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  1. Hi Mikkel, really looking forward to seeing this develop, I was wondering what was going to happen with the stable block. Those foreground trees will be a challenge, I chickened out and nearly all mine are at the back of the layout:-) Have you decided upon which season of the year “the stables” is set? Best wishes Dave
  2. Southwark models make some rather nice etched brass Singer safety bicycles. Lots of finger singeing fun!:-)
  3. Thanks John, I'll take a look:-) Dave
  4. Hi Giles, I agree those Peco posts along with the additions you've made look great! Could you tell me if the arms and steps are separate pieces in the kit or are they moulded directly onto the posts? I'm hoping the posts allow the brackets to be placed wherever you like so I can make something bespoke for my layout:-)
  5. Hi Graham, yes I could scratch build some, but I’m sure I read somewhere about some nice 7mm castings for insulators and the climbing brackets. I just wish I could remember where!:-)
  6. I'm looking for some telegraph poles for my layout. I know Peco make some https://peco-uk.com/products/telegraph-poles-pack-of-4 Are they good representations, or is there anything better on the market? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Best wishes Dave
  7. Excellent figures Mikkel and your "Horse drawn collection" is coming along beautifully:-) Those foam storage sheets are a brilliant find, I've never seen them before, very useful stuff! I hope this means a Femme fatale will star in a future blog entry:-) Best wishes Dave
  8. Wow, serious attention to delail, most impressive!
  9. I wish Filey was a bit closer to Cardiff, I’d love to come and see the layout! Have a great show, I’m sure the layout will be very well received :-)
  10. Looks great Job and that Chestnut seller looks just right!:-)
  11. Excellent and evocative as always Mikkel. I hadn't noticed the rivet detail on the canopy supports before, it's very effective!
  12. That has turned out beautifully, what a very attractive locomotive! I'm also very impressed by your layout's control panels, very smart!
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