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  1. Hello Nick thanks for the comments as regards them they are only the basic shells to see how it all fits and looks. Theres a lot of detail to put on including roof details as air con units ventilation etc. so it will be looked at in the future. Thanks Steve.
  2. The last two buildings have been built as basic shells and to be finished at a later date also a view of the backscene row that I wanted to portray. Tall building developments with the railway hemmed in.
  3. Thanks Cobbler Really enjoying doing the buildings and seeing what I can do with them. I reckon there’s two more to do along the back and a couple of smaller ones on the backscene either side of the road bridge. Wonder if anyone else has used any of the models in the same way as I have. I have also obtained my switches for the signals so I can return to wiring and installing the signals and a central take off point for the lighting for the platform and station lights. Thanks Steve
  4. Here’s the next low relief building again it’s only the basics at the moment but the grey Outland Models building has been opened out and it’s front and two sides have been used but the whole building has been turned upside down with a new bottom section of balsa with Evergreen sidewalk sheet used as cladding. Other bits used as yet is the usual Slater’s plastistrip here and there. In my eyes this will stand next to the shopping centre on the left of the layout. I Once again thanks for looking Steve.
  5. The second low relief building shell is on its way and again it’s based on an Outland Models Kit. On this one there are two kits of the same with one cut down. I’ve used the front and back on this one with the brickwork Slater’s embossed plasticard.
  6. Liking this. Another layout showing that you don’t need a lot of space for an interesting layout. Steve.
  7. A bit more added. The far wall and the side which the cream bits are an Outland Models building turned sideways. This all now forms the main bulk of the station/arena shopping complex. There’s still plenty to be going on with but that’ll do for now. I want to get roughly the rest of the low relief backscene buildings done
  8. The photo backscenes have been glued in position the pics show what I’ve gone for. It didn’t have to be a continuous scene as the buildings on the scene will be glimpsed or seen mainly over the rooftops on the low relief buildings that will be in front covering the trees. The backscene is one obtained from Plus Daughters and is from a Canadian firm. Hope the pics give some indication of what I am hoping to achieve. Much foreground building is going to take place. Thanks Steve.
  9. An update on what I’ve been up to with the layout. The trunking and bases for the cabinets has been glued down and the track ballasted. I’ve also made a start on painting the overbridge. The pic below shows where I am upto with the ballast still a bit wet and the bridge in position. The bridge is removable so to access the points if required. When the ballast is dry it’ll be tidied up and the layout tested again before the ballast is airbrushed with tints of grey black and general track colour.
  10. The layout is really starting to take shape now Ernie looking great
  11. Not the china clay wagon your after but Parkside/PECO do a GW open that i made into a OWV wagon that was in use for the clayliner train that ran to the potteries in the 70s.
  12. I’ve made a start on the arena and after looking at how far I wanted to cover the platforms I’ve cut it back a few inches and built the basic structure shapes of the station and arena/ shopping centre. I think this looks a lot better now. Thanks.
  13. A bit more progress on the layout. The platforms have had their tops put on using Evergreen tiles sheet to represent non slip flooring around the building entrance and embossed pavement plasticard to give a bit of decoration along the platform and plain plasticard for the rest. Also the bridge in the distance has had more work done to it as has the building, it’s had a base built for the lower ground section. The stone wall separating the upper and lower backscene level had been finished off with embossed plasticard and given a coat of paint. thanks Steve.
  14. With the days jobs done I spent a bit of time doing a bit more on the overbridge and have a look at how the building may be fitted in and I rather like this configuration. It may turnout to be a hotel. This is the first knockings of it and held together with masking tape but it gives some idea of how it would fit. But that’s all the fun of modeling seeing what you can do and bashing kits about. Its an Outland Models building. Thanks Steve.
  15. A bit more progress the PECO platform edges have been glued in place i have used brick facing for one platform on the premise that when the station was rebuilt they kept the original platform, the other is concrete faced to show a new build platform. Work can then start to put the top on the platform. Moving to the other end i can also make a start on the bridge that will form the scenic break. The fiddle yard has had sides and ends put on to stop trains ending up on the floor. thanks Steve
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