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  1. Remarkable, I’ve never seen anything quite like it! Exquisite craftsmanship!
  2. Well worth all the effort, a splendid rendition of one of Mr Dean’s finest! I’m looking forward to seeing the Armstrong Goods that you obviously should tackle next BW Dave
  3. wenlock

    ...bridging the gap

    Splendid stuff, what an excellent bit of modelling! Really enjoying seeing Swan Hill develop.
  4. Those Microaces planes look great fun!
  5. I do indeed! A rather lovely Hasegawa 1:16 Scale Sopwith Camel F.1 Model Kit https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00CCWU9Y6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_Vm-YEbM1BB56R I wish they did a similar Fokker DR1
  6. Looking good! Are the seatbelts part of the kit, or are they your own additions? Either way they look excellent, I’m looking forward to seeing the finished aircraft.
  7. Just been catching up with your progress Grahame, I hope you aren’t overwhelmed with the “ Likes and Craftsman” votes! Although I’ve requested “Follow content”, I’m not getting any notifications for some reason, but it does mean I get lots to look at once I do catch up:-) Keep up with the good work! BW Dave
  8. Hmmm, now I’m contemplating a new layout and two new fiddle yards! Things are definitely beginning to escalate from simply contemplating a new 3 foot board
  9. Ooooh, now a engine shed and a water tower would be an excellent addition and clear up the mystery of where Sherton's locos get their water from! I can feel a spot of doodling coming on, its never going to fit in the bl**dy Transit though! P.S. thanks for the link, what a delightful project! BW Dave
  10. Utility belt on! Holy PVA Batman! Da na na na, na na na
  11. I’ve just found some MDF at the back of the workshop Let the project begin!
  12. Lol! Now that’s a solution that works perfectly! Well for me anyway
  13. If they were proper “memory” sticks they’d remind me to post them back again! BW Dave
  14. I’ll get Al a leather hat and goggles Tally ho!
  15. Well the plonk and press technique certainly worked! I’m delighted with the pictures and how the article looked in MRJ I love to see the rest on the memory stick, once I’ve uploaded them I can send you back the stick. Thanks again for taking the pics! BW Dave
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