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  1. wenlock

    SE&CR E1 class

    Looks like that strip magic is useful stuff. Does it work on acrylics and cellulose, or just enamel type paints? The loco looks great by the way!
  2. wenlock


    I do hope this actually means that you are Santa!
  3. wenlock


    Yep, planning is the key to success. I found building a card board mock up of my proposed layout a useful exercise. Looking forward to seeing your progress
  4. wenlock

    LSWR brake coach

    Couldn’t agree more about axle box castings, bloody annoying!
  5. wenlock

    Update No1

    I’m liking the sound of this more and more!
  6. wenlock

    A beginning

    Fabulous looking slips and point work, definitely looking forward to reading more!
  7. Lol! It’s a slippery slope from which there’s no return!
  8. Seriously posh stock boxes! My stuff gets stored in plastic tat from “Home Bargains” looking forward to to reading more BW Dave
  9. I’ve got a feeling that name may stick! I’d better make some new signage!
  10. wenlock

    More Horse Drawn!

    Thanks Mikkel I've got a bit of a soft spot for dappled grey horses! In the 1960's my Great Uncle owned a farm in Staffordshire, which we used to visit during school holidays. Although diesel tractors were used for most of the work around the farm, he still kept a few horses. One of these was a grey shire called Boxer, who seemed absolutely enormous to a small boy! Boxer had a fondness for peppermints, particularly Polo's and would very gently take them from the palm of your hand and crunch them contentedly
  11. Sounds like the perfect "Man Cave" The Bing loco restoration must be a very enjoyable project.
  12. Ok Don, I hope the show goes well in Taunton, hope to see you soon
  13. Thanks Don Will you be coming to the Cardiff show this year?
  14. Using the chimney breast as a way to hide the wires for the lighting is a great idea! I wish I'd thought of using magnets for my buildings roofs
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