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  1. sf315

    Lymebrook Yard

    Hello all we had a great weekend at Alexandra Palace. The layout ran well again yesterday and was well received again yesterday and some nice comments regarding the layout were passed and overheard. There were many many pictures of the layout taken over the weekend so if any of you want to share your pictures of the layout on here please post as I for one would like to see them. Finally got home at 9.30 after dropping Peter off at Milton Keynes so he could catch his train home to North Wales. We both really enjoyed the weekend and thanks to the Model Railway Club and BRM for a great show. Next show for me is the Ivanhoe show with Tanners Hill in 3 weeks time. Next outing for Lymebrook Yard is Sutton Coalfield at the end of April thanks Steve.
  2. sf315

    Lymebrook Yard

    Hello all Enjoyed Saturday A good days running and shunting yesterday. Plenty of interest was shown in the layout. Sorry I missed you Matt but glad Pete answered the questions. More hopefully of the same today. Thanks Steve.
  3. sf315

    Lymebrook Yard

    Ok thanks chaps going to have a leisurely drive and some dinner afore we go to Ally Pally. See you later guys whens captain Birdseye rocking up. Steve.
  4. sf315

    Lymebrook Yard

    Morning all. layout loaded ready for the off at around 9 am. First stop At Milton Keynes to pick Pete up from the train station. Then it’s off down the motorway to Ally Pally for setting up. thanks Steve.
  5. sf315

    Lymebrook Yard

    Hi Matt it’ll be good to meet you please make yourself known. We are stand 145 in the West hall not far from the doors into the Great hall. Thanks Steve.
  6. sf315

    Lymebrook Yard

    Hello all. Just a nod to say that Lymebrook Yard will be at the London festival of railway modeling at Ally Pally this weekend. Hope to see some of you. Thanks Steve.
  7. Hello Ernie Myhead gets jumbled with rolling stock I would like to model but I’ve got my head round get the layout done first and worry about the rolling stock later. So I’ve not particularly done much rolling stock wise recently. Steve.
  8. sf315

    Hillport Goods

    All points are wired and tested and ok all working. While having the layout set up I had some play time. Just using the 25 and a couple of wagons. Here it is backing the coal trip into the yard. Thanks Steve.
  9. sf315

    Hillport Goods

    Yes I’ve operated Trevanna Dries. When Dave went walkabouts at a show once.
  10. sf315

    Hillport Goods

    Thanks Wayne yes I’ve got 3 N gauge layouts as well so I know what you mean about space Have you ever seen Dave Tailbys Tudwick Road. It’s one of the most simple O Gauge layouts around but it is very therapeutic to operate. Size wise it takes up no space. I know he’s got another small layout up his sleeve in O. Dont think Dave will mind me mentioning it. Thanks Steve.
  11. We call people from Congleton something different. But not putting it on here. Intresting to see how the layout develops scenics wise. Thanks Steve.
  12. Looking good Nigel. The layout is really coming on. Take it your origin is from Congleton then. Which is where I work. Thanks Steve
  13. We’re all stoves in the vans the same or were they different in say a toad or an LMS ones or any others that lasted into BR days in revenue or departmental use. Thanks for the replies Steve.
  14. sf315

    Hillport Goods

    Hello all Time for an update of where things are with the layout. I am busy installing the Colbolt point motors and 4 out of 5 are fitted and tested and working. Thanks must be given to the Plasticbrummy (Andrew) and New Bryford (Mick) for there help in answering my questions about fitting. The last one is fitted to the board and should be wired today and tested. Next then will be the yard lights I’ve bought more on them another time. On the rolling stock side of things I’ve built a 13t steel open TOPS code OHV. and finished it in a really run down state. My 2 class 08 shunters are away being weathered by a friend. Ive been painting oil drums, coal sacks, pallets and loads for glueing on the layout sometime. The toilet I built has also been glued into position by the side of the coal office. See pic below with OHV wagon. Still lots to do but with the points now working and improving the running quality is a big step forward. Thanks Steve.
  15. Did anybody do the unthinkable and bring coal from home I wonder just to be warm if you knew you were on a certain job.
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