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  1. I used Jamie Goodmans new 08 file for someone recently which sounded nice if you are looking for a bit of variety
  2. Its not great to be honest. I've used it a hand full of times where people were really keen to keep the cost down as much as possible and were happy with a lower quality sound file, but I wouldn't use it myself. Richard
  3. I do a lot of short videos for Instagram and Facebook etc which a lot of people will never see so I have put some of the best ones together in a longer compilation video. Richard
  4. I hadn't realised until I fitted this class 46n with sound that its a sound file I've never used, it sounds better than the similar 45 in my opinion. I used it with a double iPhone speaker under the fan. https://www.roads-and-rails.co.uk/products/35x20x7mm-double-iphone-speaker-4-ohm Richard
  5. He’s right, it’s perfectly in sync, the drain cocks are louder than the chuffs, if you start with the drain cocks off you get chuffs from when it’s moving. The model has already gone back now.
  6. I did a Dapol Mogul yesterday, its a really well thought out model for sound fitting. The decoder goes on a tray which pulls out of the smoke box and the the tender already has wires in place for a speaker. I used a cut down 26x11 sugarcube in the boiler and 20x40 bass enhanced in the tender. https://www.roads-and-rails.co.uk/collections/speakers/products/20x40x8mm-bass-enhanced-dcc-sound-speaker-8-ohm Richard
  7. Here's a video of the 20's above. Richard
  8. Volume range is 0-192, 192 is the maximum, just to save you having to look it up Underneath the clear heat shrink the plug and ribbon cable actually plug into a next18 socket, which is why you can simply take the harness with the ribbon cabe off and connect a new harness such as the one I linked to with bare wires. it comes with some new heat shrink to put back over the decoder and only needs very gentle heat with a hair dryer to shrink it Richard
  9. Is it a micro decoder I presume? They do make one specifically for hard wiring with the leads on, or you can buy it as an adaptor separately to connect to the decoder you already have https://www.roads-and-rails.co.uk/products/esu-51993-fly-lead-adaptor?_pos=1&_sid=317b98d5f&_ss=r Richard
  10. One of today’s jobs was to fit a pair of class 20’s with Legomanbiffo sound and double iPhone slim speakers which fit the space perfectly https://www.roads-and-rails.co.uk/collections/speakers/products/50x18x7mm-double-iphone-speaker-slim-4-ohm Richard
  11. I'm not sure if they would speed match properly, its best to send 'legomanbiffo' a pm I think, he will be able to answer better Richard
  12. This class 45 was sent for a speaker upgrade, its one of the older models but the same double iPhone speaker should work in the newer ones too. https://www.roads-and-rails.co.uk/collections/speakers/products/35x20x7mm-double-iphone-speaker-4-ohm Richard
  13. I've done quite a few videos's recently because I've been trying a few different sound files/speaker combinations. One that has worked particularly well is this Legomanbiffo class 60 with a 25x25x7 megabass speaker which fits easily under the exhaust https://www.roads-and-rails.co.uk/collections/speakers/products/25x25x7mm-square-megabass-speaker-4-ohm Richard
  14. I've heard very good things about them, I have one to try but I haven't used it yet because I've got a load of Laisdcc ones to use up first, those are good too but only use 2 wires. Underground Eric on here raves about them, hes the one that told me to try one Richard
  15. Sometimes you need to disable aux6 on the v4 when you use a stay alive, that might be your problem. I can’t remember the CV’s off the top of my head but they are on here somewhere. The other issue could just be the capacity of the stay alive, on Jenny Kirk’s video review if these it’s fitted to a Dapol pug with no sound and the run time is short, add sound and it will be half that, maybe less. Richard
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