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  1. Here are a few I took today in Leeds, I was actually hoping the light engine might be a 59 because it had come from a quarry down south and when I googled the location there were a lot of class 59's there. I was going to head home but from pepper road I could see two 66's leaving the container terminal so I went to the next bridge (Wakefield Road) to get them.
  2. Yeah, I just cut 4 seat backs off and sat it across the seats, the windows are small so you don. notice the speaker Richard
  3. Another class 37 file that I dont hear very often is the Coastal 37/0, thats what I was asked to fit to this model. The space was limited with it being an older 8 pin model so I used a 27mm round bass speaker. Richard
  4. It's all down to my EM2 video Charlie! Richard
  5. There’s some information about it here, the sound file originated from ‘marks trains’ I think https://wicknessmodels.co.uk/information/marwick-explained/ Richard
  6. Over the years I’ve heard most sound files by most sound providers but this was a first for me today, I’ve see a few video’s of wickness models sound files but I’ve not had one here before until this was sent for a better speaker. Some of the sounds are very toy like but the engine sounds have a nice tone to them and I like the flange squeal and random horns Richard
  7. I've done another 117 model, this time a blue and grey one with Jamie Goodman sound. I used the 25x25x7 speakers again which do give much better sound quality than the standard speaker. I agree that you could use the standard speakers and get away with it if you accept the lower volume and sound quality, but I was paid £150 to supply and fit the sound to this so it needed to be good. The speaker in the decoder end is completely hidden, in the other end its just visible at the top of one of the windows but crucially it doesn't cover any led's for the interior lighting. Richard
  8. Fairly easy, they dont go in the same place though. I put them under the pcb near the coupling end facing downwards. Richard
  9. I usually try to avoid recording the same thing twice but these 117’s sound so good I thought it was worth doing a video of the Blue and grey one whilst I have it here. It uses the Jamie goodman dmu file which I have remapped to suit the enhanced lighting of the Bachmann model. The speakers have been swapped for 25x25x7 speakers. Richard
  10. One of my customers regualrly sends me Australian models to do like this one. I used a small tablet speaker for its good sound quality from a small speaker and also a flat sugarcube which increased the volume Richard
  11. Legomanbiffo class 70 with an EM1 speaker in the fuel tanks Richard
  12. Hi, what are you watching it on? I made the video and listened to it on a new 16 inch MacBook which has very good speakers, I just had a listen on my iPhone 11 and it doesn’t sound anywhere near as good as the laptop so maybe that’s the problem, I’m not sure. Sounds good in the flesh. It’s not a new Legomanbiffo sound file, it’s the same as the one you have probably used in some of your dmu’s Richard
  13. New Bachmann 121 with Legomanbiffo sound Richard
  14. It’s too wide for a 47 unfortunately
  15. Ive known TTS decoders fail in Lima locos, I think the stall current of some of the motors is too high for TTS so its something you need to be aware of
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