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  1. if he's from the Shropshire he may just be about to "put a pig upon a wall to watch the band go by"
  2. they look quite good, the blue circle tanks are especially fine looking. think i would be tempted if i were to use them to paint the shanks and hook tips, to look like a dotted or solid line though, as the wagons now look like they are drawn along by magic.... "there is just no pleasing some people, is there!!!!"
  3. Here is a really nice solution to the computer controller turntable http://blog.proto-pic.co.uk/2013/11/22/the-rolls-royce-of-arduino-controlled-model-railway-turntable-controller/ apart from buying components from these guys regularly, i have no connection to them. though i not sure what the originating poster wants, is it a turntable or a fiddle yard that rotate ie a sector plate?
  4. in the event you park a wagon with metal tyres directly on the air-gaps and bridge both, asssuming of course they are dead opposite on another, you may want to consider staggering the air-gaps a bit. But after all it's your layout, you do it as you feel is correct.
  5. ok, thank for that. I might have have a go at making something similar to replace the Peco ones. I guess if you had to make the beams isolated there is always ultra thin double sided copper clad board that could be used between the beam and the uprights.
  6. Stuart how are the beams fixed to the uprights? Just wondering how your going to avoid short circuits if they are soldered on? Nice looking buffers, better than the normal peco ones I've got on my N layout.
  7. Gah, Gloucestershire, guess thats another reason to buy one. Wonder if some one will prove it with a picture?
  8. Looking at the komatsu's chassis has got me wondering how hard would it be to use that for producing a Coles Argus yard crane?
  9. I expect he can, but can I interest you in a home loan to finance the purchase of it if its made in one lump ????
  10. Ah Autodesk is now channelling the Fritzing model then...
  11. Hmm, there was all that drama over the loss of vacuum in the middle of the job.... But strangely they managed to shift the sheded loco without waiting, perhaps that's why it wouldn't stop.... Should be grateful they used the 40's little brother, at least and it was green with syp's, Would it have hurt to have lost the headlight for a day or two, bit of yellow tape over the hole?! Unscrewing the bulb in the ground signal too.... if it was that simple why bother with the glove....... TV, brings out the rivet counters in all of us i gues...
  12. Dont fancy any of these choices to be honest.
  13. Thanks for the info, the books out of print apparently, tho amazon has a used one on sale for £53. Have found a a German forum site with a very busy line drawing I should be able to work from, its a few years old, the guy was making a 1:25 ultra detailed set. It just stopped being update mid engine build, which was a shame. Google auto translate is a big help, but some of the stuff it comes out with makes me laugh as that cant be the original meaning in the native language.
  14. Hi, I've got a thread running in the 3d prints section about this already. But do any of you the German modelling fraternity know if there is a static model in either 1:148 or 1:144 in existence, yes i know a working model exists in 1:160. Failing that can one of you point me a place i can find a decent set of drawing to work from so i can have a bash at making my own. Cheers Andy
  15. Hi 3D peeps, has anyone come across a BR V188-001 German Loco on any of the 3D printer sites, 1:148 or 1:144 ideally though i guess 1:160 is more likely? If not i'll guess i'll have to have to get on and have a stab it from photo's i've amassed, once i can find a key dimension to scale the rest from. I know there is a ready to run available but I'd rather not pay £100+ for what's going to end up as a static model in a railway gun diorama. Perhaps this question might be better posed in the Continental section?
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