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  1. Making up some retaining walls, I want to avoid a hard right angle here, this will be filled with polystyrene and shaped with plenty of bushes and trees added.
  2. First pit cut in and I’ve found some LCut arches I had from the original Marches road. I think I will use these but maybe reduce the height a little.
  3. A sheet of ply and some 2 x 1 and we have a diorama underway
  4. As I won’t need the GW coaling stage on Marches Road midland I’ll make up a 6’ x 2’ diorama
  5. With Maple Road gone attention turns toward two new projects and the first parts of Marches Road Midland have arrived. We may not use all of them but most will be.
  6. That’s the last shots of Maple road, you can see it in a future article in model Rail
  7. Another Dapol 16 toner also being distressed! a few more washes to go yet
  8. I’ve been adding Fox BR coach roundels to my Dapol MK1’s plus this little wagon arrived today a LTD from Tower models and a must have as it’s from my own town. It’s currently being distressed before I add BR numbers.
  9. Another book made up, It’s a nice way to keep a record of my work especially after the layouts have gone to their new homes
  10. Out in the natural light for a better view of the new trees, digital photography doesn’t like reds in certain lights and the indoor shots I did last made the Scott’s pines look way to bright! , There is a nice picture of Sonning in a new book I have that shows a much coarser ballast in the drainage channels so I’ve replicated that with some chunky ballast.
  11. Another batch of MBR trees arrived today to thicken up the Birch Forrest plus a few spruce, I’ve got another two tall spruce on order from GModelScene and that should just about complete this section.
  12. Maple Road shed set up in the sun for its 15 mins of fame today. It will shortly be off to its new owner.
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