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  1. Hornby says that an international catalogue is available, priced at £7.50 (https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/shop/international-brands/international-new-for-2021/Hornby-international-2021-catalogue.html). A quick peruse shows there are 307 items in the 2021 international range, although I can't see any mention of new tooling. However, the return of a number of liveries is most welcome, for me the DR double-deck coaches after a long absence is great. https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/shop/international-brands/international-new-for-2021/rivarossi-h0-1-87-dr-4-unit-set-of-double-dec
  2. Andy, Thanks, that's helpful to know. Can you enforce Covid rules too
  3. During and since the weekend I've had a number of 'topic notification' emails, yet when I click the link, the post is not on the topic (Bargain Hunters Mk2). I assumed that maybe the poster had deleted the content (or the admin had) yet they seemed innocuous. I restarted my browser but it made no difference. I've just received another one, and as they are from at least three different posters, I'm beginning to think that it's an error. Also, I've noticed that some posts have been made to the topic, yet I've not had an email notification about them (I'm set up for instan
  4. I guessed it would be a 4-wheel wagon, as they are cheaper to manufacture, so went for the MTV/Zander as it’s a simple wagon that had a (relatively) long life. But, I’d have never gone for this in a million years. Indeed, I wasn’t even aware of them, and I class myself as a bit of a wagon geek...
  5. I'm going to put my fiver on the MTV (later the Zander), built from the 1970s onwards on 35t tank chassis and finished off in engineers' use. NMP EDIT: Paul Bartlett's page says: "From 1975 Standard wagon built new open box bodies on the underframes from 150 ESSO vacuum braked tank wagons. These were branded MTV and were used for stone, aggregate, sand, scrap etc. From the late 1980s they were transferred to the Engineers fleet and coded Zander" Source: https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/mtvzander
  6. Was only announced in the mag, and because MR is semi-banned into the broom cupboard behind the stairs under 'smaller suppliers' (despite the fact that they've delivered more than some of those in the 'manufacturers' category, it's not easy to see what's going on. Shame.
  7. Mmm, nice... a jackshaft drive shunter I believe... GuiDo? GO!
  8. Yes, I agree, product support is ‘disappointing’. It’s a shame as there always seems to be lots of opportunities with Dapol, yet it doesn’t quite deliver on some things and falls short.
  9. Not sure if this allowed here (given it's a BRM-owned platform and Model Rail seems to be 'almost banned'), but the Hornby Magazine website offers the new Hornby 2021 catalogue at £6 (ok, £5.99) with free postage. You have to add the discount code 4HRN21 before checkout - which get you £4 off It's not the most logical shopping platform. You need to 'add item to basket', then click on 'basket' to show the discount code box. If you don't follow this process - by clicking on 'checkout' then you'll go straight to checkout and pay full price! https:
  10. Hattons, Hornby and now.... Anyone for a 'generic' 4-wheel coach from Bachmann? Due this month, they are in BR red with a compartment coach and a brake coach with end lookout duckets. And, at only a tad under £30 each from Model Railways Direct (other stores may be available) !
  11. Obviously Hornby's catalogue was completed before the train's inaugural public run, so we'll assume (dangerous, that) that it will produce R40167 correctly numbered M41182 not M41183 as published today. Also, let's hope they can add a lighted 'top' headlight to the power cars, and maybe, just maybe, alter the tooling for the modified kitchen car - although that's probably a step too far? Anyway, for those who wish to accurately re-create the exact formation as it appeared on the LSL Blue Pullman formation on inaugural public run on 12/12/20, it was as follows:
  12. Or, is Hornby 'leaky' and others find out first and step in, given that Hornby is already working on its 2022 and 2023 ranges? I guess we'll never know, but Hornby's prices are keeping expectations in the UK market of what is the 'going rate' down. Piko launched its 2021 range today, and the prices are eye-watering https://www.gaugemasterretail.com/magento/media/downloads/PikoHONewItemsLeaflet2021.pdf Elsewhere, anyone for a [very expensive] 66? Ouch! https://marnan.eu/marklin-39061-h0-rrf-diesellocomotief-class-66 Sorry OT.
  13. Any updates from the summer/autumn?
  14. "Playtrains is set to replace Hornby’s Junior range, whose global sales between its Paddington and Express Train variants have totalled more than 40,000 units – it’s a lucrative market. Not only is the new range promising more features and the possibility to expand, which its previous offering couldn't, it’s also introducing the Hornby brand to a younger audience – its potential future client base. With a range promising much more fun than previous generations of train sets, that's surely a positive move." says Phil Parker. I agree!
  15. Perhaps all is not lost. This is on a Dutch eBay seller's site. Sadly, it's not model railways...
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