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  1. Many thanks to Adrian and his team for organising such an excellent weekend, I don't think I've ever felt so "looked after" at a show! It was lovely to meet up and chat with real people again after the last 18 months of virtual meetings The evening meal at the Hare & Hounds was exceptional as was Adrian's quiz and I think a good time was had by all! I was truly delighted to win the best layout trophy, as voted for by the other exhibitors, so all in all I had a very memorable weekend. Huge thanks to Roger and Al who helped me transport, set up and get the layout home safely, along with doing sterling work operating Sherton during the weekend. BW Dave
  2. Hi Julian, I'm glad you like the builds, I'll post some pictures once I've got them painted I'm sure the judicious use of a bit of filler will resolve the profile end issues, but good to know you are planning on rectifying the problem. I'd be interested in a U10, hopefully that will fuel the mulling process, at least you know you've got 3 potential purchasers! Best wishes Dave
  3. You could always bring the rake of 7mm versions along for the weekend as well, Sherton would welcome an S&D excursion train
  4. No need for forgiveness Stephen, your insights are always useful and I’m delighted you think Sherton is “close to perfection” The posters I used on the layout were just resized images that I found trawling the internet for “Edwardian Advertisements.” It’s highly likely that some off these were from period magazines rather than typical station posters. Alternatively we could just assume that colour posters were reserved for the more important places and monochrome was used to save costs in provincial backwaters like Sherton Abbas Definitely not suitable for viewing by the more politically correct members of the public at model railway exhibitions!
  5. Looking forward to seeing both you and the table Rich, I’m sure there will be many tempting goodies on it
  6. I managed to convince them that Uckfield was a Spa town and that full immersion in the limpid waters were a cure for all, even COVID 19! Since then they’ve formed an orderly queue waiting to get on the train Yes it’s a carpet sweeper that relies on bristle covered rollers to flick dust and dirt into a storage compartment. My Grandmother used to have one when I was a child, she obviously didn’t hold with this modern vacuum cleaner nonsense!
  7. Hi Ian, yes I'm really looking forward to finally seeing Modbury Two Edwardian GWR layouts in one exhibition, the crowds will be at fever pitch! BW Dave
  8. Hi Stephen, yes I enjoyed our chat at Basingstoke, looking forward to seeing you again BW Dave
  9. Thanks Grahame! It's been quite a year, but things are definitely on the up! BW Dave
  10. I'm very much looking forward to the show, let's hope Sherton behaves itself! BW Dave
  11. Well its been a long time coming, but life is beginning to return to some kind of normality after the Covid 19 crisis! I've had my three jabs, caught the retched virus and recovered, so hopefully I'm full to the brim with antibodies I've really missed going to shows both as a spectator and as an exhibitor, so knowing that exhibitions are once again possible is very pleasing! I've definitely suffered a lack of modelling motivation over the last year, exhibition deadlines are great way of rekindling enthusiasm and getting some projects finished! I'm thoroughly looking forward to taking Sherton Abbas along to the Uckfield show in a couple of weekends time, I'm sure a good weekend will be had by all Hopefully the show will be well attended by RMweb members, pop over for a chat if you do come along to the show Best Wishes Dave
  12. Excellent work Mikkel, the wagons look great and thanks for the link to my 7mm efforts If you want to have a go fading the writing on Slaters wagons with a fibreglass brush, paint the sides with varnish first and allow to dry. The varnish seals the lettering in place, but the fibreglass bristles wear this away very progressively and allow some subtle distressing/fading. Best wishes Dave
  13. Good to see normal service has resumed! Glad to see you are on the mend.
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