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  1. Lol! It’s like some kind of spaceship to my Edwardian eyes! A Dean Goods Is large loco in my world!
  2. Nice looking loco Al! If that's a "Light Pacific" the heavy ones must have been enormous
  3. Back in mid August I posted an entry in the blog about the construction of the GWR 2 plank wagon. Well since those balmy days Autumn has hit with a vengeance in South Wales, we're back in full lockdown and it hasn't stopped raining! Still the upside of this is that there's not much else to do other than a bit of modelling The model was more or less completed and ready for painting , but I struggled to find a prototype photograph of a 2 planker in my admittedly fairly small book collection. Fortunately Mikkel came to the rescue and pointed me in the right direction a
  4. Sorry John, I've only just noticed your question It's a Slaters kit. 7C015 GWR 50'Clerestory Bogie Coach Brake Third (Diagram D14)
  5. Thanks Jez, It does indeed!
  6. Wonderful stuff, that has quite brightened my day! "The unsheeted Open carried a shipment of Empty Promises. A local MP would pick it up later." Excellent!
  7. A few recently discovered old photographs of Sherton Abbas circa 1905
  8. Hi Russ, The pinky/red colour is my interpretation of a colour called "Torbay Red Bright" evidence shows that during the period that I'm modelling the GWR signal department painted point rodding in this rather bright colour! There was an interesting discussion with Nick (Buffalo) who provided a link to a copy of the 1894 and 1907 Signal Department painting instructions. I've put a link below but irritatingly the link in the thread to the painting instructions no longer works Here's the relevant part of the conversation. On 29/10/2014 at 17:52, buffalo said:
  9. Those magnets are an excellent idea! Looks to be a well thought out project that I’m sure will help gain motivation to “play trains”
  10. Oh I’m afraid I’m the support operator! I may well have built the thing, but Al manages to operate the layout, talk to the public and drink his coffee before it gets cold. Something I’ve yet to master
  11. Thanks Mikkel Lol! I shall ask him too look under the bridge and watch his face when he realises there's no reflection gazing back at him Now there's a thought! A cheap fiberglass or acrylic version would work a treat, not so sure about cutting and lifting a proper cast iron job though Thanks Mike Its funny how somethings grate on people and others just blank them out. Corners in backscenes irritate me for some reason! I probably should try to get out more!
  12. Thanks Chris! Hoping to meet up again soon Thanks Rich
  13. I shall don my sparkly suit and swop the piano for the layout! It’s definitely the look for the 2021 exhibition circuit
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