding in the foreground? The change of gradient is very noticeable, or is that an optical illusion? Cheers, Dave.
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