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  1. Irish Model Railways have just sent out an email with information about progress, plus this handy chart (yet another great innovation): "With the A Classes about 6/7 weeks away from production completion we have received some requests recently regarding which locos are about to sell out. "So, to help you plan strategically for your A Class purchases, we have drawn up this leader board to demonstrate what locos are about to sell out in the short term, and which ones are likely to be available for longer. As you can see below, A23r is the most endangered species at this
  2. SLW has sent a mailing to customers today with more information about its forthcoming Tamworth Castle 25/3 model. The full text and pictures are below, for those who aren't on SLW's list. TAMWORTH CASTLE FINALE 30 years on... 30 years ago today, D7672 – the last operational BR Class 25 and a serial escapologist – worked its final train on the national network. The 1Z45 ‘Rat Requiem’, organised by the late John Farrow’s Hertfordshire Rail Tours, was billed as the final run for Tamworth Castle and took place on March 30th, 1991. Over 340 miles from Leeds to
  3. Another variation, which appeared to be totally random, is the shape of the cab roof and position/proximity of the rain strip under the headcode box. I understand that a number of moulds were made for the fibreglass cab roofs and that they weren't all totally identical, hence the subtle differences. And, that's before the optical illusions created when the yellow was extended to the rainstrips. Also, in some overhaul pictures in works taken in the late '70s and early '80s, some locos appear to have had brand new cab roof (due to leaks?). Extracts of 25245 a
  4. I think it was only the locos converted to air brakes that had the hinged grills. Not sure why they were fitted though?
  5. I'll just leave this here: Its dual braking equipment allowed 7591 to handle workings somewhat different from its intended duties. Here on August 19th 1971 7591 heads the 4V73 Edinburgh - Pengam freightliner on the ECML somewhere between Penmanshiel & Granthouse. Photograph Bill Jamieson
  6. Sutton's Locomotive Workshop (SLW) has announced that it is to produce a RTR 4mm model of the Class 25/1, available in OO, EM and P4. It follows its existing Class 24, and recently announced 25/3. Marking the 34th anniversary of the end of revenue-earning Class 25 work on BR, when the final operational trio (25059, 25904 and 25912) - pictured - were shunted to Basford Hall Yard and switched off on March 25 1987, the announcement has been warmly welcomed. SLW revealed that it has already started tooling, by showing an image of two versions - with nose-end doo
  7. Fancy a Freightliner class 70 + 66 lashup? And, if you've got 39 wagons (a mix of open box and hoppers), you can recreate Wednesday's (17/3/21) 3,600 tonnes Tunstead-Wembley trial run!
  8. Normally it was a pair of 40s or a pair of 37's, but on this occassion everyone was happy! 37111 (ED) & 40080 (LO) in mutiple. 6H34 Pendleton to Peak Forest (Topley Pike), which was formed of 38 empty air braked hoppers. Manchester Victoria - c0945 - Monday 14/06/82. NMP
  9. SLW has confirmed that its 25 is the same price as its 24s. Apparently, people are shocked by this!
  10. Having looked at Olivia's Trains website, I notice that it has this comment on the Heljan 25/3 about the cab lights. The website says the following (direct quote): Given the 'attention to detail' demanded by some, pedants will note Olivia's Trains' use of English language... I shall make no comment.
  11. I admit, I was leafing through my RMWeb emails, saw this and thought it was the real thing, until I looked closer. Superb!
  12. Bought too many 1:76 caravans? Simple, pop them on a flat wagon. 25 026 on a train of caravans at Dundee 13/6/78 (RCTS) [Never seen pictures of this type of traffic before!]
  13. It was 25243 on Monday 1st August 1983 Haven't located my picture yet, but here's one the previous year (Colourrail) of it at Temple Mills on 14/04/1982
  14. Those who ordered by phone from SLW this week report that prices are the same as for the SLW 24
  15. I saw one in 1983, but would have to find the picture. Was surprised at the time I must admit, I was in the wait-and-see camp with the Heljan 25. But was poised to place an order. The SLW1 looks fantastic, and that’s where my order is going!
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