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  1. There's this: https://slatersplastikard.com/linePage.php?code=7029 Not the D1927 though. I built this for a friend but missed the door bangers, see below. Here's the MR wagon (D818) in 1969: https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/lms3plankopen I hope someone comes through on this, I wouldn't mind one myself. John
  2. Interior looks good to me. John
  3. From my understanding, Class A tanks (carrying aviation petrol) were phased out after the war as aircraft transitioned to jet power, using less volatile Kerosene as fuel. Class A tank trains DID require barrier wagons. I'm not so sure that Class B trains required barrier wagons. John
  4. Vacuum pipes were either red or white depending on whether the van was fitted or through piped. I believe white was through piped. Weathering would like have quickly obscured the colours I guess. My repainted Dapol BR 20T brake carries flashes but I copied that from a Dapol picture. John
  5. Looks like an X04 to me. If it were mine, I would go to High Level and get one of their lovely gearboxes along with a suitably sized Mashima. John
  6. If you make your crossings and blades yourself, the cost per turnout is pretty tiny compared to retail. The Permaway chairs look good. Not sure if 2 bridge chairs per fret is enough though. I have a good stock of Peco chairs right now. Templot is free to download: http://www.templot.com/ Hope I'm not stealing Martin's thunder. I mostly just use Peco templates. Currently building two medium wyes. John
  7. I haven't built my own plain track, Peco is fine for that. Intentio timbers come in 300mm lengths and the pack I got had a lot of pieces. The site says 50 but it looks like more than that in my pack. 3mm thickness matches Peco. Take care when ordering. Sleepers are 10" wide, timbers are 12" wide. John
  8. Yes, I have bought them from Antics. Hattons may have them too. Buy plenty it's amazing how many you use. As I mentioned I can't recommend Peco timbers, those from Intentio ( http://intentio.co.uk/7mm-track-parts/) are much better. John
  9. I bought a C&L turnout kit when I was starting out. It included planed blades and a complete crossing. There was rail and chairs of course. It also included roller gauges which were probably 32mm. There was a template too. It was pretty expensive but gave me a feel for what I wanted to do. Since C&L changed hands I haven't bought anything because of my concerns over mail order service overseas (early on I tried to order but was ignored). I have managed very well with Peco components as I mentioned above. The template has been extremely useful in showing where the various chairs, such as bridge, go. These can be represented by cutting up running and slide chairs. I am aware that Exactoscale do the right ones. From my perspective, there is very little to choose between C&L and Peco flextrack, except the length, one is a yard, the other a meter. My only real beef with Peco turnouts is the rebate in the stock rail for the blade. This is a cheat. I have removed the box over the tiebar and replaced that with JLTRT etched tiebars (available from MM1 models, the reincarnation of JLTRT). John
  10. Ray, the wagon pictured above is based on a picture in Geoff Kent's 4mm Wagons Part 1. No doubt taken in the 1950s. John
  11. Interesting. He is my modelling hero. I know one of his books on Buildings was reprinted. So many new modellers coming along who need books. John
  12. I plan to do a creamery for my layout, a modest affair. I have the train, 2 tanks, a general purpose van and a 6 wheeled brake (to be built). I've been asking around to see if anyone has a link to the Scalescenes kit that was in the Feb 2019 Hornby magazine. Failing that, I will use a Scalescenes warehouse kit. John
  13. That will require quite a bit of interpolation. I'm curious as to what you think of the shed doors. I couldn't make sense of them so made my own from plastic card. John
  14. I thought I'd share my efforts at a couple of buildings. These have been languishing for quite some time as I got on with other things. Single road engine shed (B 70-01): My modifications are extensive. Firstly, I doubt I can make a decent job of painting the bricks and mortar lines so I opted to use Scalescenes brick paper. Joins are hidden by fudges like corner pillars. I like the Scalescenes method of roofing using overlapping slate paper strips on a template. Tedious but a good effect I think. Interior is faced with SS white brick paper. Downspout hoppers are from ModelU. I used brass tube and wire and some plastic strip to complete. Next the Country Station (B 70-04): Much the same techniques as the shed. I did do an interior using, you guessed it, elements from SS kits. However, I don't do lights so the interior is just a murky impression. Let me just add that Lcut kits are a very valuable addition to the modellers toolbox. Well executed and great value. There will be a lot on my layout. John
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