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  1. Readying the layout for its first show of the year at Stafford this weekend. Always a good show and half an hour down the road for me so local too. Other shows for Farmers Drove this year are Shenfield in September and Warley show at the NEC in November. Thanks Steve.
  2. sf315

    Lymebrook Yard

    A shot of the vehicles in the yard the Coles crane is a PD marsh kit and a Base Toys Leyland LAD which has been repainted. Along with the Commer walkthrough vans. All were the subject of a few comments over the weekend at Pontefract. The layout ran well with only operator error causing problems. Thanks Steve.
  3. The pic above Nigel is great. Glad my layout was of inspiration for you to produce the above well done. Steve.
  4. sf315

    Lymebrook Yard

    Parcel delivery vehicles waiting in the yard. These are The 3D printed ones from Osborne models painted and transferred using Fox BR arrows. They have just been clear glazed and is in the process of going clear. Just a reminder you can see the layout at the Pontefract show next weekend for details see thread in exhibition section. Thanks and hopefully see some of you next weekend. Steve.
  5. sf315

    Lymebrook Yard

    Will Ian and co have you back or even let you in. Hopefully see you before then Kev. Steve.
  6. sf315

    Lymebrook Yard

    First show of the year for the layout is at Pontefract 25th/ 26th January with other definite bookings for Leyland in August and Barrow in Furness in October. With other dates to be confirmed. From a running session today a class 24 is collecting a train of ZAO/ZAV medfits that have been loaded with spoil from engineering work that has taken place. Many thanks Steve
  7. Looking forward to the show as it’s the first outing of the year for Lymebrook Yard. See you there Steve.
  8. sf315

    Hillport Goods

    Thought I post this attempt at an arty shot 25290 pokes under the footbridge. Work is progressing on the lighting rig and it’s being painted. Happy New Year all. Thanks Steve
  9. sf315

    Hillport Goods

    Thank you Daniel for the remarks. As yet ive got a couple of possible invites lined up for 2020 but i am waiting conformation on them.They are local shows to me and it will give the layout a good testing. Thanks Steve
  10. sf315

    Hillport Goods

    Today’s trip arrives and 08737 and 25290 pose for the camera.
  11. sf315

    Hillport Goods

    From a running session today 08737’s crew have retreated to the shutters lobby after shunting the KJO strip coil carriers ready for unloading. 20181 and CAO brake van waiting departure for Cockshute sidings. Theres no return traffic today. Must be holiday time. Thanks Steve.
  12. sf315

    Hillport Goods

    A couple of pics from a running session sees 25081 arriving with the dinner time trip from Cockshute Yard. After shunting it waits time ready for the trip back. Work being carried out on the layout is a lighting rig is under construction for when it’s out on its travels. Speaking of which it’s got 3 possible invites for next year but I’ll keep you posted of where and when. Thanks Steve
  13. Watching closely the loriot conversion Ernie. Thanks steve.
  14. Looking forward to coming back to Glasgow. Really enjoy the weekend. I’ll be helping Pete Latham with his Wormhill layout. Which is based on Peak Forest in 2000. Thanks Steve
  15. Excellent Ernie Looking good. Look forward to seeing it sometime. Steve.
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