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  1. Turn table Is ready for collection, but as I’m in a local lock down it maybe a while before I can collect!!
  2. 24’ long x 2’ brakes down in to 4’ sections
  3. Unfortunately the current owner of the riviera line is selling the layout, any interested parties can contact me
  4. Yes the turntable will be going on the next section, it’s on order with Greenwood. It will be a 70’ Just in case we have some big Pacific’s turn up one day!
  5. First set of boards for Marches road engine shed have arrived, big thanks to Tim Horn. Custom signal Box plates have been ordered from Narrow planet as well.
  6. Sorry to hear of your health woes, I hope you both start to see some improvement sooner rather than later. Steve
  7. Without wishing to stir up a hornet’s nest has there been any updates recently?
  8. Chicken pox stage complete and the water tower tank is now in black.
  9. I’m sure Either Newton abbot it’s Exeter would have both types of panniers allocated during your time period, as has been mentioned getting a shed allocation book for your time period would be a good start. Other than that I’ll trawl google searching for images
  10. Have a look In the kit building and scratch building thread. The ex JLTRT now MM1 pannier should be a good starting point, with resin boiler and cast bunker, not sure if they are available at the moment.
  11. Bothy now I’m base brick colour for Marches road Mk2
  12. They did but not often, St Blazey had a few allocated for China clay traffic, pictures do exist. Probably not an every day occurrence
  13. A lovely kit arrived today from Phil at Intentio, this will go in front of the engine shed on the new front of the layout section. Marches Road Mk2 is officially underway. hopefully a new loco will be joining the roster soon! More on that in a few weeks Marches Road MK1 will be appearing in a new online publication around October. I’ll post details when I get them
  14. So sad to hear of the news of Chris’ passing, He and I became friends over the years. His modelling was an inspiration to me and many others and he and Chris where doing super things at Minerva. deepest condolences to his family at this time
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