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  1. And good morning all, Late on parade today, it's getting to be a bit of a bad habit. Sunny and very breezy here but with a bit of luck it should stay dry. Normal Sunday service today at GDB Towers so a very nice cooked breakfast was enjoyed earlier. Must now have a rethink on my food intake as my weight has gone up. Before lockdown I was 14st6lbs and actually managed to lose 5lbs at one stage. First thing this morning I tipped the scales at 14st8lbs. Ooops. I really need to lose about a stone so something will have to be sacrificed for the sake of my expanding waistline. This won't stop me eating things I enjoy but I'll just have to have a lot less than of late. A lot more exercise is needed as well. Have a good one, N.O.T Sohairydieter.
  2. This one won't: https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/whats-on/food-drink-news/glasgow-brewery-vows-stop-supplying-18019986
  3. Good morning all, Dull, dismal and breezy here. Chance of some showers and possibly one or two sunny spells later. Although our wedding anniversary was 3 weeks ago today would have seen the celebratory party with family and friends coming from all over the UK and further afield. The football club where we were holding it is still closed but yesterday I managed to contact someone at last and we have now rearranged the "do" for June next year. Let's hope that things will have improved enough by then to have a proper party! Another day of no real plans. The Boss doesn't really want to go anywhere until she has been to the hairdresser on Tuesday although she may come for a walk around the houses. However I hope to visit the virtual exhibition over the weekend. Have a good one, Bob.
  4. Yep. Here he is with his good friend Big Bud the Bear.
  5. Laurence, I apologise for doubting you. Serious memory lapse on my part. I also lied as it appears I did put a (fluffy) dog in the oven. I am mortified and hang my head in shame and offer my immediate resignation from SODOFF! He is still "alive" and well and currently sitting on the window sill in the conservatory.
  6. I certainly wouldn't want to mention my muddling/trainset building attempts anywhere else on the forum but here. It's not that I'm bothered about being ridiculed by experts as I have a very thick skin and can take anything thrown at me and give some plenty back if I deem it necessary. I just don't think my efforts worthy of posting in the more serious parts of the forum and I just like the good humour and camaraderie on ERs.
  7. Er? Puzzled of Sutton here. Have you got the right person? I never have and never would put a dog in an oven. Haven't had one since my beloved Boxer Charlie had to be put to sleep when I was 15. Never wanted to go through that again so have never had another dog much as I love them.....or am I missing the joke?
  8. Good morning all, Sunny and breezy here with threats of rain to come this afternoon. It's taken me a while to catch up from yesterday morning especially after the site being down for a while. Nicki and kids visited and a great time was had by all. The good news is that Abbie has been told that her job is "almost" certainly safe. She should get final confirmation next week so fingers still being kept crossed. Steve should find out next week as well but he seems quite upbeat from conversations he's had with his director. Our house is 94 years old and I'm sure still has the original hand made clay roof tiles. (apart from a few replacements where I had a chimney stack removed last year.) We get a little bit of moss on one side but no signs of any problems or spalling. Every few years we have the ridge and hip tiles repointed but that's about it. Still not visited railway part of The Shed - serious lack of my muddling mojo continues. Have a good one, Bob.
  9. Good morning all, Sunny start but heavy thundery showers are a possibility later. First bin lorry was here at 6.25, two more to come. That's most of my excitement for the morning apart from a Sainsbury's delivery later. Things will improve after lunch as Nicki, Joe and Gemma are visiting and Abbie will be here after she's finished WFH. I may need to do a Sun Dance to try and keep the rain away. Have a good one, Bob. P.S. I'm thinking of organising a new union:- The Society Opposing Desecration Of Furry Friends or SODOFF for short! Thinking of asking Mr Polybear to act as President and ChrisF as Secretary.
  10. Rick, many congratulations to Sharon. A fantastic achievement after all that hard work. It's been raining on and off for a few hours here and still is so at least the garden is getting a drink. I'll be shortly getting one as it has been suggested that the kettle needs firing up. I know my place so am about to do the deed. Unfortunately whilst visiting the baker earlier I forgot to get some cake to go with the tea so will have to make do with biscuits......buggrit, not much choice there either. Some additions will have to be made to tomorrow's Sainsbury order. In other news I've had a haircut courtesy of The Boss who is cheesed off because she badly needs one as well but at least has got an appointment next week. She won't let me anywhere near her hair, probably not a bad decision on her part.
  11. Good morning all, Sunny spells, warm and breezy here with the chance of some showers later. Late on parade today for no particular reason. We went for a gentle 40 minute stroll around the houses earlier and picked up some bread and sausage rolls for lunch from the baker. After that some gardening was done, nottalot, just general tidying. A couple of joints are now aching somewhat. Steve and Abbie are now awaiting the first phone call consultation (sometime in the next couple of weeks) about redundancy or not as the case may be. AIUI If they're safe they'll be told straight away, if still at risk a further consultation will be made later. All digits here are crossed for them. Have a good one, Bob.
  12. A couple of hours ago I said there was a chance of rain later. Ten minutes after that it started raining and is still pouring! No parcels have arrived yet and there will be no visits to garden centres or anywhere else now. I have been "helping" with domestic stuff. During this the ####### Dyson decided to play up and wouldn't stay switched on. My first inclination was to throw the ####### thing through the window as I'm fed up with it but common sense prevailed and after a quick Google I found a remedy that didn't cost any money. (for now) If When we need to purchase a new machine (which I suspect will be sooner rather than later) it will not be one of those. Whilst "helping" I managed to find the misplaced Nevil Shute book (Pastoral) which was not misplaced but exactly where it should have been on the bookshelf! Strange that. Brownie points have been accrued as according to The Boss I have (unlike a former PM) been most helpful around the house during lockdown. Good -oh! She's now making me a muggatea.
  13. Good morning all, A bit dull here with some sunny spells forecast and the chance of rain later. Good to hear from Warren albeit with some not so good news. I hope things improve soon. A couple of parcels due today so waiting in is necessary. Nothing of interest for me, these are for Herself. If they come early we may possibly visit our local garden centre if it doesn't seem too crowded. It seems there are gaps in the garden that need filling. Oh great!. Have a good one, Unenthusiastic gardener of Sutton.
  14. Good morning all, Windy and cloudy here although the sun was shining at 7.00am. Showers and sunny spells forecast. Went for a drive up to Box Hill earlier to give the car a run as it hasn't been used for a couple of weeks. After that pottered about in the garden for a while and now here reporting for duty. Still not visited The Shed, it's been a few days now but my mojo has disappeared again. Never mind, I expect it'll re-surface. Tonight I'm due to Zoom with old school pals. That should be good for a laugh or several. Have a good one, Bob.
  15. Good morning all, Sunny spells here and still quite windy but not raining at the moment. Nothing else happening apart from the eggs and bacon etc which will shortly be proffered for my consideration. Have a good one, Bob.
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