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  1. Thanks Mark I've had a little running session this eve after completing the new storage sidings extension. This is now fully operational I'm glad to say, now to sort out a scenic screen to hide them from view behind the north end of the station. Here is a couple of pictures of the new sidings... Then a wee running session while I recover from my hangover A Class 20 is on station pilot duties & shunts some vans into Platform 3, a Sprinter is at Platform 7 on the 1625 Chester to Wolverhampton, Cardiff based DMU C814 is at Platform
  2. Thanks Jonas, Glad you like it Can't beat a bit of 80's Cheers, Mark
  3. Due to the none availability of a Class 37/4 tonight, Banger blue 37254 has the honours on tonight's 1J11 the 1847 Cambrian Coast Express to Aberystwyth (Ex Euston) Cheers for now, Mark
  4. Love your layout Nigel, fantastic room for it too Another’s fellow Welsh borders modeller too Looking forward to seeing more Cheers, Mark
  5. Many thanks Melangoose, I'll do my very best to do more vids, glad you enjoyed them Cheers, Mark
  6. Hi Everyone, Well the first train has now run under it's own power onto the new extension where I am adding the new storage sidings/fiddle yard for my longest loco hauled trains. As you can see from the pictures how cramped the sidings currently in use behind the scenic section are & my sausage fingers adding/detaching coaches & wagons is a nightmare. I did like the compact feel to the layout how it was, but needs must. Only down side is, it is now far more awkward to get good views of the trains at the north end of the s
  7. Many thanks Dave & Graham The 37 coupled up a little too quick, though not bad going considering I had one hand on the controller & the other holding the phone filming ha ! Well some more pictures from this morning as Sprinter's hog the bay platforms. At Platform 5 is a 150/1 on the 1050 to Aberystwyth (standing room only on this train) while at Platform 6 a 150/2 is on the 1105 all stops down the marches line to Cardiff. A little later a banger blue 47 approaches Platform 3 with the 1116 departure to Bangor Gwynedd via Wrexham (ex Cardiff)
  8. Hi Everyone, Well as the light nights are here, photographs/video's of the 1847 'down' Cambrian Coast Express departure at Shrewford are now possible. Yesterdays (Circa 1987) arrival & departure is shown in the following video as well as other movements through the station during this busy hour. 47535 will be seen arriving with the full rake of stock from Euston (which itself took over at Wolverhampton from an electric, It runs round to collect the First Class & Buffet which is detached & runs back to Oxley (Wolverhampton) 37426 Y Lein Fach/Vale Of Rheidol is then co
  9. Thankyou Imsforever, May look into doing that, glad you like it Well, Evening everyone, A few minutes of activity at Shrewford today showing a Euston arrival, A class 37 on the Cardiff, a DMU on the Birmingham stopper. My mum also managed to ring & interrupt the recording at the very end (as you will hear bless her !!) as there probably would have been a few minutes more lol! Anyhow, Enjoy Cheers, Mark
  10. Cheers for that info Mike, though I'd like to know if the actual coupler can be changed to allow it to work in multiple with other second generation units such as the 150's. If it's an NEM socket then that's great. If not then that restricts it to just working in multiple with other 158's On the other hand, if it's not NEM, Farish could possibly make Sharfenberg couplers that are NEM a modeller could purchase seperately to convert 150's & the like to couple up to the 158. After all, that's the fun of multiple units, to be able to couple them up with others, just a thought...
  11. I wonder if the couplings on the front ends will have NEM sockets so as you can run them in multiple with such as the 150’s ....
  12. Hi everyone, A few pictures of yesterdays evening rush hour at Shrewford: First up a birds eye view over Platforms 3 & 4 showing the 1719 Birmingham New Street to Chester has arrived at Platform 3 formed of a very packed 2 car Class 150/1 Sprinter & a Class 33 has just arrived at Platform 4 with the 1714 Bangor to Cardiff: Having arrived at 1710, going forward at 1725 is the Aberystwyth to Wolverhampton Sprinter having arrived at Platform 6, this will follow the InterCity London Euston service which departs at 1721 Hoover fans are tr
  13. Afternoon evreyone, So the inspiration of Shrewford was what I remember of Shrewsbury as a kid, particularly the Cambrian Coast Express Euston to Aberystwyth. In this series of pictures shows the up working the 07:14 Aber to Euston, due to depart Shrewford 09:30 & the maneuver's that took place in the 86/87 period at Shrewford. First up, 47612 'Titan' is seen on the centre road having bought up the First Class coaches & Buffet car from Oxley, Wolverhampton. Next, the sounds of growling as 37429 appears with the standard class only coaches from Aberystwyth
  14. Hi Everyone. I've been building another signal gantry on the southern approaches to the station. It's a mix of pieces I've kit bashed from Ratio & CR signals. This controls movements into the station platforms with theatre route indicators & position lights & also acts as the intermediate signals on departure using the feather's. All signals are dummies on Shrewford until I may one day electrify everything. I'm happy with it for now though. I've also now got the station sign up on the main building. Here's a few pictures...
  15. Hi 61656, Keep her & renumber her as a canton 37/4, they were regulars on the north wales coast in the late 80's. I model N gauge & we only have the Scottish one's available but i've renumbered & renamed mine, courtesy of Railtec Transfers Here's my 37429 Eisteddford Genedleithol & 37426 Y Lein Fach/Vale Of Rheidol Loving your layout progress Cheers, Mark
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