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  1. Keeping everything crossed and sending good wishes and positive vibes.
  2. Gordon, sorry to hear your news so sending multiple positive vibes and best wishes for a speedy recovery from The Land of Sutt. Bob.
  3. I've got an old Hornby 2721 Pannier Tank that kept getting stuck on Setrack points. Took the traction tyres off and it trundles around quite happily with up to a dozen wagons.
  4. That's brilliant! Many thanks Dan. Totally agree. I have made a couple of purchases in the past couple of years but I will now definitely be returning for more.
  5. And I believe I was lucky enough to secure the last one! Said he, hopefully.
  6. Well I got the following about an hour ago: Hattons Model Railways - Order number: IOPA4766561 - Order manually cancelled by Vicki Ramaya [email protected] 17:54 (1 hour ago) This is an automatic notification to inform you that order number IOPA4766561 has been cancelled from our systems, and we will not attempt to process this again. The following items were in your order: "1 * Hornby R3809 Stephenson's Rocket 0-2-2 train pack with three Liverpool and Manchester Railway 4 wheel coaches - Hornby Centenary limited edition - Sold out on Pre Order @ £18
  7. I worked for Hall & Co.Ltd, a large builders merchant mainly in London and the South East. We had our own skip lorries from 1966. The normal charge for a 6 cu.yds skip was £6 and large trade customers got them for as little as £4.50. We also supplied 8yd skips and "sealed" containers that were used for smelly stuff. They were just a ridged container with a lid either side. One of the customers was the Hackbridge Dog Kennels and the aroma from those was diabolical. In those days the skips (apart from the sealed ones) were tipped in our yard at Mitcham Junction and the rubbish was then rel
  8. Here's a link to a post earlier this year on the same topic which may be of interest:
  9. I went to the Ace of Spades cafe this morning before visiting the show and can recommend it. Very friendly and an excellent breakfast only a 2 minute walk away.... the show wasn't bad either!
  10. I used to work for a large builders merchant that also had ready mix concrete plants and then became part of the RMC group and we usually referred to them as truck mixers.
  11. No, not me. I was thinking of going but other "stuff" got in the way.
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