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  1. That speaker will be too thick to fit in the tanks of the class 37, you might have to find a thinner one Richard
  2. Here's another from this week, I used Howes sound with an EM1 and 24x30 bass enhanced speaker. The EM1 went at the non fan end and no modifications were needed other than taking the top piece of the plastic engine moulding off. The other speaker went under the exhaust easily. It sounds as good as the model I did with an Em2, none of the class 60 sound files that are available have enough bass to need anything more than this. https://www.roads-and-rails.co.uk/collections/speakers/products/55x24x9mm-em1-speaker-4-ohm https://www.roads-and-rails.co.uk/collections/speakers/product
  3. I made small modifications to the plastic inside when I did mine and was able to fit much bigger speakers, it’s one of the best sounding models I have. Richard
  4. I think you could make a real mess of it doing it that way, I wouldn’t bother personally. How have you used the speaker that’s in there? Is it in a sealed enclosure? I’d work on the enclosure of the one you have before adding a second if it was me, I recently upgraded a 37 with a v3.5 by fitting the rectangular speaker into an enclosure from a TTS speaker, and reblowing it with Legomanbiffo, it sounded very good to be fair for a 10 year old decoder and one of Legomanbiffo’s early sound files. As Charlie said you will be lucky to find a 100 ohm speaker to fit the tanks, so you might be forced t
  5. Here’s a class 50 which was sent for sound fitting, I used an EM1 and a small tablet speaker. The EM1 has plenty of bass and would be fine on its own if it wasn’t 0.5 watts. I used the smallest, weakest second speaker I had so that you mainly hear the EM1 which is an excellent speaker. The sound is Jamie Goodman’s sound file. Richard
  6. Yeah, you'll be able to buy the sound files from people and have them emailed to you, or choose from the small range of ESU sound files that suit British locos and are free Richard
  7. You can't change that as far as I know, you need an 'MKL' standard decoder which has powered aux 3 and 4, if you use a decoder where aux 3 and 4 aren't powered from the decoder, they just stay permanently lit. Your best bet would be to reblow that decoder to use in something else then buy a Loksound 5 MKL for the Hattons model. A Lokprogrammer wont help here. Someone may say it can be adjusted by changing some of the switches, but I've not seen anyone do that sucessfully Richard
  8. I’ve used wheeltappers before and thought it was good, it’s best to use a micro size decoder Richard
  9. I got a load of new wagons to extend my ballast spoil rake, I usually weather my own but these all came pre weathered from 'The weathering works' and I must say his work is excellent! I got two class 37's out to pull them round and thought they were worth a video, they sound excellent! The front loco is fitted with an EM2 which involved milling the chassis and the rear is fitted with an EM1 and a small speaker under the fan, I can either do this for people or its the kind of project you might want to take on yourself at home. Believe it or not, both of these models are fitted with Loksound sel
  10. People have been asking for a video of the Legomanbiffo class 42 Warship for a while and I've finally got around to it. I like it, the next step will be to add a bigger speaker, probably an EM2. For now though it just has a 26x14x7 speaker https://www.roads-and-rails.co.uk/collections/speakers/products/26x14x7-bass-enhanced-dcc-sound-speaker-4-ohm
  11. I was sent this class 37 to fit with a better speaker and reblow with Legomanbiffo sound. I wasnt expecting a Loksound 3.5 but the owner wanted to go ahead with it anyway. I used the existing speaker in a Hornby TTS speaker enclosure which is fully sealed, and used Legomanbiffo's older Loksound 3.5 sound file which still sounds great Richard
  12. I was until I realised you had rejected all the help Charlie had tried to offer you (and the help from others who he asked to speak to you). I shared those messages in case they could help Charlie get his money/decoder back. Which you have now done by the look of it so well done for doing the right thing in the end. Richard
  13. The cab light function could be enabled by changing a few CV’s even if it wasn’t already on one of the functions Richard
  14. In parallel, but only on V5's and recent V4's its this one https://www.roads-and-rails.co.uk/collections/speakers/products/35x14x9mm-compact-bass-reflex-speaker-12-ohm Richard
  15. Hi, Ken, I used a 12 ohm small bass reflex under the fan with it, it gives a load of around 3.5 ohms, you can also use any of the small 4 ohm speakers in series but it might be a bit too quiet Richard
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