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  1. From a little earlier, I wondered why there was gatherings at the ends of the Platforms. Todays 1638 Liverpool Lime Street to Paignton has celebrity 50007 Sir Edward Elgar up front, & here it is making it's call at Platform 7 Cheers for now, Mark
  2. Evening Everyone. Well no posts off me for almost 2 months, now this will be the 3rd in 3 days Todays shows the 14:59 InterCity arrival from London Euston hauled by 47406 'The Geordie'. She brings the train into Platform 4. Once it has deposited it's passengers, luggage, parcels & mail, it will go forward to Shrewford North Yard where the 47 will run round the stock & bring it back to Platform 7 where it will form the 1530 departure back to Euston Later at, 37426 growls its way into the station arriving at 1524 from Aberystwyth which will terminate here. During July & August, the 1050 Shrewford to Aberystwyth & 1330 return Aberystwyth to Shrewford is loco hauled vice a Sprinter.. A birds eye view of the 37 bringing it's 5 Mark 2 coaches into Platform 4. Passengers on this will change here for Wolverhampton, Birmingham & London connecting with the 1530 InterCity at Platform 7 And finally, 37426 departs the north end of the station with it's ECS heading to Crewe Cheers for now, Mark
  3. Thanks Nigel, So far not too bad thankfully as I'm double jabbed so feels more like a heavy cold. Your layout is looking excellent too, keep up the great work Well a few more from today... As it's 1987, the new Class 150/2 Sprinters have taken over 'some' services on the North & West route, supplementing the loco hauled services . The 1448 Pembroke Dock to Manchester Piccadilly is formed of a 4 car set & has just arrived at Platform 4 Over at Platform 6, an already packed 2 car 150/1 Sprinter 150128 has arrived with the 1450 Birmingham New Street to Barmouth. This will be a cosy run with the amount of luggage & passengers heading for the holiday resorts. Next a Class 56 approaches the centre road ready for a crew change with a Margam to Ravenscraig steel train As the steel train slows for it's stop, seen at bay Platform 5 is the 1505 DMU all stations to Cardiff Cheers for now, Mark
  4. Evening everyone. Apologies for the lack of instalments lately. Life has got in the way of modelling & I'd lost my mojo with the layout. However as I'm in the middle of isolating (The joys!!), I thought I'd uncover Shrewford, & run the summer sunday timetable circa 1987 & post some pics of the bit of action.. First up is a shot of the holding sidings full of stabled DMU's, postal stock & a Class 47 The 1500 DMU to Wolverhampton ticks over at Platform 5 A Shiny new Class 150/2 ticks over on the centre road & will shunt to Platform 4b to form the 1510 to Manchester Victoria via Chester & Helsby 47612 arrives at Platform 7 with the delayed 1443 'The Welshman/Y Cymro' Holyhead to Cardiff service After the Cardiff had departed 47436 then arrives into Platform 7 on the 1525 Shrewford to London Euston Later this evening the 1805 local to Crewe stands at Platform 7b formed of a humble 2 car Met Cam unit & at Platform 5 the 1805 Birmingham New Street to Aberystwyth formed of a jam packed 2 car Class 150/1 Sprinter Cheers for now, Mark
  5. 1977joey

    Dapol 142

    Many Thanks Simon, Amazing layout you have there too! . I have the Dapol easy shunts on the outer ends of My 150's so wonder how they might go, I can but try. Cheers, Mark
  6. 1977joey

    Dapol 142

    Many Thanks for that MGR Cheers, Mark
  7. 1977joey

    Dapol 142

    Hi Everyone, I just wondered if the cab end couplings have NEM pockets on these units? If so I might be tempted to get a couple of provincial ones to run with Farish my Class 150s ... Cheers, Mark
  8. Hi Everyone, Another summer saturday instalment. Today we see Network SouthEast 47581 in charge of the 1325 Shrewford to London Euston at Platform 7 Which is then seen making it's departure.. A Class 20 & 25 are over on the stabling point. A couple of Class 150/1 Sprinter's are about to attach at Platform 6 ready to form the 1355 to Birmingham New Street A Class 31 is in charge of the Margam to Dee marsh steel & waits on the centre road until the Birmingham to Llandudno DMU which is due shortly has cleared.. Next the Birmingham New Street to Llandudno approaches Platform 3 formed of a 6 car Tyseley Class 101 combo Cheers for now, Mark
  9. Hi Everyone, The summer timetable came into operation in May (circa 1987 ) It's a summer Saturday session, the 1241 Cambrian Coast express to Aberystwyth (Ex Euston) approaches Platform 4 behind 37426 having taken over this train at Wolverhampton, formed of a rake of Network SouthEast Mark 1's... Seen at Platform 5 is the 1230 Sprinter to Wolverhampton (The 1015 from Aberystwyth), strengthened to 4 coaches from the usual 2 37426 is quickly uncoupled & run round the train ready for reversal for it's next leg of the journey towards Welshpool & onto Aber She is then coupled to the other end of the train as a 3 car Met Cam DMU approaches Platform 6 with a terminating service from Cardiff After a break test, 37426 departs Platform 4 right time at 1241 Cheers, Mark
  10. Thankyou Jonas, Glad you like it Thanks for that info James & for the kind comments, much appreciated Cheers, Mark
  11. Well a couple more pics, this time from today & DMU's. First up the 1601 local service from Wolverhampton formed of a pair of Tyseley Bubble cars has arrived at Platform 5, these will be cleaned & watered ready for the return working at 1625 One of the 'New Kids' of the time, a 150/1 Sprinter is stabled over at the disused Platform 1, this will be forming the 1705 Shrewford to Aberystwyth & will shunt out to Platform 5 when the Wolverhampton DMU has cleared. Then finally at Platform 4b stands a 3 car Class 101 DMU on the 1605 Shrewford to Bangor Gwynnedd service, this train is all stops to Crewe before heading towards Chester & North wales Cheers for now, Mark
  12. Many thanks Nigel, I'm glad you like it A couple of zoomed in shots of the daily InterCity 125 Plymouth to Liverpool yesterday (circa 1987), making it's call at Platform 4 at 1550. This HST service I've pinched with modellers license to swing on/off the WCML at Crewe to run via Shrewsbury/Shrewford as an excuse to run the HST, a train that's always impressed me since I was a kid! One issue with my dummy power car is the tail light's don't seem to work anymore, the white headlights are fine but just not red the tails, She is 10 years old this year so not sure if the light's have just had their day.. Cheers for now, Mark
  13. Hi Everyone, I have now finally painted the canopies at the northern end of the station in the creamy/beige colour to match much of the rest of the station, a job I should have done when I constructed it, but at least it's now done. Here is a couple of shots of the canopy: Then some train running from last night: First up 47710 having visited Crewe works is on the 1859 Cardiff to Manchester & is seen after arrival at Platform 4 Over in the Bays, a Network South East Class 101 covering the none availability of a Class 116/117 (In reality a model of this type of unit sadly does not exist in N gauge) is on the 1857 to Nottingham at Platform 5 next to a welsh Class 108 which will go forward on the 1905 all stations to Cardiff A look over at the stabling point showing a 47, a 20 which has been on station pilot duties, & a DMU which was detached from the NSE 101 when it arrived at Platform 5 off a peak time service from Birmingham New Street. This unit will stabled overnight A little later, 50040 causes a stir when it arrives on some vans from Bristol Temple Meads to Chester & arrives at Platform 3 Then a Class 25 changes drivers at Platform 7 taking some empty wagons from Shrewford North Yard to Bescot Finally a 33 is on the 2038 Manchester to Cardiff Cheers for now, Mark
  14. I absolutely agree with this statement & share the frustration. I've been praying for the Class 117 DMU to be shrunk as we have a real lack of choice regarding first generation passenger DMU's with just the 101, 108 None headcode box type (short framed units) & Dapol's bubble cars (long framed) on offer. In OO gauge, you can choose from: Derby lightweight (Bachmann), 101(Bachmann), 104 (Forthcoming from Heljen), 105 (Bachmann) 108 (Both small destination cab dome & headcode box versions by Bachmann) 117 (Bachmann) 121 (Bachmann) When the Class 117 DMU was announced in 2015 I really thought this would hit the shrinkray too, but even with already produced models in new liveries (such as the 101, 108 & 150) have taken/are taking years to hit the shops compared to OO offerings after being announced It is very frustrating. Cheers, Mark
  15. Thanks Mark I've had a little running session this eve after completing the new storage sidings extension. This is now fully operational I'm glad to say, now to sort out a scenic screen to hide them from view behind the north end of the station. Here is a couple of pictures of the new sidings... Then a wee running session while I recover from my hangover A Class 20 is on station pilot duties & shunts some vans into Platform 3, a Sprinter is at Platform 7 on the 1625 Chester to Wolverhampton, Cardiff based DMU C814 is at Platform 6 to form the 1657 to Swansea Via Llandrindod, & finally 37429 is on the 1638 Liverpool to Cardiff Cheers for now Mark
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