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  1. Yes, I belong to a club here, about a dozen guys. It is more formal with a clubhouse and club layout. Formal clubs bring administration, dues and rent. A bit of a pain. There are some videos in the Facebook link. John
  2. Cheers, I must have built a couple dozen kits both in plastic and brass. I build a lot of kits for friends too. I use non acid flux (I used to use Carrs Green but it goes up my nose) and have a lot of solder. I have a Weller 50W soldering station with tip temp feedback - a really excellent bit of kit. Also a Weller 35W stand alone. I find the trick to effective soldering is a clean shiny bit. I've been using brass wool which is a really good tip cleaner. I did build a Connoisseur NBR Brake Van that was a pleasure - also for a friend. I have a Slaters 1F kit that someone started so got it for a good price. Good luck with the build, I shall be watching. John
  3. This is a really impressive build. I haven't done a 7mm loco yet, focusing instead on wagons and getting the layout done. If the picture at the top of the blog shows your workbench you appear to have all the right kit. The sub assemblies look really good. Wondering how you got with soldering large parts like frames. When I built a D&S van some while ago, I had a lot of trouble getting my 50W iron to work. My problem might have been using 188C solder instead of 145C. John
  4. Lots of very nice additional parts available from Brassmasters: http://www.brassmasters.co.uk/4f_detailing.htm John
  5. Ah, OK, Stephen, an easy fix. Yes, very likely a wartime thing like white mudguards on cars. John
  6. I have finished the wagon: My weathering technique: 1) I started with an overall black enamel wash. This was left for a day to dry. Then I used household paint thinner (mineral spirit, white spirit) and cotton buds to remove about 95% of the residue. Kudos to @Jinty for showing me the way. I had used enamel thinner in the past and this is too aggressive, attacking acrylic paint. 2) I used my airbrush to spray the underframe and solebar with earth and then black respectively. 3) I then used umber and black powder on the solebars and axleboxes. Brake blocks and springs got a highlight of rust. Buffer heads got rubbed with a silver pencil to indicate buffer contact. 4) Last thing was a coat of matte varnish. John
  7. I was thinking that there had to be valve of sorts at the bottom of the tank to drain. John
  8. Thanks Paul. I respect the builder but I don't want to fall into the trap of making a model of a model. John
  9. Thanks Brian. All the pictures I have seen are the same. Seems a bit rudimentary to siphon. The model (a tar wagon) I saw has a flattened S pipe with nozzles on either side. This makes sense to me but possibly not to folk 100 years ago. Getting viscous material like tar out of a wagon has got to be difficult without a means to drain. John
  10. Since this thread has been resurrected, I have a question. I'm building the Slater's 7mm kit of a Rec Tank. The question is, how were the contents removed? I have perused Paul B's pictures and can't see any evidence of plumbing. Another member here built a similar wagon and installed pipework underneath. Wondering if whether the plumbing had been removed when Paul was photographing. I would like to have clarification so I can build the wagon correctly. John
  11. I can't find the exact pumps either. Here's a couple of links: https://www.scalelink.co.uk/cgi-bin/sh000002.pl?WD=petrol pumps&PN=O-scale--1-43--Ex-collection-Diecast-Car-Models.html#aDY49_2dD https://www.scalelink.co.uk/acatalog/O-scale--1-43--New-Petrol-Pumps--p1.html A confusing site. Good luck John
  12. I had a look at the pictures of the real thing I have and on Google. Some have rainstrips, others don't. I don't know the criteria. I didn't do it on the van I built. Maybe I'm wrong. John
  13. A few posts back I was bemoaning the lack of support for windows for Scalescenes kits. Specifically Terraced Houses. I find these to be very good and they scale up to 7mm well. Phil from Intentio stuck his hand up and offered to make some for me. We made the deal and I sent him the specs from the kit. These arrived today: Glazing is included. Top left are small non sash windows, next are large sash windows. Bottom left are medium non sash windows. Middle are medium sash windows. Finally, at the bottom are small sash windows. Sash windows are in two layers. I also ordered some doors: These are in the standard range. Another job I can get on with. So, if you fancy doing a Scalescenes kit, no excuses now. John
  14. Back in 2013, Hornby Magazine ran a series of articles called "Operation Build It". A fairly generic BLT was covered by the series. John
  15. Yep, you know what the faults are and where they are. If you keep your mouth shut, no-ones the wiser. I too marvel at the standard of work by some people. As you say, it's a bar to shoot for. John
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