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  1. I attended on Sunday. Excellent show with plenty of space around the halls. Well done to everyone involved in the show. Nothing to do with the model railway show or organisers, but as usual I was underwhelmed by what was on offer (or actually wasn't on offer) in the on site cafe. I went to the cafe up the road instead which has an extensive menu and tea is 50p cheaper, and doesn't come out of a machine.
  2. There was one of those medical programmes on tv a couple of nights ago which included the usual gory shots of operations taking place. Amusingly, a respected heart surgeon, doing a piece to camera, said that he originally wanted to be a lorry driver! He sounded rather disappointed that his career ambition didn't work out! Terry
  3. I was going to suggest email but I see that you have already done that. Terry
  4. Yes, WWS (World War Scenics) do a useful layering spray (buy the can, not the bottle). You just spray it over the area already covered in static grass and apply more. I suppose you could just use cheap hairspray but the WWS product dries matt. Terry
  5. I'm sure their shoulders are broad enough not to worry about it. Terry
  6. Is there a definition of 'mass produced'? Sixty sounds rather a lot to me. Terry
  7. IMHO there is still a need for a magazine which falls somewhere between MRJ, (with its ten page articles on how I made a left-handed widget for a kit which hasn't been available for twenty years), and RM, (with yet another article on how I built a layout for my grandchildren). There have been some good attempts over the years but sadly none lasted very long, for various reasons. I live in hope that someone with the knowledge and ability steps forward to fill the gap. Again, IMHO, the other mags do not fit the bill. Terry
  8. I tend to use the Woodland Scenics product, either medium or fine. Recently I bought a large tub of Chinchilla sand from a local pet shop. It is a mid-grey colour and equates to Woodland Scenics' medium grade ballast. At only £5 there is enough ballast to last for a few years. Terry
  9. I enjoyed the programme but found some of the content irrelevant as regards Hornby and its products. What I mainly derived from the programme was a desire to avoid the Hornby Visitor Centre. Terry
  10. Evidenced by the fact that it has been reported that people are removing the app in their droves. The NHS has advised its employees to ignore it whilst at work because too many healthy and uninfected clinicians were sitting at home causing huge staffing problems with knock-on effects in healthcare. The same has been reported in industry and transport. Essential services have been disrupted as too many healthy workers have been 'pinged' and stayed off work. Terry
  11. That's not proof that you were in close contact with a Covid carrier at GETS. How did you travel to and from the show? By train? No further comment necessary. By car? Did you stop alongside, in front of, or behind another vehicle during your journey? Being in contact, as far as the app is concerned, isn't actually the same as any actually being in physical contact. I think the app has now been largely discredited. Even NHS staff have been told to turn it off whilst at work. I tried to download the app at during the height of the pandemic. As the information on my mobile phone screen appeared to all be in Arabic, or similar, I gave up on it. Still waiting for the 'World beating track and trace system' promised by Government. That didn't happen, did it? Terry
  12. Hello Nick. I usually apply two or three layers of newspaper. That usually gives a shell which is strong enough for our purposes. Terry
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