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  1. They only make 8 pin tts decoders so you would need to use an adaptor, it might be tight for space
  2. I've made a few changes to my A class, because I wasn't convinced the second speaker was helping, and having removed it and turned upon the volume of the engine a bit I do think it sounds noticeably better. The EM1 style speaker is now connected directly to the decoder and the sugarcube that was under the PCB has been removed. It's brought the sound in line with my other EM1 speaker fitted models now, where as before I felt like it could do with a bit more bass Richard
  3. Usually a built in speaker is connected to 2 pins on a 21 pin decoder which you don’t get on an 8 pin plug, so you’ll still have to connect the speaker wires from the decoder to the model. Which model are you thinking of fitting TTS to?
  4. Irish railway models A class fitted with their own sound using the factory fitted speaker Richard
  5. Bachmann class 37 with two of the 20x20x7 speakers fitted, this sounds roughly the same as a 25x25x7 megabass speaker but quite a lot louder https://www.roads-and-rails.co.uk/collections/speakers/products/20x20x7mm-megabass-mini-dcc-sound-speaker-8ohm Richard
  6. Fitted sound to mine tonight, using the recommended decoder from the IRM website and the built in speakers. The sound is very good for a factory fitted model, a little on the quiet side maybe but other than that it’s hard to fault. The cab lights and shunting lights are on the opposite functions to what the function list says Richard
  7. Bachmann Thomas The Tank Engine with wheeltapppers sound. I decided against using the music and voices that are available because I'm not sure where I would stand from a legal point of view without owning any rights to use them. I know the owners of Thomas have been quite strict in the past. Richard
  8. This class 56 was sent by a regular customer who asked me to use Coastal DCC sound for a change, it was my first time hearing the coastal 56 properly and its the first time I've used the 20x20x7 speaker in a class 56 instead of taking the fan out, I think this combination sounds particularly good. The speaker is at the opposite end to the fan, between the cab wall and PCB and sounds more than adequate. Find the sound and speaker here https://www.roads-and-rails.co.uk Richard
  9. its not my area of expertise unfortunately, I'm not too up on Zimo decoders O gauge, or the Z21, you will probably get more replies if you post this on the main dcc sound page rather than a specific thread that not everyone will look at Richard
  10. Just a bit of black tack, you dont need a lot, blu tack or sticky dots would also work
  11. Hi, the original is 8 ohms, the replacement is 2 8 ohm in parallel, to give 4 ohms (you can use either on a loksound 5) I’m selling them as a plug in replacement, already wired and ready to go https://www.roads-and-rails.co.uk/collections/recently-added/products/rails-of-sheffield-dcc-sound-18000-gas-turbine-dcc-loco-speaker-upgrade-plug-and-play-no-soldering-required
  12. I posted this elsewhere on the forum but for the benefit of the people that follow this page, here's the inside of the new Heljan/Rails Of Sheffield 18000 model, firstly with the standard speaker, and then with an improved megabass setup. Standard: Upgraded, the megabass speakers fit under the PCB facing down: I can supply the speakers ready to plug in as you see in the photo, find them here: https://www.roads-and-rails.co.uk/collections/recently-added/products/rails-of-sheffield-dcc-sound-18000-gas-turbine-dcc-loco-speaker-upgrade-plug-and-play-no-soldering-required Richard
  13. Here's the pair of speakers on my website, they are connected and ready to use https://www.roads-and-rails.co.uk/collections/recently-added/products/rails-of-sheffield-dcc-sound-18000-gas-turbine-dcc-loco-speaker-upgrade-plug-and-play-no-soldering-required Richard
  14. I had a look at my model this afternoon and its got plenty of space for a speaker upgrade, the standard speaker is an old iPhone speaker by the look of it I took that out and connected two small megabass speakers to the plug and fitted 1 under each bogie, its much better now, the speakers are also in a better position over the openings for the bogies Take care when positioning the speakers that they don't get in the way of the screw holes, along with the wires which all need to be taped out of the way of the screws. I'll make the upgrade available on my website and eBay so thats its plug and play, with the speakers already soldered to a plug, I will post links when I've done it for anyone interested. Richard
  15. Yeah he had a sample of the model and sorted all that out, his sound is also in the factory fitted models. As far as I know there's no alternative to that sound at the moment, it sounds very good. Richard
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