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    Previously built model trams and the Leeds tram layouts. Now building Hunslet works in 7mm scale.

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  1. So I have bee trying to finalize the design for the working doors but I was struggling to visualize some of it so went back to the mock up and fitted the plastic doors I had made to see what if anything was going to fowl. This proved to be useful and there is a definite change needed to stop the inner and outer doors form catching under the board. But this seems to be OK now as can be seen in the video below - it will be even better when there is a track for the top of the doors to run in that will keep them apart.
  2. So I have made two today in the time it took to make the first one. I need nine in total but I think I have only enough angle to make two more for now. I am very pleased with the Jig and despite the fact the angles are not the same way round it still holds things enough to solder them up.
  3. First of all Happy Easter to everyone. We should be in York this weekend and I have to say I am missing it more this year than last. Hopefully shows will soon be back and we get back out there soon. So today I thought I would have a go at making the first roof truss for the boiler shop area of the layout. I made the jig a couple of months back but then discovered I had not etched all the parts needed so that held the job up for a while. Although they take a while to put together, the jig does work and I have now got number one from nine made.
  4. Pete Excellent web site. I will be sure to watch out for updates. let’s hope all the exhibitions get to start back up before the end of the year. Andy
  5. See latest photos below - I have recently cracked some basic 3d drawing and a friend with a printer has done the air filter housing and exhaust silencer and they really add to whats been done so far.
  6. I have done my second 3d drawing fro printing. This time the exhaust silencer for the Bord Na Mona loco. Innocentman has again printed it along with the aIr filter housing it looks really good. There are a few more items to draw like head lights and some bits for the drivers seat but if I can crack those it makes this look really good for updating into a kit.
  7. I know It needs painting first bit I added a wood top top to one of the benches to see how it looks. It makes a massive difference. looks just like my old bench. I have some white metal vices to fit to these so they will look great right down the sides of the erecting shop.
  8. So the other new etches I have are for the benches that run down both sides of the erecting shop. I managed to track down an original bench that was liberated from the site which I used to measure up and produce a drawing. From the drawings i produced etches for three different variants you would find on site. The etches cover two and four draw versions plus I have done one with no draws for the areas were there we cupboards under the benches. These need painting and then wooden tops will need
  9. Last weekend I managed to draw my first part in 3D to be hopefully 3D printed. See below the air filter housing for the Bord na Móna loco. I don't have a 3D printer (yet) but I have a friend (innocentman) that does who offered to give them a go. Today he dropped them off. So I have dropped one on to the trial assemble and it looks just the part. So i now need to look at the Exhaust silencer and head lights This will make the chances of making this into a kit even better bu
  10. The problem is that the loco is 38mm wheel base and looks like Marks only go up to 35mm. Black Beatles look like they went to 38mm but they do not appear to be available at the moment.
  11. Richard So I looked back through my old information and it was Dowding and Mills that did the geni. Yes we kept the clutch drive for the fan - the biggest issue was the right angle drive gears. It was a good job and I enjoyed it - we had some good night in Belfast as well when we went for meetings - I am sure the Crown pub is still there not so sure about the red Panda Chinese. Andy R
  12. Many years ago (21 in fact) I built 13 trusses for Headingley depot. these were from 2 and 1mm brass angle. the drawing was drawn with CAD, printed out and stuck to some soft board with double sided tape and the angles pinned in place and soldered. I think I only had to change the drawing for a fresh one twice. Incredibly strong when all put together. I have some large ones for the new layout and I have made a wooden jig, but the etches for the joining plates have only just turned up so i have not tried it yet. Andy R
  13. If anyone is interested I am looking to see what the interest might be if I do the Bord na Móna loco as a kit. I have started a new topic for this, if you are please go to https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/163029-interest-in-bord-na-móna-locomotive Andy R
  14. As part of my Hunslet project (See link at bottom of page) I have been producing etches for several Hunslet Locomotives during different parts of the build process in the works in 7mm scale. Because of what they are intended for they have been drawn almost the same as the originals including all cut outs and internal details, and component parts, such as fuel tanks and air reservoirs, etc. One of the these loco types is the later Bord na Móna locos that were built in the 80's. I have done changes to the etches so I can build one of these up at 21mm gauge
  15. Yes I work for Hunslet. The engines were taken out and overhauled. I am trying to remember who did the generators. I think it was Dowding and Mills. Andy R
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