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  1. I’m really rather ashamed to say that other than my local small show in Hinckley, the only other regular show I attend, which was also my last, is Warley. I’ve set a goal to find more time to go to other events when normality resumes, God willing. This wretched virus has really highlighted to me the importance of making more time for ones own life, not just ones own work. Excellent thread, I’ve really enjoyed reading this.
  2. You’ll just need to find Gavin from Autoglass to do the voice recordings (make sure to catch him on a bad day for the full ‘I couldn’t give a toss’ aura), and you’ll have a pretty authentic station announcement for New St in the 80s/90s! Nice product.
  3. In fairness, Bachmann do produce a very similar magnetic knuckle coupler to the Kadee called the E-Z mate, as far as I'm aware they operate in exactly the same way from their appearance. I've read they're generally inferior, and more fragile, although I couldn't honestly say myself what they are like in operation, as I've never used them, nor do I know if they are compatible with Kadee branded couplers (I suspect they are). The copies never seem to have taken the world by storm though, with the Kadee always seeming to be the most popular, which maybe tells its own story.
  4. When I was a young lad, and I'd seen photos and models of any loco without outside cylinders, I used to think it was some sort of witchcraft!
  5. I use neodymium rare earth magnets to operate my Kadees. As above if these are to be fitted unseen under the sleepers it’s obviously best to do this before track setting and certainly before ballast is applied. The exact ones I’ve used are two pairs of 20x5x3mm N50 magnets dug into a 6mm recess in the cork under the sleepers. The pairs sit just inside the four foot separated by a suitably cut size of plastic sprue from an old kit, in order to keep them apart until the glue settles. You can (and should) of course experiment with your own combinations to see w
  6. Mullet! (that was a request, not an insult I hasten to add)
  7. Any considerations for tooling up the 8ft plateback bogies also Rich?
  8. I've had a couple of the Cambrian kits, and whilst they're a decent kit to build (prefer the Sturgeon though), they're understandably very light on their feet, which is fine if you model them with a load helping the weight, but there's no obvious place to hide a significant enough ballast weight on them, I tried between the trusses, but it was too obvious so binned the idea. In fact I sold my small collection off shortly after the Flangeway announcement gathered pace, it's no particular fault of the kit, just I couldn't get them to work unloaded. These Flangeway releases are very nice ind
  9. Today I’ve been turning the fuel storage tanks for my depot into something a little more weathered by the elements...
  10. Whilst I have no particular axe to grind with Sam'sTrains, I'm probably not his target audience, and I rarely give his content more than a fleeting 'just flicking through' view. It's all very subjective thought isn't it? One man's junk is another man's treasure, etc. It's difficult (for me) to argue against some valid points of poor value vs quality on some examples, but the rest, generally, I put down to taste, which of course differs wildly.
  11. Exactly the same here. The bit about still finding second runs of personal interest, to clarify....
  12. With respect, I don't understand the mindset. Delaying the announcement of a product until closer to its release date doesn't alter the end result of when you will have said product in your hand. What it does do, is stop disappointment and speculation as to how long it takes to get on the shelves, and in light of current challenging circumstances, I hardly think that's a bad thing. The mindset, of 'what I don't know about doesn't bother me' really.
  13. Got a nice parcel through this morning! I have to say, these are lovely. Nicely weighted, nice finish on the printing, and some very intricate detail underneath. A few separately fitted parts, such as bolsters if desired, drawbar and coupling, and air pipes, but well worth the wait for me to add these to my ever growing guilty pleasure of engineers wagons. Few pictures of the first out the box:
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