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  1. A delivery of Dapol ballast finally arrived, so on with the photo plank and Sonning.
  2. Heki ground foliage arrived this morning, a spray over the tree with some clear varnish and spread out the foliage. I’m really happy with the results it gives a nice thick canopy. I’ll be doing a few more like this and as Heki do 3 colours of green I’ll get a nice range of colour. from this............
  3. One of my trees was looking a little undernourished in the foliage department so I’ve given it a coating of the same noch 2.5mm summer meadow grass. I think it’s come up very nice. I’ll be doing a few more like this. Blends in better with the printed trees on the backscene as well
  4. Can’t beat natural sunlight for taking pictures and to see the colours properly. Nice to get some prototypical shadows as well.
  5. A little splash of colour. There will be plenty of scrub type bramble blackberry bushes to hide the join from scenic board to backscene but my preferred supplier ( Polak ) are currently out of stock. I do have some coming from MBR along with another 20 trees but I’m guessing that order will be a month or two away yet.
  6. These ones are 6 to 9” tall, they do a few sizes in each of their trees
  7. Thanks, I’m happy with the progress it looks great from 4’ away. Still need to add the scrub in and around the trees plus some additional vegetation.
  8. Excuse the multiple posts my pic sizes are to big for one post!
  9. A delivery today from MBR of their superb trees! Also a full forest in a box set flocked up and added along the rear plus the backscene has been glued in place. Even got my self a hot glue gun !
  10. Repositioning a few trees last night. Another forest in a box kit ordered this time I’ll use these as individual trees to fill in along the back to blend in to the backscene. Until the MBR trees arrive none of the current trees are permanently fixed.
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