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  1. The Riviera line has been sold on and will be completed by some one else, it’s a shame I couldn’t finish it but I’m glad it’s got a new home and the new owner may even get it on the Exhibition circuit. An unforeseen house sale has forced the curtailment of all projects at the moment and for the foreseeable future.
  2. Sorry for the delay in replying, unfortunately an unforeseen house move means this project will go no further. All of the buildings and some of the locos will be available for sale if any one is interested. Other than that I’ll be taking a break from modelling for a while. The Riviera line is also being disposed of thanks for all of the interest in this and my previous projects
  3. Intentio do a lovely pit, that’s the three I have in front of the shed and in front of the coaling stage
  4. MIG are my go too choice
  5. 7444 arrived on shed this morning a recent transfer from Carmarthen via Jintyman in North Wales. I’ve also made up a 6” base for the chimney.
  6. Pits made up and dropped in to place on all 3 roads, chimney stack from Intentio in base brick colour, I’ll make up a base for this as I want it 6” taller. I’ll be having another 1 possibly 2 more of these. Lastly I’ve been glueing the brick work in place on the backscene building.
  7. plates and transfers now on 2874
  8. I’ve decided to move the layout to the opposite side of the room, Blocking the windows was not a good idea and made daytime photography very difficult. Being on this side allows me to add 2’ in front of the shed for additional loco storage. I will add 3 inspection pits plus another building.
  9. I took delivery of a Slaters 28xx a few weeks back, well here it is. When it arrived I tested it and it runs very smooth. The previous owner completely rebuilt the chassis with full compensation. The loco was a little rough though so it was submerged in a bath of detol! The fire box came apart which was a good thing as I could put it back together square! Additional detail was added using parts from JLTRT ( lamp irons, ATC shoe, sand filler lids, boiler band straps, vac pipes and cylinder castings ), Warren Shepherd ( steam Lance cock, cylinder drain cocks, & smoke box door dart ) Malcolm Mitchell mud hole covers. I just need to get some new couplings for the loco. The tender was fine and has just had new Fox crests, cast lifting rings and Vac pipes added. The smoke box saddle was given a good clean up as well as the all the flashing was still around the bolt heads. All the gaps between the firebox sections where filled with car body filler and rubbed down smooth. Halfords primer and satin black paint to finish. Just waiting on the Severn mill plates to arrive and cab side route availability transfers and pop the back head back in. This will need a good weathering plus some nice crew from ModelU. Not forgetting some red paint for the buffer beam.
  10. Great western did paint locos black during wartime and letter them GWR
  11. Bridge painted, needs a few spotters with camera’s and note pads
  12. DJH Kit built by them from the custom build range. They are a good looking engine. Still waiting on the turn table. Supposed to have been 6 to 8 weeks from the Bristol show! Greenwood are not very good at communicating!
  13. I decided to give Lightning a little spruce up!
  14. Yes for now, or at least no yellow panels allowed! Im not against diesels but I remember diesels best in the late 80’s early 90’s so if I was to model them that would be my era. I have to admit this class 22 issue has left a bitter taste as well but I guess that’s another story.
  15. Parting company with the my diesels, still have falcon and D1000 available if any one is interested
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