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  1. …. and be careful its infectious, once you get back home, you might get hooked on building something in the garden to remind you of your holiday...... As mentioned above Wernigerode is the place to be based, its a fantastic town. Keith
  2. Royal Mail delivered mine this morning, fantastic models, the amount of printed detail is fantastic. First thing I did, though, was to whip off the couplings and fit Roco close couplings just as I did with the HUO hoppers. Now buffer to buffer running. Only DRS loco available to hand was the DRS Cl.57: One thing that did worry me was that when I picked up the outer box there was a lot of rattling and upon opening the box there were three loose Accurascale boxes and a very short length of scrunched-up paper that was allowing the individual boxes to jump around during transit: Luckily no damage was done to the contents but (like Modellbahnshop-Lippe in Germany do when they send me packages) I think the use of more scrunched-up paper to stop the contents jumping around in the outer box should be considered. Realise that the Accurascale packing is great and certainly keeps the contents safe and sound but my feeling is that a little bit more scrunched-up paper surrounding the contents would be a worthwhile investment. Just waiting now for my CPL containers to arrive from Rails. Keith
  3. Presume this is the extra two coaches to go with the loco pack announced last year commemorating the naming of one of the units at the Ramsgate depot open day. Keith
  4. Just checked the Royal Mail tracking, mine reached the Medway Mail Centre at 05.44am this morning and will now be sent to my local delivery office..... Getting closer . Keith
  5. Got my email this afternoon ……… but I did pre-order mine on the day they were announced..... and my surname starts with a "B" Double whammy there Keith
  6. Better start making my 80th Birthday present list if the blue box team do announce it...…… Please Hornby, do something earlier..... Keith
  7. Hi Ixion, There is a "Sound Fitted Information" sheet: Hope that helps, Keith
  8. Although not connected its interesting that the timing of this incident is very similar to the landslip that occurred just outside Dover on the mainline towards Folkestone back in December 2015. Some people thought that the line would be closed for good due to the geological features between Dover and Folkestone but Network Rail got stuck into it and nine months later (three months earlier than expected) the line was reopened. Keith
  9. As I mentioned in the Bachmann 2020 thread on December 14th ….. but not sussed out how to link that message in this message. Keith
  10. Just received my latest copy of the "Bachmann Times" in which there is an announcement regarding the Bachmann New Product Showcase which has traditionally been a trade-only event. In 2020 Bachmann are giving us the opportunity to attend these events starting with the Midlands event which is to be held on Wednesday 5th February not far from the Barwell HQ. No details of any other of these events is given. You, of course, have to be a member of the Bachmann Collectors Club to attend these events. Keith
  11. There's a picture of Departmental No.39 on the latest newsletter from Kernow Model Rail Centre. Ordered a sound-fitted version myself (which Dapol tell me won't be with me until the New Year) as No.39 was shedded at Lowestoft in 1957 (when I was 12) where my grandfather was a fitter at the engine shed and I probably saw the loco when I was there for the summer holidays. Keith
  12. Hello David, Like the trackwork at Leith in C15710 - replicates some of the track laying on my layout! Many thanks for all the pictures you've been posting, one of my favourite threads on RMweb. Keith
  13. A quick before the production Cl.66s start arriving. What you say above is what was typical of traction tyres on UK models of days gone by and is certainly not true of the traction tyres currently used on European models. I've just got a couple of models from Germany fitted with traction tyres and its very difficult with the naked eye spotting which wheels have traction tyres. LGB even fit traction tyres on their Harz 2-10-2Ts and it was only last year, after more than ten years running, did I have to fit new traction tyres. Enough of traction tyres, back to Hattons Cl.66s. Got to wait until January for my sound-fitted loco...…..
  14. I was there on the Saturday arriving courtesy of UK Railtours which maybe explains why the show had a sudden influx of visitors around 2:00pm. Coming from down here in the far south east corner of the country (which meant getting up at 4:45am!!) I found the show to be quite interesting especially as many of the layouts and traders present don't appear on the exhibition circuit down this way. One problem I did find was the difficulty of getting a good view of the N-gauge layouts most of which seemed rather low compared to the height of the OO and O-gauge layouts. Must admit that some of the best views I got were from the videos above done by Trent Valley Railway. …… and for Baz, dates of next years show are Saturday/Sunday 12th & 13th December. Keith
  15. Great stuff, looking forward to seeing it all tomorrow!! Keith
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