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  1. Hi Steven, Yes, checked that and can’t see anything amiss. I think these couplings are very ‘hit and miss’ It’s just frustrating the way that they ignore all correspondence to them - I’d imagine they’ve realised there are some issues and find it easier to ‘bury their head in the sand’ rather than try and resolve the issues.
  2. Hunt Couplings sell these as a Dapol HST set, so I think it’s fair to assume they would be suitable. Ive had no reply from Hunt Couplings to my emails, which I thought was rather rude of them and not great customer service. I’ve relooked at how they are fitted and can’t see any issues, so all I can surmise is that they sound like a good idea, on paper but are not fit for purpose, so would warn others thinking of buying these to maybe test a couple of them before committing to four HST packs that I purchased! An expensive mistake unfortunately.
  3. I can’t ever see the Farish class 87 being competition for a state of the art Revolution offering. Their model dates back to the Graham Farish Poole era, with a very dated moulding, no lights or DCC provision. I also doubt very much they would go to the expense of research and tooling for a model they can’t ‘up-scale’ to their Bachmann 00 gauge range, in view of Hornby’s existing excellent model. I think we N gauge modellers deserve a model of the 87 to modern standards! After all, if there’s a market for the class 92, surely there must be at least a similar, if not greater demand for an 87?
  4. The other obvious omission in N gauge is the class 87, which has a multitude of liveries and has been popular for Hornby in 00 gauge. The class 90, I would assume Farish will do at some point, seeing how well it has done in 00 gauge for Bachmann, but the 87 seems strange that it hasn’t been done already, particularly when the class 92 has been done and talk potentially a class 89 before it? Maybe it’s just me!
  5. The silhouette on the email I received last night looks remarkably like a class 185 DMU, which would make sense to produce as a companion to the Transpennine Mk5 coach sets and (possibly,) a Kato Transpennine liveried IET set? Maybe just a coincidence, but with 3 liveries and a fourth potentially in the offing when the 15 surplus sets are transferred and also the potential to produce in 00 gauge, it makes a lot of sense! Here’s hoping anyway!
  6. I've just fitted one of my Dapol HST sets and mine constantly derail on curves, which is very disappointing as everyone seems to rave about these couplings. I’m not sure if anyone knows if there is a minimum radius these will operate on? I’ve checked the website but can’t find any info. I also emailed them, but they have, (so far,) not replied. I’m assuming these are only suitable on very generous radii, but if anyone does have any info, it would be very gratefully received!
  7. Any plans to offer these wagons in N gauge?
  8. Does anyone know what’s happening with the release of Dapol’s 121 & 122 O gauge DMU’s? I appreciate everything going on in the present times, but these seem to have dropped off the radar, to the extent I could be forgiven for thinking I dreamt these had ever been announced! Not meant as a criticism at all - just someone who is very eager to get his hands on quite a few of these!
  9. Great video, but Farish 319 announced last year?! I think it was a bit longer ago than that! :) (looks like its a great model though)
  10. All seems to have gone quiet with these again. Did Dapol have any update on these at Telford, does anyone know? Thanks in advance for any info :)
  11. Thanks so much for this update - great news to see Heljan moving ahead with the class 117 and 121 DMU’s!
  12. These look remarkably like the Hornby 00 class 50’s - does Dapol have an arrangement with Hornby to share development costs maybe?
  13. Any news from Dapol as to when these will be released?
  14. Anyone have any updates on this project, or any indication when these might be released?
  15. This project seems to have quietly dropped off the radar? Does anyone have any news about it? Or are Heljan waiting to see if Dapol make an announcement as a follow-on to their impending Class 121/122 bubble cars?
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