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  1. Very sad news. I never met Gordon but a few years ago I bought a loco from him via eBay. Needless to say it arrived in perfect condition and ran faultlessly (still does) but he was most concerned that everything was OK and followed up a couple of times to check I was happy with it. As many have said a true gent and one of the good guys who will be sadly missed.
  2. Very sorry to hear this. Thinking of him and his family.
  3. Really pleased to hear this and hope we see him back here soon.
  4. Thanks Andy but it's already on its way back. Perhaps I should have been a bit more patient and waited for the help that is always available here! Mind you with my fat fingered general ham fistedness it's probably just as well I've done that. I was thinking of changing the wheels from the traction tyred variety but have chickened out of that as well for now. Lily livered of Sutton.
  5. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men Bob Gang aft agley, An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain, For promis’d joy! After setting off for The Shed yesterday afternoon I was hauled back because of unexpected visitors. Had a pleasant afternoon but not the one I expected. Never mind says I, tomorrow will do so off to The Shed I trotted this morning. 488 was unpacked and fully inspected and all the attached bits stayed attached and she is absolutely lovely. Great! Switched layout to DC mode, removed various other locos and put 488 on track and connected tender. Brilliant, so easy!. Turned on power and ran her around for several minutes in both directions and she performed faultlessly. Super, smashing, great! Time to fit the decoder. Tried...and tried... and tried to remove smokebox door but it wasn't having it. Had a break and tried again, several times. Nope! Phoned the ever so helpful Craig at Rails who talked me through it after trying on one up there. Still no joy. I think they've welded it shut. It's now on its way back to Sheffield for them to fit the chip for me. Wish I'd asked them to do that in the first place instead of trying to save a few quid. C'est la vie, I'll get there in the end. Possibly.
  6. You couldn’t make it up! Bob shaped happiness now restored in full. Nondescript grey van turned up 10 minutes ago with a very nice post person bearing gifts so well done Royal Mail even though you had me worried for a while. On first inspection it looks beautiful. After lunch I will visit The Shed and try it out. Might be gone for some time.
  7. Happiness is not very Bob shaped at the moment. According to the tracking (special delivery£8.50) my 488 was despatched from Sheffield MC at 21.05 last night and arrived at Croydon MC at 04.46 today. At 04.55 it was despatched to Sutton DO but somehow arrived at Liverpool South DO (238 miles away) at 06.31. They have advised they hope to deliver by 13.00 today. Hmm - not holding my breath. Currently waiting for a call from a friend who is a manager at Sutton DO to see if she can help.
  8. Rails have just advised me that 488 has been despatched to me today Happiness is Bob-shaped which TBH is very unusual these days.
  9. Keeping everything crossed and sending good wishes and positive vibes.
  10. Gordon, sorry to hear your news so sending multiple positive vibes and best wishes for a speedy recovery from The Land of Sutt. Bob.
  11. I've got an old Hornby 2721 Pannier Tank that kept getting stuck on Setrack points. Took the traction tyres off and it trundles around quite happily with up to a dozen wagons.
  12. That's brilliant! Many thanks Dan. Totally agree. I have made a couple of purchases in the past couple of years but I will now definitely be returning for more.
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