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  1. Does anyone know what’s happening with the release of Dapol’s 121 & 122 O gauge DMU’s? I appreciate everything going on in the present times, but these seem to have dropped off the radar, to the extent I could be forgiven for thinking I dreamt these had ever been announced! Not meant as a criticism at all - just someone who is very eager to get his hands on quite a few of these!
  2. Great video, but Farish 319 announced last year?! I think it was a bit longer ago than that! :) (looks like its a great model though)
  3. All seems to have gone quiet with these again. Did Dapol have any update on these at Telford, does anyone know? Thanks in advance for any info :)
  4. Thanks so much for this update - great news to see Heljan moving ahead with the class 117 and 121 DMU’s!
  5. These look remarkably like the Hornby 00 class 50’s - does Dapol have an arrangement with Hornby to share development costs maybe?
  6. Any news from Dapol as to when these will be released?
  7. Anyone have any updates on this project, or any indication when these might be released?
  8. This project seems to have quietly dropped off the radar? Does anyone have any news about it? Or are Heljan waiting to see if Dapol make an announcement as a follow-on to their impending Class 121/122 bubble cars?
  9. Totally agree with the class 101 DMU - I’m amazed neither Heljan or Dapol have snapped this one up, bearing in mind it’s longevity, geographical spread and vast amount of liveries to produce!
  10. Does anyone who, (like me,) has committed money to this project,have a copy of the terms and conditions? I have had a search through all of my emails and can’t find any record of anything? I’ve also looked on the website and there is no mention of anything. Any help in finding these (assuming they actually exist,) would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I will do. I suspect she will say there is nothing I can do and everyone who has ‘invested’ will have lost their money. What I find staggering is that LLC didn’t even have the courtesy of sending people who have invested money any explanation as to what is going on. I’m also alarmed that we have all paid two payments when only development work has occurred and according to his ‘statement’ the class 22 is only ‘ready for tooling’ This alone makes me question just how legitimate the company was in the first place.
  12. I can’t believe everyone is so blasé and ‘understanding’ about this?!!! I have paid £850 and it totally unacceptable that he now decides to sell the company, leaving everyone high and dry! This seems nothing short of a scam. I shall be talking to my lawyer in the morning about this. Disgraceful....
  13. Hopefully next weeks episode will be better, but for me, it was a case of blink and you miss the bits actually about Hornby! It might have been better to do separate programmes about Airfix and Scaletrix and actually concentrate what the vast majority of the public believe Hornby represents; ie a train company. Airfix seemed to get the vast majority of the airtime. Unsurprisingly, it was very much in the ‘Top Gear cheesy cliches’ mould of TV, featuring a typical media version of a ‘train set geek’ in his garage -for me, it felt like it was belittling the hobby. A shame really as this could have been a really interesting subject matter for a decent quality documentary and deserves a much better production!
  14. I’m sorry if my post felt like I was directed at you. I promise you it wasn’t, I was just trying to add a bit of balance and objectivity to some of the more extreme views that I have read. The posting by Steve from LLC might explain the background to some of the negativity posted on here! Cheers, Nick
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