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  1. I’ve had my 03,31and 37 from Andy Small who has weathered them and numbered the 31and 37. Not over done with the weathering just general service grime. Thanks Andy much appreciated.
  2. Having a running session with the layout. Its in Birmingham mode so it’s Central trains. Chiltern trains has a service as well from London
  3. Thanks for your answer I also asked the question on a Facebook page and they pointed me in the right direction. do the side frames come off easy or do they need prising off with a screwdriver or the like. Just don’t want to knacker anything.
  4. A quick question to anyone who Knows A Heljan 37/0 one of the new ones how does the body come off ?? had a quick look and nothing looks obvious. thanks Steve
  5. Have been working on the main building and its coming together now and most of it is glued in position. A modified Walthers platform canopy has been added to the island platform to give more protection for the passengers. Don't know if one can be added to the near platform as i think it'll block my line of sight when operating. The Ryecroft Arena name on the side of the building are wooden letters off Amazon and were sprayed black and glued on. just need to finish the beer terrace front off on the top and finish the capping on the walls.
  6. More done on the station area waiting for some microstrip to arrive so can start the top capping strips on the walls
  7. As promised an update of where I am up to. The first parts of the station building/ arena/ shopping complex are glued into position the cream parts on the backscene building are an Outland Models building on its side. The covered parts of the platform awning have had LED lights put under them for wiring up at a later time. There is a lot still to do on this end but pleased with progress so far.
  8. Looking good Nigel you must be pleased with how the layout has turned out.
  9. This is a bit spooky as was thinking this morning that I’ll get Ryecroft Arena out of storage and do some more on it. so yes an update is imminent.
  10. Engineers wagons in the yard on sleeper replacement work on the branch the ZGO 13 ton open is a Slater’s Kit while the wagon behind is a modified WEP Models etched brass GW 10 ton starfish ballast wagon kit. I have based it on one pictured in Modeling British Railways engineers wagons by Simon Bendall. THe MDV open is a MM1 Models Kit and was built at the start of lockdown last year and only recently finished. It carries a scrap load.
  11. It’s the late 1970s and a class 25 departs Hillport Goods with a return trip working.
  12. A couple of pics of the SPA wagons I’ve built. The transfers are being added with the TOPS panels made up from individual letters and numbers which are available from Fox transfers. Railfreight branding is from Railtec. Not much else going on at the moment as other things to do around the house.
  13. A couple of plates await unloading in the yard. On the workbench the SPA wagons have been painted rail red and transfers applied for Railfreight branding. Working on the data panel as it’s got to be made up of individual letters and numbers. Think though that once they’re on the layout they’ll look the part.
  14. A year on and Lymebrook Yard has been in store covered over I’ve been playing with Tanners Hill and my O Gauge. I’ve been working on updating wagons and making a spoil train from N gauge society opens. A lot of spoil wagons in the 70sand early 80s were wooden 5 plank wagons or 13 ton Steel opens. The society makes nice kits that can be used for these and transfers are available or come with the kit for engineers branding. To my surprise the layout is featured in the latest edition of Traction magazine although I didn’t know anything about it until a friend told me last week and that he’d seen it on the magazine thread here on Rm web. Thanks and hopefully see you soon. Steve.
  15. On the workbench at the moment and coming along nicely are two PRMP etched brass and white metal kits for SPA air braked open wagons. These will be finished in railfreight red and won’t have much weathering as they would be newish wagons for the period modeled. Also on show are some N gauge wagons I’ve been working on these are n gauge society kits.
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