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  1. The trackplan looks good. Maybe consider basing the station on Wembley Central and change the car park at the front for an LU line, with the sidings leading into (an off-scene) Wembley Yard)?
  2. It is a unrefurbished 37/0 - basically an as-built one.
  3. That's great - thanks. It's useful to know for grid placement on models, as well as how it works in the real world.
  4. I've got some of the details somewhere, but could you give a general overview of TPWS grid types and positions (ie distance to signals, bufferstops) please?
  5. Looks good so far. With regard legs - if the layout is staying at home, then bookshelves would likely be more useful for storing 'stuff', rather than having to fit boxes etc between legs.
  6. Even that picture is historic now - the ROG writing is different and it has cast 'Deltic' bogies!
  7. On each update of progress the scale (and quality) of your project becomes more obvious!
  8. No - I worked at Riley's. We stripped the parts we wanted, then cut the body into sections that would fit into a roll-skip! I did save some other off bits - bodyside steps etc - to incorporate into my shed, but I think they got left behind in a house move.
  9. Cut up by me! Still got the cab desk power handle assembly somewhere....
  10. First one preserved now..... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10158285266489626&id=254195414625
  11. Following a rumour that Saturday 15th February would be the "last day", I have had the following from a manager within Northern: 142's will be running until "at least" the 6th March in the North West, there will still be 2 diagrams that will include a 142 on them. There is already a nominated pool of 4 that will work these, with the other 10 NH based units moving to HT from the 15th Feb onward for storage. Hopefully it's of some use to people trying to get as much last-minute mileage as possible!
  12. 37906 is currently stored at UKRL Leicester, looking slightly worse than in your picture!
  13. That definetly looks like a clever design
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