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  1. I thought the bogies were okay, just the bodies were underscale? I ended up keeping mine in the end, hoping something like this would happen, which thankfully it did/will.
  2. Well that’s what I thought too. Well designed, well made, and looks really nice too. But honestly after my last experience I’d not bother with an Audi again.
  3. My previous Audi done a very good job of getting from A - B, when B was the local dealership I bought it from, and A was the back of a recovery vehicle. Back on topic, I’ve been very tempted to grab a H&S infinity to add to my collection, a lot of good reviews from people I listen to.
  4. In simple terms, what Mick has said above. Diving a little deeper, the answer is it depends what you’re doing. If you’re just putting primer, and base coats down, you’re unlikely to get much extra out of something more premium. Equally for general weathering of track and stock the Neo will do just fine. I’ve had a Neo in the past, and I now own a Badger Patriot 105 and an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS. The things I do with these that are better than the Neo include finer, crisper small intricate work, and more precise paint flow allowing for more subtle weathering, zenithal highlighting, and thinner layering of colour when required to preserve very intricate detail. The 105 has a larger needle fitted than the .5 in the Iwatta so are used for different tasks, but other than that they’re much of a muchness. They get used for painting and detailing tabletop wargaming miniatures as well as model railway uses.
  5. I’ve got a couple of IC Oxford Mk3s, and to my eye they look lovely. Sadly though, where they fall short is in durability. Every time I breath in the same direction bits seem to fall off, and they just don’t feel very robust.
  6. I make use of a special model lubricant set from a company called Nye. It has in it motor oil, gear oil, and hobby grease. I’ve had this set for around 5 years now, and judged on the quantities I’ve used, I’ll not need another for a further 50. Quite expensive set to buy, but very good quality stuff. I’ll also use an aerosol of electrical contact cleaner (Holts in my case) to remove any grub and old grease on servicing, before applying a suitably small amount of new lubricant back on.
  7. Hi John. I’ve had some success in the past putting plastic models in the freezer to remove glazing. Also worth it to see the odd expression on the wife’s face when she reaches in for a Cornetto
  8. Can I ask why you think plastic adhesive that bonds the material is not suitable? In my opinion this type of adhesive is infact the most suitable in the long run, as it effectively welds the material.
  9. Unfortunate, I remember looking forward to seeing the finished project too, but what a commitment to see such a thing through. Huge respect to John Holden and the team for achieving what they have with Lime St., such huge representations must take a degree of dedication and enthusiasm I can barely grasp, leave alone aspire to. My apologies, it wasn’t my intention to wander off on a completely unrelated tangent.
  10. Likewise, it'd be most impressive. If memory serves, someone on here was once modelling a true scale Birmingham New Street in P4, although I've no idea what happened to it. This would be going back around 10 years, if not more.
  11. Impressive though it may be, I’m not sure a true scale ‘RTR’ model of York station will sell in the volumes Accurascale would hope...
  12. Thankyou very much for the replies. I really didn't know it was as common as what it appears. From my memory of the Birmingham - Peterborough line through Hinckley, that was a reasonably used double track that retained semaphore signalling upto around 2005 between Nuneaton and Leicester as I recall, so I thought if a well used cross country route retained manual signalling (in sections), single lines probably would have more often than not. Seems I can start looking at colour lights then!
  13. Why should they? There's no other competition for the class in this scale, other than Hornby's own ex Lima offering. Please understand, I'm not being deliberately obtuse to your point, but just because someone sees a particular model falling down the pecking order of most accurate model currently for sale, doesn't mean they would, or should start discounting it. My suspicion is they'll still sell plenty, and will continue to do so for the most they can until either people stop buying it, or direct competition for its sale arrives from another manufacturer.
  14. Two new OO locos in one half, and you don't know what the 'other half' has to offer yet either. Add to that you can actually purchase these items within a reasonable timeframe of them being announced.
  15. Looking forward to the swallow Mk2fs. Quite amusing people's reactions of being underwhelmed/disappointed to what amounts to just one quarter of an annual announcement.
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