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  1. Ken, I have been using an ERSA RDS80 since setting up Midland Carriage Works over 4 years ago. They cost around £140 at the moment, much cheaper than when I bought it. I can't recommend them enough. I haven't even had to replace a tip in that time. Regards Barry
  2. I use Slaters phosphor bronze pick up strips.
  3. I've followed this from the beginning in 2009 and cannot wait to see it. Very impressive piece of modelling. Barry Midland Carriage Works
  4. Hi The ex Janick range of Midland coaches went to Midland Carriage Works. www.midland-carriage-works.co.uk The buffers you can get from NMRS Models http://www.nmrs-models.co.uk/ Regards Barry
  5. Ken, Could I ask what sonic cleaner you use. Regards Barry
  6. Jaime, Can I ask you how long it has taken to get this far? I have been working on a pair for what seems like a lifetime and have another 9 sets to do. I noticed you haven't followed the order of assembly given be Slaters in there instructions. Any tips? Regards Barry
  7. David, Good luck with the investment. Barry Yardley Midland Carriage Works
  8. Hobbyhorse Developments do Salter valves http://www.hobbyhorse.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=59_66 Best regards Barry Yardley (Midland Carriage Works)
  9. Happy birthday for tomorrow Ken. Have a nice day.
  10. Does anyone know what happened to the Janick / Oldbury Models etched brass Midland Railway coach kits? They were with SM Models but they sold the rights on about 2 years ago. Any information would be most welcome. Thanks Barry Yardley
  11. Event Name: Birmingham MRC Model Railway Exibition Classification: Exhibition Address: Arden Hall Water Orton Road Castle Bromwich Birmingham B36 9PB Day 1: 26 October 2013 Opening times Day 1: 10:30 Day 2: 26 October 2013 Opening times Day 2: 10:30 Prices: Adult
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