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  1. Only just caught up with this thread. I tried to get the K's motor etc. working on my J70 tram loco, but couldn't get it to the standard I wanted, so gave up. Many, many years later, came up with the bright idea of putting a Hollywood Foundry chassis under the body. Now very happy with the running - just need to do interior details, crew etc. I'm trying to attach a video, but think I'm hitting a size limit!
  2. Among many bits and pieces that I've inherited is an ECM Rambler hand controller, the one with 5 buttons for fast, slow, forward, reverse and stop. I know that these also need a separate unit to work, but with the sad demise of ECM the units are no longer available from them. Does anyone know of an alternative?
  3. PGC


    OK guys (and gals), an update. Being a senile old git, my diary got in a mess, as a result of which I won't be exhibiting Saxlingham at Glasgow as I will be in Chelmsford, some 400 miles away. Don't take it personally, Bungus, but I'll do a lot to avoid former owners of the layout. :-) Seriously, however, I am sad that the layout won't be back on the exhibition circuit just yet, although it MAY appear in Perth nextyear, but there's nothing definite about this yet. As I mentioned in previous posts, life has taken some fairly drastic turns over the last few years, as is still happening. In July I got married and, having sold our house in Essex, my wife and I are now searching for a plot of land on which we can build a house. Needless to say, I will be the project manager for this so I half suspect my modelling time will be restricted, but the future bodes very well as we'll have a dedicated craft / modelling/ railway room, after which, theoretically, there will be prodigious output. Fingers crossed! In the meantime, the layout resides in the club rooms in Glasgow. The scenic board that I'd built wasn't flat, and I've also decided that a single track sector plate isn't an ideal fiddle yard, so the track has been lifted, the dip filled and shortly track will be relaid with a point that also allows a cassette fiddle yard. Next thing will be to build a third board that will have just scenery and a second cassette fiddle yard allowing through running of typical GER local trains such as a wagon basher, E4 + 2 coaches etc.
  4. The motor is a 1015 can motor (I think a Mashima but can't remember). The motor is a very high revving one, so I partnered it with an 80:1 gearbox (Porters Cap - a Backwood Miniature product that they produced before High Level came on the scene). I've also pivoted the front axle to get three point compensation. Other than that, the loco is the Connoisseur kit with some weight in the side tanks.
  5. My fault, I've now corrected the title and description. In the absence of any sensible reason, I put the mistake down to senility!!! Phil
  6. Does anyone know if the 4mm Garrat kit is still available?
  7. PGC


    Don't worry, Dave, I won't leave you wondering what the two electric switches do!
  8. PGC


    Don't have much choice after being "volunteered" for the Glasgow show!
  9. PGC


    OK, folks, an update! The last few years of my life have been very turbulent. After an amicable split with my partner (shortly after the last update), not only have I moved house 4 times, but one of the moves was from Essex to Edinburgh. Needless to say, very little (No!) modelling has been done. However, circumstances are now changing. Following it's relocation North, Saxlingham is now housed in the clubrooms of the Scottish Region Study Group in Glasgow, and is being modified prior to its appearance at the Glasgow show next February. I won't promise regular updates etc. as I moved to Scotland to be with the woman I married three weeks ago (she's from Glasgow, we met in Essex but now live in Edinburgh), and we're still sorting out the house etc. However, Saxlingham and other projects will reappear! Phil
  10. I have to level a dip in a baseboard of 3mm or so over 300mm (just don't ask, long, long story!). If necessary I will buy a 20 or 25Kg bag of self levelling compound from B&Q, Wickees etc. but I would be wasting about 90% of it. Can anyone suggest a supplier of self levelling latex compound in small quantities, for example 1 Kg bags. I've tried Google but can't find small quantities. Thanks in advance. Phil
  11. Hi Dave, people seem to like the clips; that's good news. A couple of corrections, the loco on the tanker train is a J17, nit J15; the J17 is a more powerful loco. It's almost finished; as Dave says, it needs cab glazing and a crew, then weathering and that's it. The last clip is not Moray Firth but your Black 5, my contribution to the train are the Thompson 6 wheel PBV and Gresley Pigeon Van at the head of the train. Phil.
  12. PGC


    OK, the "deliberate" mistake has now been rectified (as you can see from the photo's below), so next job is to paint the track, after which I'll ballast it and then start the scenery. Thanks to Dave for posting the information above about Woodland Scenics 2mm ballast - I am near to the local model shop this afternoon so I'll get some, and between that and the Gaugemaster ballast I have, I'm certain I'll be able to cobble something together that looks about right. In all honesty, I've quite enjoyed the free time I've had in the last two months and a lot has happened, especially on the modelling front, but on Monday I start work again, so I'm not sure what's going to happen with the layout; all I know is that it's being exhibited at the Bishop's Stortford show in September, so I have, whether I like it or not, to get it fairly close to completion by then. OK, I know many of you burn the midnight oil when exhibiting layouts, but I prefer not to be too late if I can help it. More postings to come as things progress, but don't hold your breath, as it were! Phil
  13. I was recently talking to a professional painter, and asked his opinion of the AS186. He replied that this is the compressor he uses. He rates them very highly and, because of the price of them, when it dies (which takes quite some time, apparently, even with a lot of day to day use) he just throws it away and buys another one rather than buy a far higher cost compressor which does no better job and may not last much longer than the AS186. That made me feel very glad about buying the AS186 myself! Phil
  14. On a similar theme, but unrelated to the OP, I have a copyright question that arose yesterday. I have a piece of music that was composed by Imogen Holst long enough ago that it is now out of her copyright. The trustees of her estate have declared the music to be "in the public domain" but there is a possibility that a music publisher will be officially publishing the music. Can copyright then exist on that publication, and if so, are copies of the music (with the notes etc. exactly the same, but the edition is different) produced before the copyright date subject to that copyright? If copies of the music produced before the new copyright exists aren't subject to that copyright, what happens about copies of the same edition produced after the new copyright comes in to force. My belief is that the copyright exists on editions rather than the music, but I'd be interested to find out. Thanks in advance for any help offered, and apologies to AndyID for possibly hi-jacking his thread, or adding to the information it provides! Phil
  15. Thanks for all the responses. The reason for my original question is that I need to make a sector plate, and I have been wondering what material to use. Obviously I don't want to use a material that will expand or contract (especially on it's length) as this may cause sticking of the plate and I need to to run smoothly. From reading the responses, what I think I will do is make a sandwich of ply outers with softwood inners that will hopefully be fairly stable, and I will also use some very thin (5 thou) plasticard on the bottom (after sanding the bottom layer of ply very smooth!) to give a very smooth, slippery surface to make the plate slide freely. Again, thanks for the responses. Phil
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