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  1. Thank you both. Rob, the signs are from the superb Sankey Scenics range of printed signage. https://www.sankeyscenics.com/ Terry
  2. The layout is at the rather enjoyable stage where I can indulge myself in adding the fine detail. All that virgin platform fencing was simply crying out for some decoration. Out came the beautiful enamelled advertising signs from Sankey Scenics... A general view of the station... Terry
  3. As discussed earlier in this thread I decided to add a few trees to the rear of the layout to add a bit of vertical height to a fairly flat landscape. I thought that I would give the seafoam method a try and was surprised how fast the trees can be produced. The five trees made are all grouped behind the station and I am considering whether to add some to the other half of the layout for balance. I am also considering putting a strip of LEDs above the trees to eradicate the inevitable shadows cast onto the backscene sky. This is how they look... Terry
  4. Some great pictures here. I like this project. Terry
  5. A bit more track detail added today. Etched brass kits by Shire Scenes from Dart Castings. Superglued together and stuck on a base of card. Terry
  6. Thanks Rob. It's nice to know how things should be done and worth bearing in mind for next time. However, the point rodding and signal pulleys/wires are simply a nod to the existence of same on the prototype. Currently making the point levers for the points not operated from the signal box. Terry
  7. Thanks Chris. Terry
  8. Well, the point rodding is finally finished and I think it improves the look of the layout. The next job was to run the signal cable from the signal box to the site of the ground signal. The small post which support the signal cables were made from short lengths of 40 thou square plastic strip with a slither of plastic rod attached to represent the pulley wheel on which the cable runs. The signal cable is .25mm nylon thread which fits nicely around the superb 3D printed signal pulleys. The SR ground signal is constructed from an etched brass kit which is held together with superglue. Here
  9. The platform end will be the absolute limit for a passenger train, although in practice trains will stop about half-way along the platform. The point beside the platform will have a ground signal facing the run-round loop to protect the platform line from engines running round the train. Terry
  10. Thanks for that Barry. So it's actually between Tilbury and Canvey Island. Not far from Corringham of the Corringham Light Railway fame. Terry
  11. Thanks for the info Chris. Have you got any photos to illustrate? Re the point at the end of the platform, I hve been informed that this can be operated by a hand lever as no passenger vehicles will be traversing it. Is this the case? Terry
  12. That's a brilliant idea Chris. Who's point rodding are you using? Terry
  13. Thank you. Of course I am installing my point rodding after ballasting. Apart from having to remove the odd bit of ballast to glue the stools to the baseboard surface, it hasn't been much of a problem so far. I fear the Wills' product might prove a bit delicate if it gets knocked about during ballasting. Terry
  14. I decided to abandon the idea of having a loading gauge. That has now been put away for another day and another layout. However, I have been making progress with the point rodding. It isn't quite finished yet but I thought I would report on the progress so far. Strictly speaking, as far as I am aware, being a Southern layout the point rodding should be of the round type, they originally being gas pipes as apparently, Stevens & Co. were originally a gas company before becoming involved with the railways. To my mind the best looking point rodding on the market at present is the Will
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