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  1. Tom The points on Lymebrook Yard into the yard are a code 55 small rad L/H point to a code 55 small rad R/H point which splits again to give the two sidings opposite the station. A code 55 small rad point is the same nomenclature as a code 80 med rad point. Again on Lymebrook the end of the headshunt which is hidden fouls the running line as it comes into gauge so the rule is only park a loco/train where you can see it when leaving a train in the yard when returning to run a train around the continuous run. thanks Steve
  2. sf315

    Hillport Goods

    Thanks i will have to see what i can do
  3. sf315

    Hillport Goods

    It’s been a while since posting any pics I have been running the layout and enjoying shunting wagons around. With most of the shows cancelled for the layout Only the O Gauge guild show at Telford is left for this year and not heard wether this will go ahead or not. If not it’s next provisional invite is Modelrail Scotland at Glasgow next February. Hopefully see you all again when things resume until then stay safe. Steve.
  4. For ones i have painted i have used both bauxite colours both early and late to give variation on the brown as it would weather and get dirty as you say. Don't forget you would still see freight maroon ones into the 80s. As for paint types i only use enamel Railmatch or Phoenix. hope this helps Steve
  5. sf315

    Hillport Goods

    Hi yes was looking at your pics last night of your Coles Crane. I put a search in for Coles crane and the transfer came up and yes it was an ebay seller think it was about £1.50. thanks Steve
  6. Thanks for posting pics of the Kyle of Lochalsh, fascinating pics to study.
  7. Top picture looking good Ernie nice curves. Bottom picture has a bomb gone off. Thanks Steve.
  8. sf315

    Branston town

    Looking good good to see you've made a start on something. like the buildings Steve
  9. sf315

    Hillport Goods

    A quiet moment across the yard.
  10. Thanks for the info all i had a bright spark moment a while back and put Llandovery into the Rm web search and it came back with a host of info on the two locations and pics of Llandeilo yard on other threads. If anyone has anything else to add please do. thanks Steve
  11. The title of this thread was taken from an article in The Railway Magazine from January 1982 in which the author a Malcolm Roughley took a cab ride in a class 9 freight from Llanelli to Llandovery in a 03 with two MCV wgons and a brake van in tow. My sort of train nowadays. i can remember buying the mag back in 82 and reading the article and have never forgotten about it. Recently i came across a copy of the mag and it has rekindled my interest in the working and the route. I am interested in the track diagram for Llandovery over the years, as it seems it was quite a place for what seemed a rural place especially the layout as it was at the time of Malcolm's journey he took in 1981. i would also like to know more about the yard at Landeilo as it was a small yard by accounts, again as it stood in 1981 is my main interest. I ve done google searches and looked on google earth for clues but i thought id ask the Rm web community to see what they come up with. If there are any books with pics in of the yards on the line i would be interested in any titles worth looking out for. Over to you rm webbers thanks Steve
  12. sf315

    Hillport Goods

    Another pic of the 03 and brake van.
  13. sf315

    Hillport Goods

    A pic from a shunting session this morning. The 03 shunts the VGA van and a TTA ready for collection and return to Bescot in the morning. Thanks Steve
  14. sf315

    Hillport Goods

    Yes I think the lower part of the roof profile isn’t quite right seems to be more angular as it takes around. There was a nice example on the Glasshouse Loan layout at Glasgow in February and thought initially the same but then thought no it looks ok when on the layout I don’t think as well the silver colour helps probably EWS livery would be Ok. All in all it’s a nice model to build. Thanks steve.
  15. sf315

    Hillport Goods

    Even Bert has left his office to come and look at the new fangled Railfreight van in the new colours that’s turned up on this mornings trip. Thanks Steve.
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