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  1. Well I tried the Samsung speaker with Jamie Goodman's new sound file for the 20's and It was very poor, it distorted a lot and was fairly quiet, so much so I thought there was a fault with either the speaker or decoder, I loaded a different file onto it and it was better, so it proved the speaker worked. I then tried Jamie goodman's file again with a double iPhone speaker and its much better, sounds great! its funny how different sound files suit different speakers Richard
  2. Can't see anything in the picture because its too blurry. Is it the purple wire? if so it isnt needed but it would be wise to keep the Can't see anything in the picture because its too blurry. Is it the purple wire? if so it isnt needed but it would be wise to keep the end of it insulated and stuck down out of the way Richard
  3. from my experience, you'll be lucky if you notice the effect of it at all, don't expect anything more than half a second of power Richard
  4. Resetting a TTS decoder does not delete the sound! theres a lot of bad info given out about sound decoders, even by model shops who should really know more about what they are selling. In Hornby's own instructions it tells you that this can be done. Richard
  5. Last time I spoke to the guy who did the installation he was thinking about fitting some small capacitors underneath, i'm not sure if he ever did or not but I know there was no space left in the model. One thing thats worth mentioning is that you have to remove the heat shrink from the decoder to install it, and doing so voids your warranty. When I peeled the heat shrink off there was a component of the decoder suck to it which fell off the decoder meaning I had to pay around £20 plus postage to exchange it. It does sound very good though if you are willing to put the effort and money into it. Richard
  6. What decoder are you using? You’re going to be very limited for space, the stay alive might have to go in the cab. Richard
  7. Sounds like the fan might have over loaded the chip? Is there any evidence of burning (smell or burnt components) I’m not too up on O gauge but I know with OO gauge decoders it’s possible for part of the decoder to fail but for other parts of it to keep working Richard
  8. It’s only because it doesn’t work on most controllers, if it worked on yours then you have nothing to worry about. Richard
  9. I had one here for sound and light fitting. There’s no hiding the fact that it’s an older model and that the windows are wrong, but the livery application is great and it’s a nice smooth runner. Richard
  10. Here’s another 08 i’ve done with a light fading effect. I used provincial blue to lighten the sides and roof. Richard
  11. Here's the 9F from Wheeltappers, its great! probably the best steam loco I've heard. It surprises me how few people know of his sounds when they are as good as this. Richard
  12. Hi, I appreciate the recommendation but this wouldn't be for me, personally I'm not really a believer in sound fitting older models such as Lima, although it can be done, these models rarely run as well as new ones or have good enough pickups to really get the best from a sound decoder. I have done it in the past with only average results. The last thing I want to do is take £100+ per loco and deliver a model which is only 'ok' My advice would be to sell them and put the money towards some newer, better running models. If you are keeping them for sentimental reasons and really do want them to have sound you would be better sourcing Hornby railroad/tts chassis which do tend to run a little bit smoother. Richard
  13. Thanks, they can easily be turned down through cv changes so it’s an easy fix. I think it’s always a bit of a compromise with models because when people pay for lights to be fitted they like to be able to see them clearly. I know a lot of people like them fitted so that they can tell which direction it’s going in. Richard
  14. I've previously done a class 40 with an EM2, the owner of it had a second one and wanted it to sound a bit different so I fitted this one with an EM1 and sugarcube. its great, I'm really happy with how it turned out, I might have to start using EM1's more often. Richard
  15. I've done another video, this time comparing the Howes and Legomanbiffo class 60's. The Legomanbiffo one has a megabass speaker and the Howes one is paired to an EM2. I previously used Legomanbiffo sound with the EM2 but it didn't really have enough bass to use that speaker, it actually sounds better with the Megabass speaker. The Howes one is a little bit on the quiet side but does have a lot of bass.
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