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  1. Thanks to the Erith Club for inviting us to your show. North of England Line and Rumbling Bridge arrived safely back in Scarborough and the layouts were packed away in the clubroom by about 11.15pm. We had a trouble free journey home. We had a great weekend and enjoyed a rare trip "down sarf" We were well looked after, so thank you to everyone involved, and we were delighted to win one of your awards. We're pleased your initial thoughts are that the show was a success. It certainly seemed busy on both days, so fingers crossed you are proved correct All the best from Scarborough and District Railway Modellers.
  2. I've been building my layout for what seems like forever! I installed the original analogue Cobalts and they worked fine. However, as they don't get used very often, when I do have a running session, some seem extremely slow to move, or they refuse to budge at all. Does anyone have advice on how to lubricate them or free them up, as there's no way to get into them? Thanks
  3. North of England Line and Lomond St. safely home and unloaded by 11.30. Thank you to all at Falkirk Club for a superb weekend. We had a great time and were well looked after by the friendly members who made us feel very welcome. We hope the show was a success for you all and we'd love to come back one day. All the best from SDRM.
  4. We're really looking forward to bringing North of England Line to the show for its first "international" outing.
  5. The North of England team arrived back home at 10pm. We had a good weekend and would like to thank everyone at the Redditch Club for inviting us and looking after us all weekend Thanks Robert for the kind comments and we're glad the 2 lads with you enjoyed their visit. If they were the 2 that helped us, we're glad we helped make their day. If anyone is kind enough to show a special interest in our layout, we often offer them a driving turn, and if it sparks an interest or gives some inspiration then it's mission accomplished for us. Thanks again to everyone at the club and we hope the weekend was a success for you all. Hopefully we can come back one day with another layout.
  6. Looking forward to bringing North of England Line to the show. It's nearly a year since it's last outing, so will be good to give it a run. Thanks for the invitation.
  7. All systems go. Everything is ready for tomorrow. We open at 10 a.m. Why not pay us a visit and see some great layouts? We also have some fantastic raffle prizes to be won, including tickets for Flamingoland, Go Ape, NYMR, Eden Camp & Cedar Barn to name but a few. And don't forget the NYMR is on our doorstep, so why not make a day of it? See you there!!
  8. Only a week to go. Everything falling into place for another enjoyable weekend......fingers crossed
  9. Thanks to the friendly Darlington club for inviting North of England Line and Rumbling Bridge to their show. We had a great weekend and we all enjoyed ourselves. Best wishes from all at SDRM.
  10. Looking forward to bringing North of England Line to my home town. See you there!
  11. Another nice "Norman" production. Well done you two
  12. All set up and ready for tomorrow.
  13. Looking forward to attending with the North of England Line. Come say hello.
  14. Thanks to everyone at Folkstone Model Railway Show. The North of England Line, Rumbling Bridge and The Brick, all from Scarborough and District Railway Modellers, had a great weekend as your guests. We were well looked after and we all agreed that the venue has the best view of all the shows we have attended over the years. Thanks again and we hope your show was a success. All the layouts on show were to a very high standard.
  15. The North of England Line is all ready to make an early start in the morning, for the 300 mile trip. Looking forward to attending as we haven't taken part in a show since May this year. We don't get invited to venture "Darn Sarf" very often, so it will be a nice change and we would welcome more opportunities.............. hint, hint........ See you there..........
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