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  1. Here’s what I store/ transport my models in this one is for Open wagons of 9 or 10 foot wheelbase. Its a really useful box the 3litre one it’s actual dimensions are not much bigger than a Dapol wagon box. It can hold six across with a wedge of kitchen roll to stop it rattling. The spacer for this one is plasticard but on subsequent ones I’ve cut cardboard ie Dapol boxes and kits boxes up and used gaffer tape to hold them together. The same size box can also hold four 12 ton vans with the top two lying down. I use other sizes for other stock and rather than Post here I’ll put some p
  2. A couple more wagons one ready for weathering which is a Skytrex TTA Kit. A Connoisseur Kits LNER tube wagon ready for the paint shop. Ive had these kits in my stash for a while so I thought it was time to build them. Lastly a yard shot taken during shunting. Thanks Steve.
  3. A night time view of the main part of the layout.
  4. The latest traffic to be depicted on the layout as suggested by Cobbler on here is a spot load of sand delivered in tipplers and unloaded by the yards new grab bucket excavator. I hope to add more wagons for the sand traffic but looking to use different wagon types. The second pic is the ZAV medfit now it’s had some paint and transfers put on. Thanks Steve.
  5. Great pictures Nigel like the last shot with the 04. Also good to see what you’ve done round the back. All the best Steve.
  6. Hope it worked ok. Judging by the photo above it did.
  7. Put some cling film inside the wagon before you put your filling in. Should stop it gluing itself in.
  8. Pretty much the same as I’ve done on Hillport Goods for the coal wagons.
  9. A MCV coal wagon sits on the buffer stop in the coal yard.
  10. Today’s pic Class 31 waiting time for the trip back to Cockshute sidings. The crew will be in the Yard office on the left having a brew no doubt. On the rolling stock front the etched brass medfit wagon is being transferred up as a ZAV engineers dept wagon. A Skytrex TTA is also having its transfers put on. At the build stage are two PECO iron ore tipplers to be finished as sand MSO wagons. The kit for the tipplers is one of the best kits I’ve ever built it’s a really nice thought out kit how it goes together and the mouldings are nice and crisp. It’s been a joy
  11. A couple of pics I took this morning 08737 idles away. And the yards new Liebherr excavator waits for some wagons to unload.
  12. Ready for the paint shop a First class kits ZAV medfit kit. Meanwhile down in the yard. Driver and shunter have a chat before engaging in a spot of shunting with the 37.
  13. A couple of pics from recent days. I loaded an Heljan OAA wagon with a couple of blocks of wood and used a Roger Smith tarpaulin sheet set I had and covered it. The ties being I think some fishing line that someone give me many years ago. The second pic shows the new order on railfreight livery on the layout. The VAA van started life as a 30 quid Hattons one but was in EWS livery so a repaint and some Railtec Transfers soon sorted that out. The VGA is by GJH plant. I now have enough wagons to run the layout in a later guise ie about 82 onwards. Some of the vacc brake and even
  14. Another flashback photo. 08737 shunting two OWV wagons. Ok I took it in black and white. The wagons are Dapol hybar repaints and weathered. Just the underframe requires weathering when I get the airbrush out. Thanks Steve.
  15. The Coles yard crane moves into position to start unloading a OAA wagon.
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