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  1. Beefing up the bridge that gives the layout its name. Slater’s rivet and an RSJ adds a more industrial feel.
  2. Another productive day with the Bristol PWay gang, shed roads now in and Intentio pits installed on Westbourne Bridge
  3. Another little project finished up ready for delivery. Back on the Westbourne bridge now, hopefully get that one completed by Christmas. 12E54F97-0E17-497F-BCC0-1CFBFF4C1779.png
  4. Very nice, I do like engine shed layouts.
  5. Coaling stage weathering progressing nicely Plus a few puddles, As always
  6. Working in 4mm and 7mm today, painting up the coaling stage and finishing off a RailArt building for a customer
  7. Another little scratch built diorama underway, built by my dad and in with me for ground cover, Scenics, detailing and weathering
  8. Track work progressing nicely on Westbourne Bridge over in Bristol in the trusty hands of Rob & Martyn Ive got the pits to make up and paint the lower half of the backscene wall and everything will be ready to plant when I bring the boards back home soon
  9. First two signals arrived today from Jon Fitness for Sonning. I’ll finish this project next year and it’ll be available for sale. 9ABAB95A-D5B9-420E-8EBE-78F7384A5A00.png
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