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  1. They’re 8 ohms, so 2 in paralell is 4 ohms. It’s safe to use one on its own with esu too, it’s just quieter
  2. Hornby models with XS at the en of the model number had 21 pin Loksound decoders, mainly V3.5 and occasionally V4, the standard, non sound models are 8 pin so it wouldnt be an easy swap. You cant just switch the bodies either because the wiring for the lights is different. You will probably find it easier to sell the sound model as it is and put the money towards a new decoder. Some business's like mine offer a free speaker upgrade, and the current Loksound 5 is a lot better than the older versions used by Hornby https://www.roads-and-rails.co.uk/collections/sound-decoders Richard
  3. Bachmann class 37 with Legomanbiffo Wensleydale DCC sound and an EM1 and megabass speaker. https://www.roads-and-rails.co.uk Richard
  4. Hornby 08 with Jamie Goodman sound and a 26x14x7mm bass enhanced speaker Richard
  5. Bachmann items where the model number ends DS are sound fitted with either a Zimo or ESU sound decoder so you dont need anything else Richard
  6. If you mean free files then the ones on the ESU website are all you will find. Most of the people that produce sound files will sell serial locked sound files for around £20. I once found a large database of Japanese files which were also free, but I've never seen a British equivalent Richard
  7. Hi, I have sent it twice to the email address I have for you so it may have gone to junk mail Thanks
  8. Its the double iPhone speaker, a few people had been referring to it as that at the time I made the ebay listing, so I gave it that name to make sure people could find it. A pair of 20x20x7 Megabass speakers is better
  9. My eBay shop is included in the 20% off deal, I sell sound decoders, speakers tools and diecast vehicles https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/roadsandrailsmodels Richard
  10. It might be worth just fitting a stay alive, it would stop it stalling, I often fit them to locos where pickups can be an issue. Richard
  11. I prefer sound fitted locos, but I might be biased as my business revolves around DCC sound. I do agree that too much of it can be a distraction but I think if you are only running a few locos at a time and dont have them set really loud they are better than running the locos silently. I think the speakers used can make a big difference too, a more bassy speaker sounds more realistic, and doesn't get as annoying as something that sounds high pitched and tinny. I've seen some nice layouts at exhibitions without sound and they just seem like they are missing something if all the locos are silent in my opinion. They dont grab my attention as much as a DCC sound layout Richard
  12. That’s one of the issues with the gaugemaster controllers, you can’t change functions between latching and non latching like you can on most other controllers. The only way around it would be to remap functions on the decoder, for example you could swap the whistle and safety valve if you were able to find the correct cv’s to do it, but it would leave you with functions in arguably the wrong places to suit the controller. Another way around it would be to change your controller to something which allows you to change the buttons between latching and non latching, European designed controllers tend to be better than this than US or rebranded US stuff Richard
  13. in my opinion if you have that many locos to fit sound to you should just switch to DCC. If you stay on DC you can use Loksound and Zimo decoders in a very compromised way, you would just get the engine sounds but nothing else. You would only be able to use one of the features but would still be paying over £2000 for it if you convert everything you mentioned. The same decoders would work on DCC but with all the features available. Is there any particular reason for wanting to stay on DC? Richard
  14. Hi, I have a sheet that I send out with them, I’ll email it over
  15. Thats the photo I've seen before in one of your other posts and its a good way of sorting the problem. These plugs fit the sockets on most Heljan locos, I'm not sure if there any variations between the sockets they use on different models though https://www.roads-and-rails.co.uk/collections/accessories/products/Heljan-speaker-connection-plug-fits-cn6-socket I tried it on a recent class 25 model and it worked Richard
  16. This week I was sent a recently released class 45 for a megabass speaker upgrade as well as some heavy weathering. I used a pair of the new 20x20x7 megabass speakers. https://www.roads-and-rails.co.uk/collections/speakers/products/20x20x7mm-megabass-mini-dcc-sound-speaker-8ohm Richard
  17. Thanks, Yeah should be good, I haven't done a H2 but from recent experience the 27mm round bass enhanced, 20x20x7 and 25x25x7 all sound great with steam locos.
  18. Hi, it doesn't, Howes haven't put braking pin any files, I could add it though if needed before I send it
  19. Thats right, add any 5 individual speakers and the cheapest is deducted automatically
  20. Yeah it’s on the board somewhere, I can’t remember where off the top of my head but I just know it says cn6 next to it, that’s the one designed for the speaker
  21. You use the CN6 socket, you can either break the socket and solder to it, to I can send you a free wire, if you want the wire email me your address and I can send it tomorrow Richard
  22. You need to find the speaker connections on the model, there aren't any on the 21 pin decoder
  23. You can, send me a message if you want, it’s something I could do through my business (roads and rails), Richard
  24. It sounds like the modifications have been done by someone who wasnt really sure what they were doing. On a V4 you dont have enough functions to have more than 5 lighting outputs, you either need to choose between separate tail lights and disconnecting the cab lights (which it sounds like you dont want) Or the lights could be re wired back to standard, giving normal directional lights where the switch for the red lights controls them. Both cab lights would come on together with whatever button controls Aux 1 like the original model. Richard
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