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    N gauge. Mostly GWR. 50s' and 60's
  1. Another EOI for 2 off. All I need from Dave now is a crowdfunding for some 47XX's.
  2. Chris, I did PM you about a 47xx chassis, but have not seen any reply.
  3. May be a little late for your needs, but someone sent me a copy of 3017 at Newton Abbot April 1953, but may be of some use
  4. Extract from Railcar.co.uk ( Former LMR set 60090 / 60730 / 60740 / 60741 / 60731 / 60091 worked from London to Plymouth on Christmas Eve 1970. It returned empty to Bristol, being piloted over the banks between Plymouth and Exeter by Western D1054. It was back in Plymouth a few days later on the 28th to work the return to London (Kensington), this time piloted as far as Exeter.)
  5. It is more than possible. There is a picture of 3364 Frank Bibby in this condition (http://picclick.ie/GWR-postcard-size-photograph-3364-Frank-Bibby-371862375650.html#&gid=1&pid=1) currently on Ebay.
  6. As far as I can remember, it was during the main holidays end of July beginning of August, so would have been full of empty stock waiting t take people back home later that day. In the goods yard between here and Paignton station, (Where they now park the HST's) was also full of empty stock. They used to put stock as far away as Kingswear on Summer weekends.
  7. I found this in an old box of paperwork. I am fairly sure it is D800 Sir Brian Robertson, in the sidings at Goodrington c 1960/1. I think it came off a special. Note that the Turntable is still present, taken on an Instamatic
  8. Rick, Simply STUNNING. Regardless of era or types of stock, who could fail to be engrossed by your video. The sound on the 52 at the end made my hair stand on end. When is the next episode please. Roger.
  9. Original Klear is still available on your favourite auction site, but it is now listed at £19.99 a bottle + £4.50 Postage. Bargain !!!!
  10. I have just re-read Stationmasters superb piece on the signalling at Newton Abbot. Then I noticed on a couple of the pictures, that there does not appear to be any platform roof awning along the platform edge, only at the end of the canopies. Having searched through a number of Ex-GWR stations they all seem to have complete awnings. Does anyone know if this was peculiar to Newton Abbott?
  11. As far as I am aware, the only changes to both of these post ww2 was internal refurb and a new paint job back into Chocolate and cream. The 1936/8 changes mainly appear to the change in bogies, from 4 wheel to 6 wheel and some alterations to the windows. I would think that this configuration would be of a more agreeable version to offer. I doubt whether any of the mainstream outlets, i.e. Dapol or Farish would be able to produce these, but perhaps Etched pixels could add to their range of 70' Toplights to cover this.
  12. Although this post would appear to be primarily for '00', the following omissions would suit 'N' gauge as well. There appears to be no mention of 'Restaurant Cars'. My era is from 1950 to 1962, and I believe that the 12 wheel ones from Diag H15's were still in use during this period. Also I think Diag H19's were also in use. Both appear to have been refurbished in the 1930's and would suit most western region trains to the south west up toat least 1958/1960.
  13. Neil, Have a look at British Railways illustrated Vol3 No7 April 1994. It has a section on Newton Abbot which includes pictures of the Engine shed from about 1930 to 1960's. There is also a complete track layout from 1950. There is currently a copy available from Ebay.
  14. As Karhedron has stated previously, I would love to see one of the powerfull gwr 47xx's, as this is unlikely to be done by the major manufacturers in the foreseeable future. What about Dukes and Bulldogs ??
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