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  1. Received my Kernow chocolate and cream version at lunchtime today: Running-in on analogue at the moment prior to being dcc-fitted. Keith
  2. Guernsey managed to escape from the docks and managed to find itself a brake van: Keith
  3. Just ordered my chocolate and cream version from Kernow together with Bachmann PluX22 decoder so that the unit can be run pending the arrival/announcement of a "definitive" sound decoder from the sound specialists. Keith
  4. Hi there, My Western Pullman has been parked on my layout since taking delivery from the retailer. It gets run from time-to-time and I've not encountered any noise problems from the motor, all I can hear are the sounds provided by the sound decoder. Gave the unit a run just now and it performs perfectly. Keith
  5. ….. there seems to have been a recent influx of D65xx/Cl.33s appearing on my layout: Keith
  6. I've ordered the sound version. The problem, though, having heard the real thing operating in Lowestoft, they didn't make much noise. We used to walk down the harbour to get to the beach and one of these would creep up on us without any warning, turn around and there it was. Despite that I want a sound version, it might be quiet but that's better than no chuff chuff sound. It will be realistic!! Keith
  7. Pleased to advise that the parcel from Gaugemaster was delivered at 12:04pm today, 24 hours and 4 minutes after I placed the order. Great service by both Gaugemaster and UPS. Keith
  8. Just received email from Rails, my Minimodals are packed and on the way. Good job I got some basic decoders from Gaugemaster yesterday..... Keith
  9. Specification details will be found on pages 89 and 90 of the 2020 Hornby International Catalogue. The X4300 and X4500 (as well as a CC72000) are shown in a separate part of the catalogue named "Jouef Loisirs" situated between the main Jouef range and Jouef Junior Range. As you say the X4500 is marked as "new tooling" Looking at the specification its very basic, there are no sound versions available. The models are shown to have: -21 pin decoder socket -overall length of 490mm -motor with flywheel -extending coupling mechanism -front and rear lights So, I would think a basic model. Maybe Jouef are doing what Hornby did with the Cl.66 - turn out some basic models at a reasonable price for those who don't want all the bells and whistles of an LS Models version. Keith
  10. Slighlty OTT but things didn't change much those days. Back in 1974 I used to catch the 17:18 from Cannon Street from Platform 4 getting off at Lee. The bosses' secretary used the 17:16 from Platform 5 and we quite often sat in adjacent seats with her waving goodbye as her train departed. There was no need to stand around on the concourse waiting for the train to be announced, you walked straight onto the platform knowing that the train would always be there. Keith
  11. Some pictures of the wagons in use can be seen in the new book "The Railways and Britain's Nuclear Industry" by David McAlone from Key Publishing. The book also has some pictures of 37610 still with Channel Tunnel cast metal roundels (and 37609 with scars from the removals of the branding) carrying grey EPS livery overlaid with phase one-style DRS vinyls….. Keith
  12. tetsudofan


    Saddened to hear the news, saw Tony at the 2019 Tonbridge Show and he wasn't the person I knew when we were helping on Bill's layout. As CAT has said Tony was a true gentleman and a pleasure to meet and work together with on Bill's layout. Keith
  13. Having read some of comments above it was with some trepidation that I opened the box for my Large Logo Cl.66 and removed the loco from the box. There was a smear of something on the roof of one of cabs which was quickly removed by a piece of tissue. Other than that all the axle box covers were present and correct. Placed the loco on the programming track, set up the loco address, reset the sound level at 45 (as mentioned by others above) and then loaded it onto my Z21 and when that was done placed it on the track for its first run: and off it went on its inaugural run passing a somewhat overcrowded EMU depot: After a few circuits of the track pleased to advise the there was no sign of the loco wobbling and there were no missing axle box covers all of which made me a happy bunny. Left the loco to toddle round the layout for about half an hour coupled up to a Stobart Mk.3 coach and then parked it up in the station area (yet to be built!) and turned on the parking lights: Also like the ability the turn off the rear lights on the rear of the loco when it is hauling a load. The sound decoder and speakers installed top off a great model. Many thanks Hattons and Legomanbiffo. Keith
  14. My large logo Cl.68 was ordered on May 16, 2018 and was processed yesterday so I would assume that they are processing by order date. One thing to check would be to ensure that the credit card used for your transaction is still in date. I would have got mine today if I had renewed my card as it expired end of February. Updated the details yesterday, they took payment this morning at 09:00, picked and packed the item 14:49 ready for delivery. Bearing in mind what's going on in the big world at the moment, I think that Hattons are working flat out and deserve a thankyou... was going to say "pat on the back" put don't think that would be appropriate at this time. Keith
  15. ...and there is also the linkage of Tim Mulhall of Golden Valley with Hornby.
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