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  1. Good to see normal service has resumed! Glad to see you are on the mend.
  2. Well it's been a long time coming, but I've finally completed building another coach! I finished the V9 back in November, so this one's construction has hardly been at a lightning pace The build follows more or less exactly the same methods as the V9, but with the added faff of having to detail the interior of the compartments. I used seat mouldings from Slater's Plastikard and plan to add some scratch built picture frames and mirrors along with a few Edwardian passengers, once the painting has been completed Kit components 1 Kit components 2 I'm not sure how old the kit is, the brass was pretty heavily oxidised, but it all cleaned up without any problems using a fiberglass scratch brush. Assembled Coach 1 Assembled Coach 2 A bit of fiddling was needed to get the ride height of the two coaches the same, but nothing a bit of judicious filling of the subframes containing the wheel sets wouldn't sort out! Dia.V9 Passenger Brake Van and Dia. U9 Composite Now that they are built I'm pleased with them and once painted they should look the part when combined with a couple of bogie clerestories. I'll ty and get the painting done over the next month or so, but life has a way of adding distractions to modelling plans! Until next time Best wishes Dave
  3. I'm relieved that we've established I've built a Composite, or it would be a case of "I still haven't found what I'm looking for!"
  4. Thanks Mikkel! I'm just relieved that I don't need to build another coach before I can make a start on the River class This site http://www.penrhos.me.uk/index.shtml is such a wonderful resource of information, I've learned so much over the last couple of days! BW Dave
  5. Excellent! I’ve just had a read though and rather than just a couple there were actually 8 carriages converted from R2’s to U14’s So in the space of a weekend I’ve gone from modelling a U9, to an R2 and now a U14! That’s got to beat watching football Thanks for all the advice chaps! BW Dave
  6. Ooo tell me more! Any idea which numbers the couple had that were converted into composites? A little strategic numbering will stop me having to build another coach and let me get on with building the River class! BW Dave
  7. My proposed rake of coaches that will be pulled by my River class once I’ve built it will comprise as follows… V9 passenger brake van C10 all third bogie clerestory What I thought was a U9 1/2 composite, but turns out to be an R2 all 1st D34 all 3rd bogie clerestory brake. This begs the question that I hope someone can answer for me! As what I thought was a 1st/2nd composite turns out to be an all 1st, do I need to build a coach with some second class accommodation? Or did some trains run with only 1st and 3rd class coaches during the Edwardian era? BW Dave
  8. That’s all really useful information! My coach definitely has turned under ends, and the 3 panels are the same size, so it looks like I’ve built an R2 rather than the U9 that the label says on the box BW Dave
  9. Yes it has been a while! Looking forward to seeing you again!
  10. Me too! Although the instructions in the kit call mine a U9
  11. Hi Grahame they are from the “Taff Vale Models” that Stephen mentions in the next post. Reasonable kits for the money, but the corners are simple butt fit and awkward to hold in position while soldering The drop lights are also a bit of a pain in that they are etched more or less exactly the same size as the window apertures, so there’s little to solder onto! BW Dave
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