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  1. Finally started to get everything out of storage and some locos have seen daylight for the first time in a year
  2. Another arrival for Marches Road via Jintymans weathering shop plus sound fitted.
  3. They fix to the tender fairings there’s a little recess for them to fit in. they are for holding in place the weather sheet
  4. And then there was 2! I did a deal with my dad and he got me 1405 and he got Glorious ( class 50 ). I’m thinking about starting over with the shed project using laser cut baseboards as they will be light weight and easier to store / transport, It will mean redoing all the track work and ground cover but that’s the part I enjoy the most any way. Thanks for the kind words everyone it’s good to be getting back in to things
  5. Still be a while before the layout is resurrected but in the mean time I picked up this little Loco yesterday, it’s been stored away safely in a shop for a few months,
  6. Fantastic news! I’ve got my name down for a pair of power cars to start with!
  7. Between £400 & £550 for the power cars and & £170 to £200 for the coaches according to their web site.
  8. Cwmbran on Bath Road along with a fully plated up Revenge, This layout is about 14’ long and about 5’ at its widest
  9. A Heljan 37/4 joins the Loco roster. She will become 37430 Cwmbran named after my home town
  10. So after a long hiatus I’m please to say that I shall be resurrecting this layout in the near future. without going into too much detail my marriage came to an abrupt halt last year and my house was promptly sold! This meant the loss of my Railway room, happily I’m now settled in a new home and whilst I don’t have a dedicated room I do have some space to store this layout, I will have to make some alterations so the layout can be in sections and a whole new back scene will need to be made, This does mean that I could exhibit the layout at some point in the future.
  11. Plates now fitted to the 50’s I’ll measure it up next time I see my dad which will be in the next day or two
  12. Taken yesterday and now in 80’s mode.
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