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  1. The Dynamic Duo at Guildex 2019 waiting for the public to arrive!
  2. It's all looking very convincing Al As Mikkel points out those sets look very effective, as does the gently curving track in the goods shed siding. I'm also rather taken by the lever frame that appears in the bottom left corner of one of the pictures, is that the MSE one? BW Dave
  3. wenlock

    Happy New Year!

    Thanks Job, Happy New Year to you too!
  4. Hi Grahame, Ive just been reading through all this, you’ve certainly been busy! Good to read that you’ve beaten the River into submission, it’s annoying when kits fight back like that It’s definitely going to be worth the hassle, Rivers are splendid looking locos My 2021 class was built using a “Zero Zephers” kit, which appears to be very similar to your Eric Underhill version. The saddle tank and bunker in my kit were resin castings exactly like yours, however the footplate, cab sides and roof were etched brass sheet. I’ve no idea of the chronology of these kits,
  5. That's a shame! I've enjoyed reading about your modelling. I work on the principal that you can't please all the people all the time and when railway modelling I only need to please myself! I've no idea who the individual is, but it certainly shows their inadequacies rather than yours. In my experience such individuals rarely share any of their modelling projects for some reason I really wouldn't give it a second thought.
  6. wenlock

    Happy New Year!

    Hi Duncan, The layout was called “Lesser Wenlock” and appeared in MRJ no 73 about 25 years ago. If I’m honest the era was pretty elastic 1910 to 1925 ish. I was less hung up about such niceties in those days The layout is long gone, but I’ve still got the platform and station building. BW Dave
  7. wenlock

    Happy New Year!

    Hi Mikkel, Hi again Mikkel, no problem Much Wenlock is one of my favourite station buildings! I visited it about 20 years ago when I was modelling in 4mm scale. Here are a couple of pictures of my 4mm version. Best wishes Dave
  8. wenlock

    Happy New Year!

    Thanks Kit! Looking forward to watching your progress on Swan Hill, definitely right in my street Thanks Dave! Thanks Grahame! Good to see you are beating that River class into submission, it’s going to be a splendid looking loco Thanks Mikkel! No plans for Much Wenlock, but Sherton might be getting an extension! Plans are afoot to extend the workshop, which if they come into fruition should mean I can model the “other side of the bridge”along with a bit of open country side Happy New Year and looking forward to further reports from Fa
  9. A 2021 to celebrate 2021 Happy New Year!
  10. Definitely "living in the fast lane!" Better increase that life insurance
  11. Lovely work Mikkel! Wagons with tarpaulins are conspicuously absent on Sherton, this inspirational post may help rectify this! BW Dave
  12. Shaping up far better than just OK! You've already added the illusion of far more depth to the scene, I particularly like the effect in the first picture. Glad you found my blog entry useful
  13. This is turning out to be a really interesting, thought provoking topic! Thanks everyone for their contributions
  14. Thanks Mikkel, me too! I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than me will help with this, but for what it's worth I think the ends of ex Broad gauge are the main give away to their origins. Rather than the usual single arc, or elliptical roof profiles found on most coaches, oddities occur because a section was taken out of the ends during the conversion to narrow gauge. Here's a picture of the step end of my coach BW Dave
  15. I’ve just been catching up with all this Ian Your coaches are quite splendid, it’s hard to believe that this is 2mm! Fabulous! BW Dave
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